1-47) Buy Study Guide. When they see the state of his illness, his co-workers immediately drive him to a private hospital in Kisumu. An amateur naturalist, Monet decides to use his winter holiday for a camping trip to the national park on Mount Elgon. 1-47), "In the Shadow of Mount Elgon" (pp. and the second major area is in Kenya, Africa. The Question and Answer section for The Hot Zone is a great Several of Monet’s colleagues visit to see if he has recovered enough to return to work. Copyright © 1999 - 2020 GradeSaver LLC. On the second day of the trip, Monet and his friend explore Kitum Cave, a local tourist attraction and petrified rain forest that contains an array of crystals, as well as bats, insects, and mummified elephant corpses. Nine days after the death of Charles Monet, Dr. Musoke develops a severe backache and notices that his eyes are beginning to turn red. "In the Shadow of Mount Elgon" (pp. Specifically, this book documents the time when Ebola snuck its way into Washington DC. This tactic highlights both the extraordinary safety measures one must take, plus the danger inherent in working with a deadly agent. A deadly disease that is discovered to be airborn is a serious matter that should not be delt with lightly. When Charles Monet arrives at Nairobi Hospital and is treated by Dr. Shem Musoke, the reader is introduced to the theme of chance in the spread of filoviruses. While Charles Monet’s exposure to Marburg can be attributed to chance, the original outbreak of the virus is the direct result of laziness and greed. "The Hot Zone, A Terrifying True Story" by Richard Preston is a non-fiction thriller that tells that true story of the sudden appearance of a highly infectious and deadly virus in the central African rain forest. First you have a headache. A major portion of the book is about this operation, which had to be conducted in secret, since public awareness could easily have meant widespread panic. He decides to stay home from work, but the headache only becomes more intense and is soon joined by a backache. Dr. Silverstein soon receives word from South Africa that the blood sample is positive for Marburg, an African virus that was first identified at a vaccine factory in Marburg, Germany in 1967. Instead of describing the virus and its symptoms in strictly clinical terms, Preston employs the literary technique of personification as a way to immediately establish the virus’s role in the book. This webpage is only a summary and extra information on the book, "The Hot Zone." In both cases, individuals are exposed to the viruses as a direct result of their actions in aid of others. The book begins with several pages of large-type text simulating a computer read-out, each mimicking a step in the authorization process to enter a Biosafety level 4 laboratory. Three days after his headache begins, Monet spikes a fever and begins to vomit uncontrollably. When his skin begins to turn yellow, Dr. Musoke revises his diagnosis to typhoid fever and attempts to treat himself with antibiotics. With Dr. Musoke leaning just a few inches from Monet’s mouth, Monet suddenly vomits, spewing blood all over Dr. Musoke’s face and upper body. The Hot Zone. "The Hot Zone “In the Shadow of Mount Elgon” (pp. Why couldn’t they terminate them first? Despite an autopsy, the hospital staff is unable to identify the cause of his death. When the plane lands, Monet manages to take a taxi to the Nairobi Hospital before collapsing and bleeding out in the waiting room. Then your face freezes into a mask. resource to ask questions, find answers, and discuss the novel. The case then falls under the purview of Dr. David Silverstein. In the shocking novel, The Hot Zone by Richard Preston, a lot of tragic and sad events occured. Although he retains no memory of his time under the influence of the Marburg virus, samples of Musoke's blood are sent to laboratories across the world. A big event had occured that, in my opinion, was pretty major. Vincent, Caitlin. Plot Summary Character Analysis ♡Plot Summary☹ check it out! Summary. "In the Shadow of Mount Elgon" (pp. However, even as he demonstrates the danger of selflessness, Preston is careful to reveal that the Marburg outbreak is partially due to human error and negligence. His personality changes – he becomes sullen and resentful to his housekeeper – while his face becomes frozen in a mask-like state. Reston, Virginia which is a suburb of Washington DC. He first diagnoses himself with malaria and takes malaria pills and an antimalarial shot. Read the sentence from a summary about The Hot Zone. Monet then slips into a coma and dies in the early hours of the next morning. The opening of the book apes the levels of clearance one would have to go through to enter a Biosafety level 4 laboratory. The Hot Zone is an American drama television miniseries, based on the 1994 non-fiction book of the same name by Richard Preston.Six episodes aired from May 27 to May 29, 2019, on National Geographic.. That event was when they discovered the Ebola virus is airborn. After ten days of illness, Dr. Musoke begins the slow but steady process of recovery. From the outset, Preston presents the Marburg virus as a true antagonist of the narrative. Not affiliated with Harvard College. ... that aswell was a big occurence in the book. "The Hot Zone, A Terrifying True Story" by Richard Preston is a non-fiction thriller that tells that true story of the sudden appearance of a highly infectious and deadly virus in the central African rain