Ships - A handy list of the types of ships in the game. The Royal Guards and Free Knights are looking for you to come assist them! Rewards: None, Mission 29: Move to Designated Location (in Mountain Cave 2 Map). Even though archers may look cold hearted and distant, they fight for nature and possess a vast amount of knowledge that they use to their advantage. Skins - User created skins. Easter Eggs - Easter eggs that exist in Vendetta Online. Arkana, defend your faction and fight for control! Glossary - Common Words, used by Vendetta players. If you add any uppercase letters they will be forced to lowercase. Play as all 21 classes in this anime inspired MMO. ChangeLog - Changes made in the different versions of Vendetta Online. Eden Eternal Official Website! Run through large open maps and fight through deep dungeons in this action styled MMO! Become part of a thrilling story and influence the world's destiny through your decisions. HyperFilter (DDoS Protection) ElitePvPers (Community Forums) 1 Act 2 Quests: 1.1 Scene 1: 1.1.1 LV 56 Quest: NosCamp Mt. Rewards: Combat Exp, Job Exp, Mission 25: Move to Designated Location (in Mountain Cave 1 Map). Yarrr!

HUD - What each part of the HUD does.

Player - A quick guide to PvP in Vendetta. Design Wiki - Devs' plans for the future (of vendetta). Backstory - Vendetta Online's story on how we got here.

Rules - The rules of Vendetta. Plug-ins - player-made addons for Vendetta Online, Pirating - So, you want to know about pirates? 1 Act 1 Quests: 1.1 Scene 1: 1.1.1 Introduction Quest: Preparing a beginner adventurer 1.2 Scene 2: 1.2.1 LV 19 Quest: New Friend 1.3 Scene 3: 1.3.1 LV 25 Quest: Formidable Enemy 1.3.2 LV 28 Quest: Rival Competition 1.3.3 LV 31 Quest: Gray Storm - Username must be higher than 4 and no more than 12 characters. Rewards: None, Mission 33: Move to Designated Location (in Mountain Cave 3 Map). User Creations - User created fiction and artwork (not including ships)

Need help with anything related to VGN?

The Royal Guards and Free Knights are looking for you to come assist them! [NosTale] Vendetta (First non-emu International Server) Vendetta Gaming Network is proud to announce the launch of NosTale!

- Username must not be uppercase.

Station Conquest - Several stations in the game can be captured by players. We've been working solid for the past month and a half with a ton of members helping make the game even greater than it is. Also, check out the "What can I do" page to see what is going on that needs to be done. Rewards: None, Mission 41: Complete LV 57 Hero TS (in Mountain Cave 2). Easter Eggs - Easter eggs that exist in Vendetta Online. "An archer is as quick as a fox and has the eyes of an eagle.

Roleplaying - Get started with the role-playing aspect. VGN OFFICIAL SITES. - Username must only contain letters and numbers (no symbols). IRC - Where we are in IRC, and how to use the Vendetta relay bot. Manufacturing - Some items can be created by players. The language of tomorrow. Their ancient lore includes knowledge about poison and toxins and using the energy in nature. Eden Eternal [Classic] Official Website! Join 1 of 7 classes and … Rewards: None, Mission 23: Complete LV 57 TS (in Deep Cave Map).

Rewards: Treasure Map, Mission 14: Complete LV 56 TS (in Mountain Cave 1 Map). Player Contribution Corps - User created game content. Backstory in Japanese - Work in progress, Japanese translation of the backstory (日本語の裏話) Bots - The types of bots such as the hive and NPCs. If you want to edit pages all you have to do is create an account. Scarlet Blade.

Updated with it's own custom content like no other! Stations - A list of stations by Faction. Racing - The race tracks & large sponsored races such as the Deneb Run™.

Check out the Wikipedia Vendetta Online entry. Rewards: None, Mission 38: Move to Designated Location (in Bridge Cave Map). This page has been accessed 2,532,696 times.

Trading - How to trade and tips.

Rules - The rules of Vendetta. BACKLINKS. Come and experience the world of Eden Eternal at it's roots! Dueling - A quick guide to Duels and Dueling Etiquette. FAQ - Frequently asked questions and answers on the game. More than 30 specialist classes and tons of loyal pets provide plenty of excitement and variety in PvP, PvE and raids. Rewards: None, Mission 34: Move to Designated Location (in Bridge Cave Map). Navroutes - Useful navigation routes.

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