In the following years of Late Middle Ages, the city was owned by various feudal families before the Spanish domination, during which Potenza was the site of riots against the Spaniards. While there are numerous small festivals and fairs held in the region, one of the most culturally significant is a festival celebrated in May in many villages of the region: the Sagra del Maggio, known in English as May Chopping Festival. Tourists will be fascinated by the stunning architecture and historical art of the region’s numerous small churches and medieval castles. He smiles when showing us the beautiful details of his dear Irsina, all the while giving advice, stopping and talking to residents about their children’s schooling, even sometimes disappearing to help someone who needs him. There’s Guardia Perticara, a village who struck oil and saved itself from vanishing. You only have to see the look in their eyes as they gaze over the roofs of their new home to realize that, having traveled half the world, they have finally found their destination here. Now’s your chance! Curated by Knoema’s data analysts to deliver leading short-term and long-term indicators and forecasts from trusted sources for each of the covered industries. King Joachim Murat improved the city's living conditions and administration, while some urban improvements were also introduced for the visit of Ferdinand II in 1846. “You feel the desire to return to fresh air. It’s an area in which 56% of the population is concentrated in the two biggest cities and agriculture provides livelihoods for the majority of rural inhabitants. Many are senior citizens, the average age in the village is 54.2, compared with 45.7 across the Basilicata region. There are no big cities in the former Roman province of Lucania. The main railway line south from Naples to Reggio di Calabria travels along the western edge of the region, stopping at Maratea. But those houses are still there, waiting, and, despite the cracks, they resist time, remembering how much damage human superficiality can do. Maratea is a small and pretty town on the slopes of a hill high above the Mediterranean. It all started from there. This land that is only joy.” Song lyrics in the dialect of singer-songwriter Pietro Cirillo, describing the many ways that villages resist depopulation. But all it takes is to open a map to realize that my husband, my two children and I, we are here, we are here.”, Angela manages to make a living from her work, even with all the difficulties involved in starting a business from scratch in a village. Our tools allow individuals and organizations to discover, visualize, model, and present their data and the world’s data to facilitate better decisions and better outcomes. Looking at the data, Basilicata may seem at death’s door. She smiles with lips painted the colour of amaranth, and doesn’t let herself give in to the dreariness of her ghost town. The region of Basilicata had a rough start. Seven hectares of land had been given to each resident, but it was not enough to cultivate wheat so families began to head north – in particular to Sassuolo, where the ceramic industry was growing.”. On December 18, 1273, an earthquake further devastated the city. Knoema is the most comprehensive source of global decision-making data in the world. He started his studies in animal husbandry and agriculture but Irsina’s siren song proved a stronger draw than the books. “We had most things here until the 80s,” explains Milena. In the 12th century, Potenza became an episcopal see. It has an area of 6,594.44 square kilometres (2,546.13 sq mi) and a total population of 369,538 (as of 2017). To the countryside that’s waiting for me to relive the glory days. Much of the region is mountainous and bare due to deforestation, dotted with ravines, hilltowns and castles. Though most of the mountains are arid and craggy, the Lucanian Dolomites are a particularly nice area of the Apennines. The creaking red door opens into a bare room full of bird droppings. It produced so much that 2,000 local residents were not enough to work the lands owned by these wealthy families –  labourers also came in from Salento. Basilicata. The city is perched on a hill roughly 550 metres above sea level; from Irsina one can gaze over the valleys of Bradano and Basentello. At that point, unemployment could become a problem again. However, the Battle of the Metaurus marked the end of any Carthaginian aspirations in Italy and Potentia was reconquered by the Romans and reduced to the status of military colony. The festival has ancient pagan roots, and revolves around the chopping of a large tree,  usually an oak, which is cut and then dragged into the town square. Together, they are the only family to stay in Borgo Taccone all year round. There’s a surreal atmosphere when you first set foot in Borgo Taccone, only the barking of stray dogs breaks the silence and emptiness. It started disappearing in 1963 when landslides threatened the homes of the people who lived there. Olives, plums, and cereals are grown, and sheep and goats are raised. The city is one of the highest regional capitals in Italy and overlooks the Basento valley. Basilicata is a small region, mostly mountainous, situated in Southern Italy and with two short coastlines on the Ionian and the Thyrrenian Sea, and divided into two Provinces: ... Population and Economy. It is the largest city in Basilicata. “You can’t live on bread and art alone,” her grandparents would often tell her, but that didn’t matter to Angela. We meet Giacomo, Enzo and Luigi – three oil workers in their 40s – in the main square of the village. “For several years now, more people have gravitated to our town,” says the mayor, Angelo Mastronardi. It’s 6pm and, at this time, an army of orange suits heads back to the city from the Total factory, hands dirty with oil grease, faces tanned. During the festival, Irsina’s population triples in size. The two sisters showed us a land that’s lost its soul, where it’s difficult to distinguish between an inhabited house and an abandoned one. At the end of the day we have everything we need: water, electricity, clean streets… We are in close contact with nature. There are so many possibilities here, but perhaps people choose not to see them. She lives with her father and sister Maria. The land was redistributed after the reforms, but they are no longer cultivated today. There are no tourist airports in Basilicata, and the most convenient Italian airport will depend on which part of the region you are visiting. He is convinced that creating an adequate tourist network could solve the problem. Over the last 10 years it has experienced the region’s biggest rate of population decline. Potenza population Date Census data 1991 65,714 2001 69,060 2011 On the other, there is the ‘bone’, or more disadvantaged areas. Craco’s medieval atmosphere has led to this otherwise abandoned village becoming the backdrop for many a film, while the language and colourful traditional dress of Albania have attracted curious tourists as well as historians to the tiny town of San Paolo Albanese. Matera is famous for its atmospheric cave-dwelling districts, abandoned in the 1950s and slowly being brought back to life. Now there are people lining up for his advice.

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