forest. The blood samples are useless if the specimen is dead. This page was last modified on 14 February 2016, at 16:57. Preston makes it clear that the filoviruses select their victims indiscriminately, regardless of character, morality, or action. It was later discovered that the infected monkeys had undergone only a basic visual inspection prior to being exported. After an initial outbreak in a shipment of monkeys that arrived at the factory, the virus soon spread to the human population, killing one in four of those infected. A secret military SWAT team of soldiers and scientists is mobilized to stop the outbreak of this exotic "hot" virus. However, the doctors at Kisumu are unable to diagnose the cause of Monet’s illness and recommend treatment at Nairobi Hospital, a short plane ride away. The complicated and hazardous job required the donning of biological space suits, entering the monkey house (the ``hot zone''), killing each monkey, and retrieving tissue samples. What a terrifying book. During the flight to Nairobi, Monet becomes increasingly sick and begins to vomit up blood. 1-47) Summary and Analysis". Instead of describing the scene with the detachment of third-person narration, Preston writes in the perspective of another passenger who can hear and smell every stage of Monet’s illness. I saw it as if the author was trying to explain that this virus is lethal and it is not something like a little cold. Yet, as a reward for his close attention to his patient, Dr. Musoke is himself infected with the virus and nearly dies. With the continued progression of his illness, Dr. Musoke finally presents himself to his colleague, Dr. Antonia Bagshawe, who recommends exploratory surgery. but you can catch it just by breathing the air you've grown up to know. When it was found out that monkeys not only from room f were dying, that aswell was a big occurence in the book. In this brief scene, Preston alludes to his later argument about humans being partially, if not wholly, responsible for the emergence of these deadly hot agents. This also helps Preston to transform a nonfiction work into a dramatic narrative with a clear delineation between its heroes (Nancy Jaax, Jerry Jaax, Gene Johnson, etc.) In the shocking novel, The Hot Zone by Richard Preston, a lot of tragic and sad events occured. The English veterinarian who inspects the monkeys en route to Germany only gives them a brief visual inspection. Ebola is a highly contagious virus that slowly turns your body to mush. The setting takes place in two major places. The surgeons are unable to identify the cause of Dr. Musoke’s illness but notice an alarming symptom: he will not stop bleeding. Richard Preston’s book The Hot Zone details the steps soldiers and scientists took to identify the deadly … 48-94), "In the Shadow of Mount Elgon" (pp. It all starts in Kenya with our first known exposure as a reader, Charles Monet. This narrative shift brings Monet’s experience much closer to home for the reader. He writes, “Having destroyed its host, the hot agent is now coming out of every orifice, and is ‘trying’ to find a new host.” As a result of this technique, Preston is able to present the virus as being actively engaged in the destruction of Monet’s personality and physical body. Seven days after the trip to Kitum Cave, Monet develops a severe headache. Richard Preston's book The Hot Zone details the steps soldiers and scientists took to identify the deadly … A big event had occured that, in my opinion, was pretty major. This scenario serves as a foreshadowing to the work of Nancy Jaax, Gene Johnson, and other scientists, who place themselves in extreme danger for the sake of their research. The Hot Zone documents the journey of filoviruses in the human race. 48-94) Summary and Analysis. The heart pumps blood to the body but if the heart stops punmping the blood, it is difficult to do testing: the morphology and shape of the red blood cells had altered. The Hot Zone study guide contains a biography of Richard Preston, quiz questions, major themes, characters, and a full summary and analysis. Immediately download the The Hot Zone summary, chapter-by-chapter analysis, book notes, essays, quotes, character descriptions, lesson plans, and more - everything you need for studying or teaching The Hot Zone. When he describes the initial outbreak of the Marburg virus in 1967, Preston again alludes to the unjust nature of the filoviruses. Monet invites one of his lovers from the village to go with him. By following her footsteps through each airlock, the reader is also placed in the shoes of Nancy Jaax, one of the book's protagonists, and will be able to empathize with her throughout the text. This book is mostly about a dreadful virus called Ebola. GradeSaver, 28 September 2014 Web. Preston also elects to switch narrative perspective when Monet is traveling to Nairobi by plane. However, none of the staff members develop the virus. Button Text. Read the sentence from a summary about The Hot Zone. Preston, a reporter from the New Yorker, based this book on an article he wrote in 1992 about the deadly spread of Ebole and Marburg viruses. 95-153), Human advancement and the spread of disease. http://www.wikisummaries.org/w/index.php?title=The_Hot_Zone&oldid=21242. Based on this new information, Dr. Silverstein convinces the Nairobi health authorities to shut down the hospital and quarantine the 67 medical staff members who had interacted with either Monet or Musoke.

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