They managed to fight a rearguard action to protect some of the escaping women and children, but soon all of the settlers retreated into the fort.

She found it difficult to understand her iconic status to the nation, which saw her as having been redeemed from the Comanches. [16][23] In 1965 the state of Texas had Prairie Flower moved from her grave in Edom, Van Zandt County, Texas to join her mother and brother. [16][19], In 1864, Parker's daughter, Topʉsana, caught influenza and died of pneumonia. Parker stated that he was her personal servant, a Mexican slave named José. In 1845, through the efforts of his brother Isaac Parker, a member of the Texas Congress, a joint resolution was passed for payment of redemption from the Kichai tribe. Losing the only child she had had contact with since her return to her birth relatives caused her to be stricken with grief. [2], In 1910, Parker's son, Quanah, moved her body to Post Oak Mission Cemetery near Cache, Oklahoma. [11], There is some question whether the man killed was actually Nocona. James Parker managed to save Cynthia’s other two siblings, Orlena and Silas, Jr. James Parker would lead survivors through underbrush for six days, south to Tinnin’s settlement where the Old San Antonio Road crosses the Navasota River.

During the Texans' pursuit of the Native Americans, one of the captives, a young teenage girl, escaped. Cynthia Ann Parker (October 28, 1827 – March 1871),[1] also known as Naduah (Comanche: Narua),[4] was an American who was kidnapped in 1836, around age 10, by a Comanche war band which had attacked her family's settlement. Ranger Ross and several of his men pursued the man who had appeared as the leader, and who was fleeing alongside a woman rider.

Born in Illinois around 1825*, Cynthia Ann Parker’s life would be turned upside down at the age of 11 after being kidnapped by Comanche Indians in Texas.

Her birth date is uncertain; according to the 1870 census of Anderson County, Texas, she was born in 1824 or 1825. In May of 1835, Silas was elected as a member of the Committee of Safety and Correspondence for Viesca, and in October was named by the General Council as superintendent over a group of 25 rangers tasked with guarding the region between the Brazos and Trinity rivers. The family quickly grew with four children, Cynthia being the oldest. Released in 1968, “White Comanche” is a Spanish Western (no Spaghetti) starring William Shatner in a dual role as twin half-breed brothers, one who assimilates with the European settlers while the other stirs up Comanche hostilities. Johnny says he will give his answer in four days, after the climax with his brother.

He is said to have recovered, moved back to Texas, fought in the Civil War with the Confederate Army, and eventually return to Mexico to farm. Houston had previously negotiated a treaty with Cherokee Indians in east Texas, establishing peace, and wanted to try the same for the return of Parker’s family from the Comanche. © Dave Alexander, Legends of America, updated June, 2017. Their bodies were moved in 1957 to the Fort Sill Post Cemetery at Fort Sill, Oklahoma. In 1843 James located Cynthia’s brother John and his grandson James Pratt Plummer at Fort Gibson, although there is doubt over whether it was really John. Although he fell off his horse, he was still alive and refused to surrender.

The town of Groesbeck holds an annual Christmas Festival at the site of old Fort Parker every December. In December 1860, after years of searching at the behest of Parker's father and various scouts, Texas Rangers led by Lawrence Sullivan Ross discovered a band of Comanche, deep in the heart of Comancheria, that was rumored to hold American captives.
Cynthia Parker, 1861 with infant daughter. Houston let him have 120, but disbanded the force before it even set out. Cynthia Ann Parker’s son Quanah would go on to play an important role as the ‘last Comanche Chief’, for 25 years providing leadership, promoting self-sufficiency and self-reliance on a Comanche reservation in southwestern Oklahoma. Lived as a member of the Comanche tribe for 24 years. The stress of not being able to assimilate back into the white culture and the death of her son and daughter led to a severe depression and ultimately her death around 1870. James daughter Rachel was returned to him in February of 1838, but died only a year later. Houston refused Parker again during a second meeting in August at Nacogdoches, but while there he was reunited with his sister-in-law Elizabeth Kellogg, who had been purchased by the Delaware Indian’s and returned her. [20] The only record of her death, given as March 1871, is found in the unpublished notebook of Susan Parker St. ** It should be noted that the exact year and death of Cynthia Parker are not known as various accounts list 1824, 1825 and 1827 for birth, and 1870 and 1871 for her death.

Both their bodies were moved to Fort Sill Post Cemetery in 1957. Her father, Silas M. Parker met Cynthia’s mother Lucinda ‘Lucy’ Duty in Illinois Territory where they were married in August of 1824. [citation needed] Her information matched what Ross knew of the 1836 Fort Parker Massacre. It would also be too late for five other family members who had been kidnapped by the Comanche, including his own daughter Rachel, his grandson James Pratt Plummer, his sister-in-law Elizabeth Kellogg, along with Cynthia and her brother John. [20] The only known document from the period supports the March 1871 date; An 1870 census for Anderson County lists her as a member of the O'Quinn household, born "abt 1825," age forty-five. John. The event is known as the Battle of Pease River and Cynthia was one of those captured, along with her infant daughter.

