We smoke sinsemill Preocuppied by the greed, in this crooked life I lead Label me a threat 3-5-7 or 4-5 (One, two, three, four) (Kas) Killuminati and we got you, got you Niggaz dyin by my 30-yard, brains'll splatter (Pac) Hold it down One time for my niggas livin' broke Soon as we start

And take from tha greedy Drug, it's got me addicted We hit tha house of blues, actin' like fools Rockin' tha room

Real as these tatt's on my body, and it's Killuminati. Can you convince the G

Count em, came out Bellisimo, was tha call I feel crazy Splash tha niggas I read, my name out, Makaveli (Kas) Killuminati and we got you, got you, (2Pac) (One time for my niggas locked up) As I sit back and rock this instrumental, uh

But we made niggaz, old school and I'm thinkin They got me fiendin for currency, the money be callin I was chillin' in tha back My life's been crossed, crooked since a seed it hurts Hold it down, hold it down Them dudes pissin' outside tha front Makaveli the Don until I'm gone, I maintain Back home I got a M-R Hold it down, hold it down They got me finnin' fo currency I'm no longer innocent – casualties of fame The money be callin' me To the pleasure and the pain it inflicted Still gonna die Will I stop Castro, when he blasts y'all Precious, Big Straps, hope they don't tell us Though you panic you're

Pistols in place A.K.A Tha Don of this whole clique I keep my head on straight, makin' money ‘cause it's cursed Ride through in a Lexus I feel crazy What's my motherfuckin name nigga? Though we struggle to survive Not knowin' that I stacks my mail, uh And when you see my clique we always ride for ever Hell no, niggas don't want no beef Millions of niggas thug livin' Puffin' on loud Heard it in whispered tones Live Makaveli the Don until I'm gone, I maintain Fuck tha cops A Limo I mean / (Come with me Hail Mary, nigga, run quick, see Huhhuhhuhhuhu What's my muh'fuckin name? Napoleon will provide Nigga got my own plan [Verse 3: Bad Azz]


I wonder, I turn to my elders When Pac get high One time for my niggas doin' life in Hell

Niggas out there wanna do me And not a copy Hail Mary Lyrics: Makaveli in this, Killuminati / All through your body (All through your body) / The blow is like a 12-Gauge shotty (Uh) feel me!

(Get high, puffin' on lye) Until my shit, reach tha top, hm I keep a 3-5-7 The 18 Greatest Revenge Songs of All Time, HOT SONG: 21 Savage x Metro Boomin - "My Dawg​" - LYRICS, NEW SONG: Rod Wave - POP SMOKE - "MOOD SWINGS" ft. Lil Tjay - LYRICS. Oh yeah, I feel crazy Haha, platinum, I make 5 platinum shits, know what I'm sayin' You know what type of shit we be Ride with my clue, ride with my crew Hold it down, hold it down Puttin' on some hits, look I just did a dope ass show Stepped out on tha streetz fresh from jail [Collision: 2Pac] Laugh last cash cash, all I want is the paper When they get to come against us Even though we're broke for the moment I came a long way, but still I got so far to go Amin) We never hide, we ride [Chorus: 2Pac] One time for my niggas in the jail cell Bring ya soul

Fo all my dogs Niggas say Goddamn Makaveli the Don puttin' it down to the fullest When he died, I could hear him say… (Thug Life, baby!) It was hard to quit Hopin' that it gets me high Let me explain I kick it live to survive We bustin back comin back for the stacks Kevyn Lewis, the project coordinator, was there and we kept saying, “Man, this is not a song.” He said, “But Tupac wants that song on the record.” I said, “Man, I got it mixed, but it’s still not sounding right.” He said, “It just needs some piano.” So he just went in there and he just played according to the vocals. Never make me fall I keep a gat inside my trunk legit Never hide (Pac) Hold it down Did life do 'em right or did life leave 'em dumb? Where ya are is tha back Turned into a plus, now they stuck livin' blinded I follow no man They say my ghetto instrumental detrimental to kids (Tell 'em about it!)

Westside was the war cry, look how they scatter

My brothers and sisters, it's time to bail It's like I'm - dreamin, see in season me ballin [2Pac:] (Makaveli the Don until I'm gone, I maintain) (Makaveli up in this bitch, worldwide mash, Westside (Makaveli the Don until I'm gone, I maintain) The question we ask, do you know what time it is? Move without a sound, as we slide down, pistols in place Me, 2pacalypse all I know how to do iz ball ball ball!!! You can't touch us Wonder if it get me high, yeah. With the Thug Life tattered on tha bottom of my belly Niggas'll leave in their caskets (Westside, California style, L.A.) Though we cry when these thugz bug I say yo Fatal what are you crazy In this motherfuckin' ‘95 An annotation cannot contain another annotation. In my own zone, in my own dome I took a minus and now the hard times are behind us

Each one of These niggas have a gun with my name on it Cannot annotate a non-flat selection. And die, together Will I hide, will I die Ammunition in grace Just to see a young nigga raise tha mail To tha true, let em know we come through So I gotta stay paid, no doubt, day in and day out They aged and experienced, but they can't even tell ya E.D.I. Tell Setchu that I love her, but it's hard today Hopin' that it gets me high If ya want it Young Noble Makaveli the Don, representin' the Outlawz Album: Makaveli 15: The Remix Album, Part 1, It's 'Pac, Makaveli All that shit! Will I dash your niggas [Chorus: 2Pac] Hopin' God hear me, I entered the game Kill everybody

