There have been plenty of dramas that have done so more successfully. fjs.parentNode.insertBefore(js, fjs);

Good script, cast and pace of the show is like a runaway train {excuse the pun} definitely 9/10, Jayaa Aug 11 2020 10:38 am A great drama? You’re watching I Wanna Hear Your Song. I was from the start already hooked to the plot, storyline & to the good performance from the actors & actresses. it has a brilliant plot, excellent cinematography, awesome actors and overall you won't be disappointed. I love parallel worlds concepts, and this one creates two similar worlds where a few key events alter the course of our characters’ lives in very different ways. And yeon si yoon never take promising role. They continue to Seo-kyung’s place, then Do-won grabs her in a long hug, surprising her. Yay!) Glad I saw it but it's not one of those dramas I'd see again. She runs to Section Chief Oh, then checks on Joon-young, and while her back is turned, Section Chief Oh picks up her gun and takes aim at Seo-kyung.

A hard-hitting detective who fearlessly dives into his work, Seo Do Won is relentless when it comes to bringing criminals to justice. He just couldn’t seem to catch a break though. OCN never fails ❤️, Loll Jul 25 2020 8:27 pm

Kyungslover Aug 04 2020 10:12 pm Literally. Four episodes in and this is leaps and bounds ahead of TKEM. YOON SI YOONS BIGGEST FAN Jun 05 2020 5:35 am YSY is a good actor with deep expressions. Ugh i cant wait. Yoon Si Yoon acting is next level ! If he doesn’t find a way to stop it, he could lose everything he loves. (Seo-kyung A was a prosecutor working on the case and put the jewellery clue together before anyone else did — it was following up on that realisation that ultimately lead to her murder by Mi-sook C. Even if Do-won hadn’t existed, I fail to see how that would have played out differently. Remember, Do-won asked Jung-min to compare the skeleton's DNA to Section Chief Oh's.

Go watch it.

Either way, I do recognise some of the flaws you mentioned. Yoon Bok-in as Jo Young-ran Seo-kyung's step-mother and Sung-wook mother. Yoon Si Yoon is super handsome in this. This ending reminded me so much of Life on mars "The place where you are happy is your reality". Train > The king eternal monarch, don't let the ratings deceive you.

Green Beann Aug 10 2020 9:01 am PULSE Aug 19 2020 8:12 am Joon-young sits alone in a room somewhere, tied up –– Seo-kyung had left him to watch Doctor Seok, but Doctor Seok had seen him and knocked him unconscious. Do-won demands to know who she is, saying that he knows she killed this world’s Section Chief Oh. Really really good drama.

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