Covering the best in video gaming. When Geralt later told me the story which began at the Seven Cats Inn notice board, he mentioned he had felt drawn to that place, as if some strange, undefined force wanted him to appear there on that day and at that time.

The monster - Toad "Prince" will jump a lot, which will push you back when it lands near you. hide. There’s quite a few more drowners down there that you’ll have to fight off, so prepare yourself accordingly. In consciousness of the witcher can only come on the ship "Albatross", and locked in a cage. The merchant asked him to carry out three wishes for the man who'd sent him after the toad, Olgierd von Everec. Witcher 3 Hearts of Stone: Evil's First Soft Touches Quest Walkthrough.

Microsoft Wants to Keep GameStop Around a Little Longer. When you kill him by cutting through his stomach, his toxic intestines, which you will be sprayed with, will cause you to start losing consciousness. Don't miss: As it turns out, Olgerd himself has the magic.

He will reveal that it was Olgierd who turned the prince into a monster, and he did it because he was jealous of the woman. No matter which way you choose, Olgierd will pay you 450 crowns for completing his task and after a while Gaunter O’Dimm will join you. When finished, exit the house. Fighting him is relatively hard, a good timing is essential. TIME : 2015-12-12 10:54:36. The first icy underwater hunk exposed itself when Geralt quite unexpectedly encountered our old friend Shani, an Oxenfurt medic, in the sewers during his hunt for the toad monster. Head to the nearest signpost, and Fast Travel to another signpost outside of Novigrad to the northeast. Once you’re there, check the notice board outside the Seven Cats Inn for some new contracts.
This is the first quest of the Hearts of Stone DLC. If you have the GOTY version of the game, you will receive it as soon as you arrive to Velen, but for obvious reasons you will be able to do it much later.

I tried to channel the personality of each character as I did them, hope you enjoy! After purchasing the expansion, you will see a new main quest appear in your menu, titled Evil’s Soft First Touches. The first thing that catches the eye during the battle with this enemy is its curved saber, which sometimes flashes a scarlet color, which indicates magical abilities. She will inflict a wound on him which should be fatal but which will not impress him much. We've got the locations of all the legendary animals listed below, as well as what you'll need to catch and hunt them. Evil's First Soft Touches (3/4) - The Witcher 3: Hearts of Stone Walkthrough. They will mock you, and if you respond to them with the same, it will end in a fistfight with one of them. She'll tell you that she and a few soldiers went into the sewers to get some venom samples of the beast, that's roaming the sewers. But thanks to the mutations, the witcher only loses consciousness. IGN guides you through part three of Evil's First Soft Touches, one of … The prisoners' dialogue will be interrupted by two soldiers who brought food. This grave – deadly, it would seem – wound did not bother Olgierd one bit. What's Your Favorite Console Boot-Up Sequence? Choose the dialogue as you wish when speaking with the Wild One. You and Olgierd will go to the stable, where Olgierd will tell you his first two wishes. News, Reviews, and Guides for Switch, PS4, Xbox One, PC, and more!

Search to the right using your Witcher Senses to find a loose rubble spot at the corner of the wall.
This area will feature some new locations and additions to the environment that you may wish to note on your journey to the estate. The Witcher will send his girlfriend to a safe place, and he will take up the bait for the monster, which will be any alcoholic beverages and blood. If you get in front of it, it can attack you with its tongue. The task "Witcher 3 evil's soft first touches" becomes available as soon as the player installs the Stone Hearts add-on on his game client. Shani will tell you a little more about the attack and you will come to the conclusion that the monster had to go through the nearby hole leading to the lower level of the sewers. The Witcher 3 Review; Image Gallery; Buy The Game . According to Günther, Olgerd appeared to him several years ago, all exhausted and asked for help. When you leave the estate, you'll be hooked by a woman who'll offer you a job and you'll get the "Rose on a Red Field" quest. At the appointed time, Günther appears and asks us to help dislodge the debt from one of his "clients." When you do that, you will find the corpse of another soldier - Franz. Near the burning manor two of Olgierd’s men were setting up the execution of a third. Sometimes we include links to online retail stores. After completing Evil's Soft First Touches you will get or will be able to get Open Sesame! Begin this quest by travelling to the Seven Cats Inn just southeast of Novigrad. He wakes up on the bank of Oxenfurt, from the conversations of officers it will become clear to him that the ship was wrecked in a storm.  |  This is the first quest of the Hearts of Stone DLC. Use your Aard sign to break through the wall, and head into the next corridor. Then on the gray-haired warrior pours poisonous blood monster. The final and decisive blow of the witcher will be delivered in the scene in which Geralt cuts the monster's belly with a deft blow of the silver blade. It turns out that the woman’s voice belongs to his longtime friend Shani, who is trying to save the life of a wounded soldier. As you prepare to leave the estate, speak with Master Mirror once more to get a few tips for the quests ahead. As a result, we are still assigned to Olgerd, where we will learn all the features of our order.