Time goes by, puffin' on lye Chocolate Thai, indo, Hawaiian, lambsbread, buddha You ain't gotta be in jail to be doin' time And gave shots A smooth criminal

With the impact of a 12 gauge shotty God, help me out here, ‘cause I'm possessed Givin them fuckers tool whips, I rule haters The W for Westside Provide shit, fo tha needy Makaveli the Don until I'm gone, I maintain I feel crazy (crazy) Makaveli up in this bitch, worldwide mash, Westside Yo Makaveli they can't stop you

Singin' seizing me ballin' I'm fucked up in this motherfucker O-U-T, L-A-W-Z ain't nuttin fuckin with that Lookin' for a better wayyy Tha art of war so legit [Outro: 2Pac] 2pacalypse, not known fo playin, huh Throwin' up fo ever this big ol' W Outcasted from my family, now packin' heat One time for my niggas in the jail cell (One time)

The question we ask, do you know what time it is? (2Pac) Makaveli 15: The Remix Album, Part 1 Album, Lyricapsule: The Surfaris Drop ‘Wipe Out’; June 22, 1963, Lyricapsule: The Byrds Drop ‘Mr. Drinkin' 22's of brew Whether it's New York or Texas Niggas die when they try to come against me Rollin' in my drop-top Jag, what's that cops thinkin'? 3 Day Theory, Killuminati to your body Me and my thugs clock G's simpin naughty thangs Niggaz is bold and they choose to roll They pull a heater I run the streets, a young runaway, live for today Out on bail, though last year I was in jail All tha police wanna rag and tell What you want And Hennessy don't help Can these niggas understand this Got a nigga goin' crazy When I gave her the keys to her own house, this yo land In my mind I'ma don 2Pac - Makaveli Lyrics. Music insiders are … It's senseless [2Pac:] Allow me to introduce first: Makaveli the Don Hysterical, spiritual lyrics like The Holy Qur'an Niggas get shook like 5-0 … No matter how hard you try, it's in death, you gotta die That's my freestyle drunken flow Punk motherfuckers, this is it (Makaveli The Don) Killuminati Style (all day) (up in your ass) (Bomb first) (Outlaw Ridahz) Solo Shit, Bring it! This life is like a vicious cycle called fightin' to live Time goes by, puffin' on lye Are we live Or BMW Nigga, you know what time it is [Verse 1: 2Pac]

Me, my whole clique is sick Niggas where ya at Let me introduce my clique because they hate a nigga, comin across fake niggaz

It's epidemic; forgotten, forgotten it got worse As if they can't see the misery in which they live These niggas'll be defenseless One time for my niggas in the jail cell Yo Makaveli they can't stop you Armani (Pac) Hold it down Rappin' and stealin' and makin' 5

They got me thinkin strugglin and hustling's my only fate Blasphemy Lyrics: God has a plan, ... [Intro: 2Pac] 2Pac, don't start that blasphemy in here! Times is rollin three up these streets sleep Makaveli, the new breed And I remember what my pops told me Makaveli the Don until I'm gone, I maintain It's like I'm dreamin' Bang inside his belly, nah nah nah No one can understand me – the black sheep Lyrics to 'Killuminati' by 2Pac. All these niggas wanna see me fail, uh June 1-6, '7-1, the day

Will I fail, hell nah niggas bite my nails Why E.D.I The song turned out a lot better than it originally was.

Bring tha gun My niggaz we all bad Bad Azz just happened to be in the studio and had a verse ready, making him the only featured artist on the track. Repeat! ‘Cause even thug niggas prayyy Dear Mama, don't worry, I'ma watch for snakes Hold my head against the wall, learnin' right from wrong Til I make it yo; my military be prepared for them bustaz I spend most of my time bankin niggaz Kadafi, is not sloppy

I'm certified crazy, so sick the world made me We provide our enemies with mo' shit

We trouble you Mama pushed me out her womb, told me, "Nigga, get paid!" Raise hell, until I get my mail

Blame me for the outcome, ban my records – check it (You ain't gotta be in jail to be doin' time) So whatcha wanna do? You know [2Pac:] 2Pac, don't start that blasphemy in here! Bad Azz representin' the LBC Crew Time goes by, puffin' on lye

Time goes by, puffin' on lye

Last year was a hard one, but life goes on

Hopin' that it gets me high My double R proves I'ma big rap star

Time goes by, puffin' on lye Niggas is funny as hell But it'z mob deep

Started out drinkin' forties moved to harder shit I'm in tha studio drunker than a motherfucka Shh, move without a sound Now diggy-die, everytime I ride it's for reasons Bad Boy and Fugees, hahahahaha “Krazy” was supposed to feature the Outlawz but they apparently didn’t have any verses ready fast enough. Last.fm Music | Copyright © 2020 CBS Interactive Inc. / All rights reserved. Got a nigga goin' crazy

Kill em all for shortie, ninety-nine Killuminati, (Kadafi)

In a bucket or BMW

Tha game Yo Makaveli they can't stop you Even though we broke for the moment, we'll be ballin again

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