In Dallas, the Louisiana gang come a step closer to solving the mystery of Godric's disappearance when Sookie offers to infiltrate the Fellowship of the Sun by posing as a convert in order to see if they are the ones holding Godric. Maryann continues to stir up trouble in Bon Temps after trying to move into Sookie's house with Tara, who rebuffs her. Hoyt learns that his mom was not lying about his dad having committed suicide. Sookie and Jason end up bonding over being the only remaining members of their family. S5:E12. The police arrive and jail him with Maryann's revelers despite Andy Bellefleur's outlandish corroboration. Bill offers Sam to Maryann in exchange for Sookie's safety. He also wants one last thing from Jessica. The tenth episode of the second season (August 23, 2009) was seen by 5.3 million viewers, a new record for the series, with an overall weekly second season average of 11.5 million viewers including repeats. Bill finds Sam at Merlotte's and orders him to come with him to see Maryann. After they arrive at the Compton manor Jessica and Hoyt's lovemaking is interrupted by the realization that Jessica's. At the end of the dream, Eric whispers, "This is the beginning." Is 2000-09 the best decade in television history? Meanwhile in Bon Temps, Sam Merlotte is lured to his bar to find Daphne murdered. Andy interrogates Lafayette about his disappearance and threatens to lock him up. As Steve and Gabe interrogate Sookie, a claustrophobic Hugo desperately reveals that her last name is Stackhouse. Jason, wearing a gas mask, pretends to be the God Who Comes, while Andy holds up a tree branch to give him the appearance that he has horns. Meanwhile, Lafayette has been kidnapped and is being held in a basement somewhere with others – including Royce, one of the rednecks who earlier burned three vampires to death. Still in Dallas with Bill and Jessica, Sookie is intent on keeping her part of the bargain and try to find the missing Godric despite the strange behavior of his cohorts. It is revealed that Eric is the one keeping Lafayette captive and the episode ends with Royce trying to escape and Eric feeding on and tearing him apart, spraying Lafayette with blood. Tara becomes closer with Eggs. Sookie learns that Maryann is the creature who attacked her in the woods. Hoyt decides to go work in Alaska, much to his mother's regret. He is later healed by Eric and ordered by Pam (Kristin Bauer) to resume selling vampire blood. Jason becomes the victim of a cruel practical joke but winds up having the last laugh when he is invited to stay with the Newlins in their lavish mansion. Fuck the Pain Away Godric dies while Sookie watches in tears. Film and television production has been greatly affected by COVID-19 and filming for shows is essentially at a standstill. Ryan Kwanten returns as Jason Stackhouse, Sookie's brother, who was recruited by the Fellowship of the Sun at the end of the previous season. She spent many years attempting to escape her past, but her return threatens to bring her progress tumbling down. Bill recalls reading about Maenads and their worshipping of the god Dionysus many years ago and understands that Maryann is one. The mob is overwhelmed by Stan and the Dallas vampires, but Godric appears and orders a peaceful end to the conflict. It was also nominated for Outstanding Performance by an Ensemble in a Drama Series at the Screen Actors Guild Awards, but lost to Mad Men. The series won Best TV Show, Best Actress for Anna Paquin, and Best Actor for Alexander Skarsgård. Excusing herself to go to the bathroom, she takes a moment to compose herself and decides that she does want to marry Bill. Bill attempts to bite Maryann but finds her blood is toxic to him. Adam Davidson, who directed a fifth-season episode of Six Feet Under shot episode ten while Michael Cuesta, another Six Feet Under alum directed the finale. Jason convinces Sarah not to tell her husband about their affair, and she agrees to wait. Use the HTML below. The second season aired Sundays at 9:00 PM in the United States. Deeply disturbed by this, he walks out on her again to go find Jessica. Maryann asks Sookie to repeat her "electric" touch, but Sookie fails to do so. He pretends to smite Sam (who turns into a fly – seemingly vanishing). Sam is troubled by the presence of Maryann. During one of Maryann's errands, Eggs senses something familiar about the environment, and leads Tara to a remote spot in the woods. She says it is because their mortality makes everything exciting, but that it is also a sort of science experiment to see Hugo age. In the last two episodes, Evan Rachel Wood is introduced as Sophie-Anne Leclerq, the vampire Queen of Louisiana. After being wrong about Jason Stackhouse, Andy Bellefleur (Chris Bauer) begins drinking heavily and is stripped of his badge. Script co-ordinator Kate Barnow and writer's assistant Elisabeth R. Finch co-wrote the tenth episode. Her worst fears are realized when her mother, Lettie Mae, shows up at the police station and is told everything. Buckner and Oliver were the co-executive producers with Woo serving as supervising producer and Tucker as producer. They return to Bill's house to find Hoyt and Jessica tending to Maxine, who is under the effects of Maryann's power. Bill asks her advice on how to defeat Maryann, but Sophie-Anne makes Bill reluctantly spend the entire day lounging with her and playing. Sookie arrives in Dallas with Bill and Jessica. Maryann Forrester (Michelle Forbes) reveals herself to be a supernatural being, a maenad. Season 5 Episodes tbd. Sookie is initially confused and afraid because of all of the recent happenings in her life. Fortunately, there are no signs of slowing as more great drama reaches screens, with the return of Blood on Channel 5 capturing our attention at the moment. She does not like the fact that Bill knows what Northman is doing, but Eric promises to take care of him before he can figure out that Sophie-Anne is in fact behind it all. Lafayette then has horrible flashbacks of being locked up and collapses into a ball. Although it’s believed her mother suffered an accident, she isn’t exactly convinced, expecting foul-play…. However, after Jason makes a good impression on Steve Newlin, and Sarah Newlin in particular, Luke's good-natured friendship turns to bitter jealousy, and he tells Jason that he doesn't belong there.

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