The film would go on to become a box-office smash, taking in a staggering $11 million on a production budget of only $1.25 million, becoming one of Paramount’s most profitable films to that point. País While it does feel somewhat dated, The Lost Weekend marks a true turning point for cinema, and a new age of Best Picture winners. Scribble down your email address to subscribe to the site so we can notify you of every new post. Grand Prix du Festival International du Film – Billy Wilder, Prix d’interprétation masculine – Ray Milland. : Reino unido, Dirigida por : Post was not sent - check your email addresses! Synopsis It also marked the start of the Academy choosing far more adult films, and often those dealing with serious social and cultural issues. They were unsuccessful, obviously. Wick Birman essaie de convaincre son frère Don, qui vient de passer avec lui un bref week-end à la campagne. The Lost Weekend. As it turns out, she was wrong, and she did indeed take home the Oscar. The film’s sinister score by Miklos Rozsa only adds to the ominous tone of the narrative. It may be the first film to highlight alcoholism, but it does it in such a melodramatic way, it becomes rather hard to take seriously in a 2019 context. Grand Prix International de la meilleure interprétation masculine , 1946. Throw in a couple of gangsters and a femme fatale and you’ve got yourself a noir. Malgré cette révélation, Helen ne se découragea pas. Dans un bar, il fait la connaissance d'une fille facile, Gloria, mais n'est même pas capable d'arriver à temps au rendez-vous qu'elle lui donne. It heralded the rise of socially-conscious cinema, which we still see to this day, and it’s hard to say this doesn’t deem it worthy of its Best Picture victory. The bronze/gold-plated statuettes returned, as did the tuxedos and expensive gowns. But it stands as the beginning of the Academy focusing on the film itself, rather than the allowing more external factors to play a part in their decision. But if you dig beneath its camp exterior, it’s an unflinching portrait of a deadly and crippling addiction, and the resulting desperate actions it can cause. Imagen, Miklos ROZSA - Strangely, the subject had been relatively taboo in Hollywood cinema, with alcoholics often played as the comic relief or lovable drunks. The tone of The Lost Weekend was unlike anything before. Top 10: Cannes Winners for Guys; Share Tweet Flip. With Wilder returning the very next year with The Lost Weekend, there was the chance for redemption. It’s widely rumoured Crawford assumed she wouldn’t win for her role in Mildred Pierce, and therefore shunned the event. A bat flies into his room and starts eating a mouse, causing blood to pour down the wall, and Don to shriek like a banshee. by Mira Nair, FemmeFilmFest20 Review: Little Woods (Nia DaCosta), FemmeFilmFest20 Review: Welcome Home (Armita Keyani), FemmeFilmFest20 Interview: Concealer creator Kristine Gerolaga, FemmeFilmFest20 interview: the visionary director behind Foyer, Sophie B Jacques, FemmeFilmFest20 Interview: Anita Bruvere the director of the animated short film ‘Home’, FemmeFilmFest20 Review: Just Me and You (Sandrine Brodeur-Desrosiers), FemmeFilmFest20 Review: Concealer (Kristine Gerolaga), FemmeFilmFest20 Review: Three Poplars in Plyushchikha Street (Tatyana Lioznova).

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