When you arrive at Oxenfurt, head toward the objective marker. “Sounds like a job for me,” thought Geralt, and he set off to see this Olgierd and learn more about the contract.

After purchasing the expansion, you will see a new main quest appear in your menu, titled Evil’s Soft First Touches. Geralt will tell Shani to leave the sewers and he will take care of luring the monster. When Geralt asked what the poor fellow was accused of, Olgierd emerged from the manor. He was thus in no state to resist the unit of heavily armed men led by a mage which suddenly appeared and captured him.

When he appears, he proceeds to carry on a conversation with Geralt about Olgierd. Move on, kill two more drowners (30) and go through the wooden door and you'll reach the monster's lair. Prepare to kill the monster, who happens to be called the Toad ‘Prince’. And then… then a terrible storm broke out, flinging the ship against the rocks. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt > General Discussions > Topic Details. Geralt will need to carefully examine the body of the dead. Published Oct. 13, 2015, 2:20 p.m. about The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt by Christopher Buffa This walkthrough will tell you how to complete Evil’s Soft First Touches, the first quest in the new Heats of Stone expansion for The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. Buy it on Amazon! There Geralt was to be executed for the crime of killing the Ofieri crown prince. At this moment, Günther appears and tells us that it is better not to believe the ataman. Near the burning house there will be one of Olgerd's gang, who will not begin to joke, but will not tell us where to look for their leader, since he himself does not know his current location. It will also shoot a lot of its venom and leave clouds of poisonous gas on the ground. Approach the estate, and you will be led inside by the folks living there. Upon entering the manor, you will meet a group of individuals who may help you find Olgierd. Examine it and you'll come to the conclusion that the monster likes the taste of alcohol mixed with blood. It doesn't matter whether you recognize him or not. Do not neglect the height, because you can be killed to death during the descent. There's a point in the Hearts Of Stone expansion pack where you meet a band of cutthroats (alleged soldiers). You can get this task near the inn Seven cats on a special bulletin board under Novigrad. The first thing to do is to take the "Oriole" to remove the effect of poisoning the monster. This quest will end and you will receive two more - Open Sesame!, and Dead Man's Party. Speak with Olgierd about the contract, and discuss a reward if you wish. Suggested level: 32 Group: Main Quests (Hearts of Stone) Location: Novigrad. Gaunter O'Dimm will be waiting for you at night near Yantra village. Also, be sure to visit our Witcher 4 sub for information and discussion about the next installment in the Witcher franchise. No part of this site or its content may be reproduced without the permission of the copyright holder. COMMUNITY QUESTION | From GameCube to Game Boy, we're admiring all the ways our games start. Buy it on eBay! After a series of events, Geralt wakes up on a beach in the company of some mysterious handlers. Instead he engaged Geralt in unrestrained combat, during which the witcher sliced off his head. He promised to visit her as soon as he took care of his task, and kept his promise – but not before going on quite the detour. When you go down to the lower level of the sewers, you'll first have to get rid of some of the drowners (30) that are there. When Ofieri warriors come under the deck, correctly say "Take me to your captain" in their language and you will receive additional XP - correct answer is "...alle'khe uhl eghullath!" It will also launch sticky, poisonous mucus blobs in your direction. After a while you will witness a man putting another notice on it - "Contract: Monster in the Sewers". Next, sit down to meditate, a few hours later Geralt hears the noise of an approaching monster. Before you faint completely, you will see that the monster has turned into a human being and Ofieri warriors have entered the sewers. Note: You don't have to look for the key. The Witcher 3: Hearts of Stone - getting started, Evil's Soft First Touches, Toad Prince How to start the new content, complete the first quest and finish your first boss fight. Geralt was wracking his brain for a way to jump out of this pot of trouble, when, suddenly, out of the shadows came Gaunter O’Dimm, a merchant Geralt had met earlier on his path, with an offer of help. Proceed to examine the body to discover that the monster has a fondness for alcohol. The second desire is for his brother Witold to have fun with all his heart, since in the past few years he simply had no such opportunity. Feb 1 @ 2:39pm What is up with the "Wild Ones" fight in "Evil's Soft First Touches?"

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