There are countless scenes in this film where the depth of the image is employed to underscore some story beats, to highlight the power relations between characters or to simply create a visually intriguing shot. Oh, what it would be like to live during a time when everyone was on the same side?

Working for Eagle-Lion Studios on Poverty Row, they took a routine agents-in-peril plot packed with propaganda about Our Tax Dollars At Work in Washington and turned it into a memorable film that's little short of extraordinary -- at least at times. Directed by Anthony Mann. and to receive email from Rotten Tomatoes and Fandango. Awards Read T Men reviews and T Men ratings – Buy T Men with confidence on AliExpress!

This site is protected by reCAPTCHA and the Google privacy policy and terms of service apply. Still, T-Men can be enjoyed for its visual qualities alone and I will definitely try to add this one to my Blu Ray collection (the version on the criterion channel did not look too great unfortunately and is in desperate need for some cleaning up). Two treasury agents go undercover and find out all that they need to know, but also find it difficult to stay alive. Movies TV Shows Streaming Services and Digital Media Music Physical Media.

The matter of fact voice-over that sets this taut crime thriller up broadly paints the world in very distinct blacks and whites. Get by the introductory speech and T-Men picks up steam (literally) going from a Detroit mob to a San Francisco counterfeiting ring. Counterfeiters, Schemers and Turkish Baths.

Much credit must go to Charles McGraw, who elevates the film to a higher level the minute he appears. Little things pop up that could be filmed just was well, finding out the clues and the details and not overrun with the ham-fisted voice of authority. Copyright © Fandango. Review by NicPau93 Pro. The larger than life film-making, combined with the sober subject matter, almost tip this one into the realm of the surreal, as Mann and Alton were basically too talented for such mundane material, as essentially the script serves their talents, which are considerable, rather than the other way around. Anthony Mann keeps the story fascinating, as O'Keefe dives deeper and deeper into the underworld. This isn't radio: we can _see_ the agents going over the material! This obviously goes hand in hand with Mann's proficiency when it comes to staging and blocking the actors. Made by fans in Auckland, New Zealand. At once we have sympathy for these "T-Men (Treasury Men) that risk life and limb to stop counterfeiters. There is plenty of suspense in the film keeping you always on the edge. But as it is, it's the only big letdown of the movie, making it dated (at least more than usual). Another visual feast from Anthony Mann and John Alton! There are some crisp lines, and some lateral thinking in the story: 'If we are investigating Los Angeles, we will start in Detroit to avoid suspicion'. NicPau93 is using Letterboxd to share film reviews and lists with friends. It sort of gives you an idea of where our society has gone. 'T-Men' seems a corny title, but it is not about cartoon characters, 'T' stands for Treasury, and this is a tale of United States Treasury secret service agents infiltrating and busting a massive counterfeit ring in California.

Combined with the use of dutch and crooked angles, the frequent appearances of frames within frames and some unique lighting choices (especially when in combination with fog/dust), T-Men has almost an expressionistic feel to it at times.

T-Men is a 1947 semidocumentary style film noir about United States Treasury agents. Director Anthony Mann's hard-boiled, film noir approach coupled with the stylistic cinematography of John Alton make this semi-documentary tale of government treasury agents infiltrating a large counterfeit ring an exciting crime drama. comes to investigate. Finden Sie hilfreiche Kundenrezensionen und Rezensionsbewertungen für Jack Wolfskin Peak T Men auf It doesn't make this a good movie, however, just one with lots of amazing scenes, well shot. Anthony Mann here delivers another one of his superior noir films. And on and on. I mean they really, really hit you over the head with it. All New, High Potency, High Bioavailibility Testosterone Boosting Ingredients. The real star here is John Alton's superb black and white cinematography, using harsh, minimal light, he creates a world that just peeks out of pools of black. In order to infiltrate the gang they must pass as men with dirty pasts.

The story is based on real Treasury cases, and was made with the Treasury's full cooperation. One of the better documentary style noir thrillers that was popular in post World War II Hollywood. Routine as the story is, this is magnificent film-making. Just imagine a film made today had the villains not responsible for nuclear terrorism, child pornography or "dirty" bombs but rather printing funny money. Film data from TMDb. Whether by fluke or design, joining the talents of director Anthony Mann and cinematographer John Alton resulted in one of the most potent creative teams in movie history – certainly in the film noir cycle whose look and energy they helped forge (Alton's contributions are so innovative and striking that they amount to co-direction). They don't only take notes, they "memorize those notes."

| With Dennis O'Keefe, Wallace Ford, Alfred Ryder, Mary Meade. Two treasury agents infiltrate a dangerous gang of counterfeiters in this exciting 1947 film.

Don't have an account? Music is by Paul Sawtell and cinematography by John Alton.

There was always plenty of tension with that Mann on the job. The much-underrated leading man Dennis O'Keefe is terrific here. Tense crime thriller in gritty noir style... A deeply flawed movie with some dramatic brilliance, too, Mann does not succumb to clichés or anything fake, 10/10 for directorial style, performances, 5/10 for narration, Film-Noir Headliner from Anthony Mann and John Alton, Routine for the period, great by today's standards. Sign up here. The next year, Anthony Mann would make 'Raw Deal', so he kept getting better. User Ratings Brought to wider attention the immense skills of B-film director Anthony Mann. Watched At the Beginning of the Post-War entries in the Genre it set a Stylized Template that would be Imitated for Years. ‎T-Men (1947) directed by Anthony Mann • Reviews, film + cast • … Wallace Ford is positively slimy in the supporting role of Schemer, a hood-fallen-in-influence. Posing as low ranked hoodlums left over from a long thought of disbanded gang, the two men find themselves immersed in a dark underworld of violence and deceit. Join here.

FAQ Subtext is king in Anthony Mann's noirs, with engrossing, underlying social, political, and psychological traumas compensating for caricatural dialogue, monotonous performances, and plodding plot twists. By creating an account, you agree to the Privacy Policy
Alton's cinematography is a thing of low-budget joy; using the very darkest blacks and the brightest whites smashed together in the same frame. This undercover-secret-service-agents-infiltrate-counterfeiting-ring film is heavily dependent on exceptionally fine noir lighting and camera work under the direction of Albert Mann which help to maintain a high degree of tension, notwithstanding its pseudo-documentary format (complete with voice-over narrator) and somewhat stilted acting. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Nugenix Total-T: Men's Total Testosterone Boosting Formula. One of the greatest virtues of Mann is not to succumb to clichés or anything that might seem fake. T-Men is yet another collaboration of director Anthony Mann and cinematographer John Alton, a sizzling semi-doc done in the noir manner, it's the usual fed goes undercover story, and yet made with such verve and energy as to jump off the screen. No forums found... Home Theater. The plot is about two men from the Treasury who go after a gang which is making false bills. Its combination of gritty realism, an intriguing story and plenty of suspense, makes it utterly compelling to watch and its striking visual style is simply awesome. Hard as nails Anthony Mann noir classic starring Dennis O'Keefe and June Lockhart. Along their investigation they join the gang of mobsters trying to discover who the boss behind the scheme is.

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If anyone has doubts about the enormous talent of Anthony Mann, see this film. Director Anthony Mann and photographer John Alton were at the top of their game and the DVD transfer enhances their work.

The only way to deal with the problem is to have two agents from different areas of the country infiltrate the ring in order to have the ones responsible captured. His target- to nab counterfeiters. Two stunning montages that show one of the agents looking for a criminal in LA should also be mentioned here.However, as great as the film was visually - and Dennis O'Keefe deserves a lot of praise for his lead performance as well -, the storytelling did not impress me at all.

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