jeongyeon: lead vocalist

There was also a video about them talking on ISAC, but I can’t find it. , Chaeyoung is good at making certain sounds like wild-duck-quacking sound or window-wiping sound. – Sana ranked 48 in “Most beautiful faces of 2019”.

Nayeon is good singing but she is not as good as Jihyo who can get to higher and harder notes than her and also being as good at a normal tone.

She was scouted by JYP when she was 2nd place in a child actor competition, I agree with you, the foreigh line for me are the visual line.

If the profiles were changed it is whack bc Mina is good, but not enough to be main dancer for the kind of dances TWICE do, and Sana is the second best dancer there is no way they would drop her from that position. let’s wait for next time when JYP will update the positions. Jeongyeon : lead vocalist beauty = visual Sana needs her lead dancer role back. momo – main dancer, lead rapper.

In the winter time, Momo recommends going to Arima Onsen (hot springs) in Japan.

Dahyun – She is the member who had the shortest training period before debuting as a member of Twice. The Girl Who Lived Twice: A Lisbeth Salander novel, continuing Stieg Larsson's Millennium Series - Kindle edition by Lagercrantz, David, Goulding, George. – jeongyeon’s two older sister seo yeon and seung yeon, But JooE also has most lines so far. Isn’t Mina a visual? Mina usually sings very quietly live so I feel like she should just be vocalist instead. – She was discovered by JYP at the MUSE Performing Arts Workshop in Tainan in 2012 and went to South Korea on November 15 to start her training. Or Tzuyu! (Twice Showtime) ABSSSS Some members do look better in the 2nd version, like the photo you posted with Sana, but other members’ photos are almost unusable for a profile pic (like blurry, or 2 persons in a pic, etc.) N = Intuitive, S = Observant But doesnt really have most lines. – She has 2 older sisters: Gong Seungyeon (actress) and Seo Yeon (office worker). Doll Momoring!!! I can get behind 2yeon. I’m sure there will be individual ones soon! maybe jihyo is the only main vocalist.

Isn’t it obvious that there are actually 4 FOTG here. ok will you will write it ok (twice 1001) hyori party, Im sorry to interfere but in that video Lee Hyori said she is impressed about Tzuyu’s beauty. Can’t wait for their comeback !!! Jeongyeon-170cm the FOTG but in 2017 sana is FOTG.

And she is also popular in their group. the current positions are official, COME ON! Mina and Momo both learnt and specialize in two different styles, ballet is very hard as well you know. She said it was hard for her to sing the song because it was very high, but she still sang it well (if not those parts wouldn’t have been allocated to her). Visual is well… the visual. Are all those 5 star reviews for the sad story or for the writing? U just said that “Kang Daniel didn’t get adlibs in his Wanna One’s most recent comeback, Nayeon did” meaning Nayeon did adlibs in Wanna One’s recent comeback and not Daniel lolol, Well your assuming personality is annoying.

โปรดลบบัญชีของคุณ. Quiz: Can you guess the idol by their birthday.

Sana, Jeongyeon, Nayeon, Chaeyoung must be a Lead Dancer and, Dahyun, Tzuyu and Jihyo is a Dancer. One is the official weight that JYP announced when they debuted, and the other is her probably new weight because Jihyo obviously got thinner since their debut. Everyone has their on opinion and we respect that. Parents: Set preferences and get age-appropriate recommendations with Common Sense Media Plus. In the latest novel, “The Girl Who Lived Twice,” written by David Lagercrantz (Larsson died in 2004), Salander irons an abusive husband’s dress shirt with him in it. yeah… me too…. 10. I think sana is also a visual.. nayeon sana and tzuyu always in the center and they’re promote their group… sana and nayeon always have the best dress and they are always together during their photoshoot and etc….. i think nayeon is main vocalist along with jihyo then mina and jeongyeon is lead vocalist, also i thought sana is visual too along with tzuyu but maybe i just wrong. But I might be wrong, WHAT’S YOUR BIAS ?

she was the most popular during sixteen and she is also the most popular member in Korea.

I would definitely recommend this to anyone who loves psychological thrillers and a good whodunit mystery. heres the link. she’s my bias :(.. You’re not even Twices’ choreographer, JYP and their choreographer knows better. I just learned that Dahyun used to be the 2nd most popular in the group after Tzuyu!

Asian BMI for normal weights are 17.5~23.0 (depending on source, some say 18.5~23). they even post a pic on twice’s ig acc, @disqus_YcgZ7C5TmI:disqus

it’s JYP’s decision so fans should stop inventing the positions themselves! Others require a lot of training. Your wrong I’m avid fan of running man too.

@disqus_NohxHFm9yV:disqus Isn’t Tzuyu’s real name Zhou Tzuyu? Sana definitely deserves her lead dancer position back, it’s true that when it comes to the choreographies Twice do, Mina doesn’t seem that well when performing them.

mina and sana are friends too their is a video of the 3 of them The story begins as Faith leaves this mental institution and returns home as an adult with this mystery still unsolved.

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