When I was listening to 'folklore' for the first time, Mirrorball was the first song that brought tears in my eyes when it was getting towards the end. They’re no use to me now. I think it’s a brilliant composition, and Taylor’s words, the way her voice sounds and how this song feels, are, to me, one of the critical pieces. As a lesbian with zero interest in Chris Evans, I felt very left out of the sweater discourse last year, and no queer woman should EVER be left out of sweater discourse. With other people I had to be secretive, but with Justin, because he was going to sing, I actually did send him a version of the song with her vocals and told him what I was up to. We trade ideas all the time and he made a folder, and there was a pulse in there that I wrote these basslines to. I think I imagined her playing this and singing it. BETTY. I had the time of my life fighting dragons with you , Same! The people in the dance floor, intoxicated, will keep on dancing. But in the end, we were in fact dancing with our hands tied because we were a passionate love that couldn’t hold outside of our own gravities. The sole purpose of a disco ball at a club is to entertain the dancers. I love Daylight because it gives me optimism for the future. I am the founder and lead author and editor of Justrandomthings music community. Songs like Daylight, Begin Again, Delicate, Long Live, New Year's Day are great for getting me out of ruts, and make me feel calmer. DBATC became my anthem for breaking up with the city, academia, and the future I thought would be best for me when I was in high school.

Yes, this song is likely about Swift feeling like she needs to mirror every version of herself that the public wants her to be, but it’s more likely about my own personal insecurities, my impostor syndrome, and my insatiable need for approval. Taylor Swift: Mirrorball Meaning. There’s also this lyric, “Rebekah gave up on the Rhode Island set forever / flew in all her Bitch Pack friends from the city / filled the pool with champagne and swam with the big names,” inspired by St. Louis-born debutante Rebekah Harkness, who married the heir to Standard Oil. It almost reminds me of ‘90s-era Cardigans, or something like Mazzy Star. The first time Jimmy Page, Robert Plant, John Bonham and John Paul Jones all recorded together in the studio was when they backed American singer PJ Proby on his Three Week Hero album. Creating a fictional male character and wearing him like an outfit to sing a song about kissing a girl. She said, “What the fuck? I think about the lyrics a lot. As always with my posts on here, I'm intrigued more with the fanbase. The album had no singles prior to the album release, and Taylor stated the reason for the ‘surprise’ album release as the “uncertainty” surrounding the world right now. A look at the good (Diana Ross, Eminem), the bad (Madonna, Bob Dylan) and the peculiar (David Bowie, Michael Jackson) film debuts of superstar singers.

We live far away from each other no, but whenever I miss her I listen to this song and it reminds me of my childhood, My boyfriend and I hadn't ~met~ during this covid lockdown. Long Live holds a special place in my heart because it reminds me of my relationship with my sister. Taylor Swift invented String Theory, which if you didn’t know, is the scientific theory that soul mates are bound together by one invisible Swiftian String. It’s supposed to be a dialogue between two lovers. We actually didn’t have a moodboard for the album at all. This is maybe the closest thing to a pop song. doesn't have any curse words, but many oversensitive radio stations played a "clean" version with the word "kitten" edited out, surely the first time that word was censured. Spinning in my highest heels, love Shining just for you The singer can become anything she wants for the sake of romantic fulfillment, I'm a mirrorball I can change everything about me to fit in I’ve thought it was about Andrea since first listen to! We didn’t do very much to that either. I wasn't going through rough breakup at that time but something about its poetry just really stuck with me. | /u/224sins can reply with "delete" to remove this comment. Or does she mouth, ‘Fuck you forever?’” This is one of Swift’s best songs and a literal misandrist anthem, but my fear is this: remember when we found out “You Oughta Know” was about … Joey from Full House? I, however, cannot read, and thus do not have to accept this as canon (more on why, and more on “betty,” in a bit). Find more of Taylor Swift lyrics. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. But as just as pretty they are to look at, they are also quite fragile. Obviously, he’s a dear friend of mine and collaborator. But sure, let’s pretend for a second that “betty” is from “James’s” POV. We counted three “titty meat” references. Taylor Swift announced her 8th studio album ‘Folklore‘ just a few hours ahead of the album release on July 24, 2020.

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