When she suddenly feels intense chest pain, Hook tries to return the heart to her, only to be engulfed in fire. In the middle of the distraction, she also pulls off the bracelet from Snow's wrist, reversing the effects on both of them and they flee by swimming away. However, Regina attests to doing cruel and horrible things, but regrets nothing since each one of those deeds led her to Henry.
Learning the sword can hurt the Queen without harming Regina, Emma makes plans of killing her with it. For a moment, Mary Margaret considers controlling Cora with the heart so she'll finish off Mr. Gold. She goes to do it, but upon realizing the Queen is spying on her through the mirror, she smashes it. ("Best Laid Plans"), While nearing the end of her pregnancy, Snow's worries still linger on what the Queen threatened to do to them. Spencer thinks he took the job to get away from her, but he promises he didn't and says he is right where he needs to be. Henry praises her for the escape plan, but Emma has no idea what he is talking about until finding Mary Margaret missing from the cell. Emma declines to go because she's getting ready to go on patrol, even though Regina thinks she would benefit from getting a break to work through her emotions about Hook instead of running away from them. ("That Still Small Voice"), After David is released from the hospital, she and Henry attends his welcome home party. Mary Margaret tells Zelena about what had happened in the first curse, in which she and her husband had lost Emma under dire circumstances, and her own anxiety about having a second child. Spencer states that this is not their business, but Toby reminds her that it is still Alison they are talking about and that she has a history of using cops for her own benefit. The next morning, Toby goes to Spencer's house. Emma advises that both her parents should go home because Neal needs them more than her, and they've already done enough for her by coming to the Underworld. When Hook realigns himself with them, he and David hunt down Greg to steal back the remaining magic beans while Emma goes with Regina to the trigger in the mines. As they face the Queen in the cemetery, they reassure Emma they are at peace knowing their lives have led them to each other and back to her as well. “Emma Swan” (2) prop boot knives from Once Upon a Time Season 1, Episode 3 and Season 2, Episode 3. They run toward each other and hug and kiss in the middle of the street. At the loft, Emma vows to not use the shears, and instead, find another way or accept that she is meant to die. Walking out of the diner, Mary Margaret and David hear an angered Marian condemn Regina, who she remembers as the Evil Queen, as a "monster". Before she can explain what happened, Wilden shows up and asks her why her car was at a hit and run. ("Selfless, Brave and True"), David and Mary Margaret surprise Emma by driving her to an unknown location and refusing to say anything until she sees the place for herself. Suddenly, Leroy gets an idea runs up to the roof of the church to cause a power outage; therefore forcing the townspeople to stock up on candles, and they sell out completely. Frustrated, Emma admits being unhappy as a savior since she is unable to resolve anything lately, believing that what Regina said earlier is true, but her father advises her to not give up.

The group talk about how Hook left Neverland, which was through a special one time deal with Pan, though he notes Neal managed to escape on his own. On the way there, he adopts the code name "Operation Cobra" for their plan to keep the Evil Queen from realizing they are working to break the curse. [image begins] if you need me, I'll find[image begins] Snow wants to[image begins]w replies. Snow wishes to cancel the party until her mother is well again, however, Eva insists for the show to go on without her. From fishing through Charming's things, they see the wanted poster and attack him while Snow flees. After assuring a concerned Henry that she is fine, she answers her phone and learns about a fight that broke out at Aesop's Tables. Toby walks into The Brew’s relaunch party, and when Spencer notices him, he cocks his head towards outside. https://prettylittleliars.fandom.com/wiki/Toby_Cavanaugh?oldid=1024079, This article is about Toby Cavanaugh, a TV character. He tells her that he'll make it home before it really hits. During Mother Superior's talk with Regina, the nun confirms the Author hasn't disappeared, and he may have left clues in his works about it. Regina threatens to fulfill what Emma asked her to do if she ever went too far, but Emma reveals she has the dagger now. At this, Hook lets down his guard, waiting to hear what she has to say next, but then, Emma draws him into a kiss. Suddenly, a man bursts in to report the Queen has helped a wolf pack seize control of the silver mines and they are terrorizing villagers in their search for Snow White. Later, Emma makes the effort to unveil the map by stating facts about herself, with encouragement from her parents, but nothing works.

Before the royal pair can persuade the soldiers to relent, Maleficent morphs into a dragon and kills the guards with her fire breath. With her demise, the spell of shattered sight comes to an end as Emma acknowledges the Snow Queen's nobility in the end. She has doubts about how to protect Emma in the Underworld, while David reassures her they'll do it together, and that Mary Margaret's Snow White bandit skills will be handy. ("Tiny"), They arrive in Manhattan, and all three step out of a cab in front of an apartment complex. Regina thinks it's one of Pan's false leads, but Emma is unable to side with her. That night, Toby comes to Spencer's house asking to hang out. After Zelena shows them an abandoned tunnel leading to the castle courtyard, Mary Margaret stays behind to guard her, flippantly remarking that they can exchange pregnancy tips, while everyone else heads in. Within her castle, Regina witnesses this, and in anger, she begins crushing what she believes is Snow White's heart. David opens the letter as his wife looks on, with Snow noting the name "Monte Cristo", which Granny mistakes as the Monte Cristo sandwich. As the ship sets sail by Emma's magical influence, Hook gets straight to the point, asking what is behind the door in her house. Noticing Spencer starting to tear up, Toby asks if she’s okay, and when Spencer asks compared to what, Toby questions if it has anything to do with what Melissa sent her. Toby shows up at school and tells Spencer he is going to get a GED and that he has a job at a construction company. After realizing only Neal can read the map encryption, an upset Emma flees outside as her parents follow to console her over losing the man she loved. Once she is left alone, Snow comforts a babbling baby Neal, as she laments over not having the rest of her family around. Graham cuts his ties with her and Regina blames Emma for it, even going so far as to hit her. As the remaining pair comb the woods near the holly berry bushes, Emma, believing Hook is hiding something, pries him about what happened in the Enchanted Forest, but he refuses to say. Afterwards, Hook shows everyone the three headstones that Hades engraved with Snow, Regina and Emma's names, to make them stay in the Underworld forever, in place of the three people who already moved on.

("The Thing You Love Most"), Out of a place to stay, Emma begins sleeping in her car while looking for open rooms in the town newspaper. They talk about Alison while watching her. Snow rejects the deal as she doesn't wish to use bad means to gain something, but runs back to the palace in tears, admitting to Eva what she couldn't do.

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