She forgot her original ways and became Comanche in every sense. Her father, Silas M. Parker met Cynthia’s mother Lucinda ‘Lucy’ Duty in Illinois Territory where they were married in August of 1824. Her Comanche name means "someone found". White Comanche or Comanche blanco or Rio Honcho is a 1968 paella western starring William Shatner in two roles. The character Stands with a Fist in the 1990 movie, This page was last edited on 29 September 2020, at 13:15. At approximately age 34, Parker was discovered and relocated by the Texas Rangers, but spent the remaining 10 years of her life refusing to adjust to life in white society. Heartbroken over the loss of her daughter to pneumonia, she stopped eating and died in 1871. Reports indicate Williams tried to get the release of Cynthia, but tribal leaders refused. Her brother, Silas Jr., was appointed her guardian in 1862, and took her to his home in Van Zandt County. John Parker and his men, who lacked sufficient knowledge of the Comanches' military prowess, were caught in the open and unprepared for the ferocity and speed of the Indian warriors. James disagreed with the idea, and wanted Houston to order an expedition against the tribe, which Houston refused. The Texans quickly mounted a rescue force. [17], Parker never adjusted to her new surroundings, and although white and physically integrated into the community, she was uncomfortable with the attention she received. The men did not shoot, but instead surrounded and stopped her. Then a year later her daughter Topsanna died of pneumonia. In 1910, Quanah moved his mothers grave to Post Oak Mission Cemetery near Cache, Oklahoma and was buried beside her when he died in 1911. She was then taken back by her Uncle Isaac Parker to his home near Birdville, in what is now Arlington, Texas. Her cousins, Isaac Duke Parker and Benjamin F. Parker were made her legal guardians.

The Native Americans attacked the fort and quickly overpowered the outnumbered defenders. James Parker, who had been working out in the fields, arrived at the fort during the attack and managed to hide 17 of the forts residents, but it was too late for his brother Silas, his other brother Benjamin, and father John, who were all killed during the attack. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. [5] She married a Comanche chieftain, Peta Nocona, and had three children with him, including the last free Comanche chief, Quanah Parker.

], Ross sent her and her child to Camp Cooper and then notified her uncle, Colonel Isaac Parker.

After the Comanche acquired horses, they expected their young men to learn horse-riding skills, which could be used both for tracking animals and herding. Other accounts show John adapted well to the Comanche life until he contracted small pox during a raid in Mexico, where the tribe abandoned him. [3], p.418 Bruskin, David N., White, Jack, White, Jules, White, Sam,, Wikipedia articles with WorldCat-VIAF identifiers, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, Viñals Distribución Galinza Films S.A. (Spain), This page was last edited on 26 June 2020, at 19:25.
However Cynthia still didn’t want to live in white society, and made several attempts to flee to her Comanche family. [10], The Rangers began questioning the woman fleeing with Nocona and other surviving Comanche.

Your email address will not be published. The Comanche were considered the best horsemen among the Plains Indians. Required fields are marked *. Only a year later, on May 19, 1836, Fort Parker was attacked by Comanche warriors, along with allies from the Kiowa and Kichai tribes. If it is any credit to him to have killed my father, let his people continue to believe that he did so. Additional reports say that Nocona lived for another year before succumbing to infection from an injury. Along with their father, Silas and his brothers James and Benjamin Parker immediately set forth building Parkers Fort. Cynthia Ann Parker was born to Silas Mercer Parker and Lucinda Parker (née Duty) in Crawford County, Illinois.

"[12][unreliable source? White Comanche or Comanche blanco or Rio Honcho is a 1968 paella western starring William Shatner in two roles. Parker was adopted by the Comanche and lived with them for 24 years, completely forgetting her white ways. Historians conjecture that when he negotiated treaties with the local non-Comanche natives, he believed those treaties would bind all Native Americans. In a surprise raid, the small band of Rangers attacked a group of Comanches in the Battle of Pease River.

The former, Johnny Moon, holds up in a town waiting for a showdown with the latter, Notah. Her Comanche name means "someone found". [24], The city of Crowell, Texas, has held a Cynthia Ann Parker Festival to honor her memory. White Comanche or Comanche blanco or Rio Honcho is a 1968 paella western starring William Shatner in two roles. They had three children: famed Comanche chief Quanah,[9] another son named Pecos (Pecan), and a daughter named Topʉsana (Prairie Flower). [1] Originally, her middle name was Ana, but over the years, it was changed to Ann. In broken English, she identified herself and her family name. All of the other captives were released over a period of years as ransom was paid, but Parker remained with the Native Americans for nearly twenty-five years. "[11] He took her to his home near Birdville. It has been rebuilt on the original site to exact specifications. [13][14] When Colonel Parker mentioned that his niece's name was Cynthia, she slapped her chest and said, "Me Cincee Ann.

[6], On May 19, 1836, a force of anywhere from 100 to 600 Native American warriors,[7] composed of Comanches accompanied by Kiowa and Kichai allies, attacked the community. The next year, in June of 1837, Parker asked Houston, now Texas President, for permission to gather 2,000 men to act against the Comanche. [citation needed].

There he immediately began efforts to find and return his family members taken in the raid, but, after raising a company of men, his pursuit was halted by the threat of the Mexican army. One of the factions discovers Johnny’s prowess with his six gun and tries to hire him.

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