The town is run by Kelddath Ormlyr, the high priest of the local temple to Lathander. Settlements in Faerûn The drow press hard upon the holdings of those dales nearest Cormanthor. It seems their prolonged contact with magic changed their mage into something else than humans. The "capital" of the region is the town of Bryn Shander. Elves like living space, so they leave enough room to allow the creatures of the forest to pass naturally between elven tree-homes without feeling trapped in a city. Riven Armory: The characters find a map to an elven treasure cache that appears to be located near the fringes of the former Elven Court. It is a city that landed near the High Ice and was eventually abandoned. Today, the once-bright city of Myth Drannor is a fiend roamed, haunted ruin. The Spine of the World is the range of mountains in Northern Faerûn that lies just south of Icewind Dale and the northern icecaps. A falling between the giants and giant-kin led to the destruction of the empire and the creation of the Great Glacier (Pelvuria). Humans hailing from lands known today as Chondath and Impiltur, settled the edges of that great forest. [2] It is inhabited by dinosaurs and was at the dawn of time one of the most powerful empires, ruled by the sarrukh. Zum Dank für ihre Unterstützung wurde ihnen die Dales als neue Heimat überantwortet. Spider-kissers (1,168 drow): This term is a catchall for Lolth-worshiping drow who splintered off the other groups or came into Cormanthor through other Underdark ways. The east and south look a lot more detailed on this map than they did in the Grey Box. The Dales are broad forest vales with rolling farmlands, linked by narrow trade roads running through beautiful woods. Mirabar and Ten Towns are found here. Although they share common traditions, cultural practices and religious allegiances, the Dalelands are not a unified kingdom like Cormyr or Sembia. Once accepted by Dalesfolk as a friend, a stranger is expected to contribute to the defense of the community. Even more alarming than the prospect of a war in Cormanthor's shadow is the drow interest in the abandoned realm's ancient mythals. This is NOT an atlas. Although they share common traditions, cultural practices and religious allegiances, the Dalelands are not a unified kingdom like Cormyr or Sembia. Candlekeep is currently ruled by the Keeper of the Tomes, Ulraunt, and his assistant, First Reader Tethtoril. Its failing mythal has hidden many secrets over the centuries, and it is no secret that demons dwell at its heart. The realm of Cormanthor was the subject of Cormanthyr: Empire of the Elves. Menzoberranzan raiders switch between raiding their former comrades and raiding Dalesfolk. Looking for a party of adventurers to try and traverse the wonderous world of Faerun, on this the year of the Wild Magic, 1372 D.R. Also note that there are separate lists for cities and nations of the Forgotten Realms setting. Human and elven wizards together raised the Standing Stone in the center of Cormanthor as a symbol of unity between the two races. We use Cookies to help personalize and improve Roll20. The training levels and professionalism of such groups varies, but all are capable of providing some training with a melee weapon and a good Dales longbow. Elven high magic effects that please such beings, however, are likely to demoralize and enfeeble humans and elves. Bards say that if one does manage to cross it, one comes to an endless sea of mist and ice, in which white dragons (the least intelligent of true dragons) wait to consume anything that comes their way. It is separated from Turmish by the Orsraun Mountains. The fortress library of Candlekeep stands on a cliff, looking down upon the Sea of Swords. Food and drink from Faerûn Updated Dynamic Lighting now does as much and even more than our legacy system! But even Cormanthor might not be large enough for all of these races to share. At its height, it was the center of Elven art and High Magic, but was destroyed by the evil Empire of Gold and Moon Elves, Vyshaantar. Unlike the other surface drow who've invaded Cormanthor, the Auzkovyn are willing to accept elves, half-elves, and possibly even Vhaeraun-worshiping humans into their clan, which may work to their advantage in the long run. Myth Drannor reached heights of arts, crafting, and culture unsurpassed since, and the city brought human, halfling, dwarven, and gnome trade, travel, and settlement to the Dragon Reach lands. The second would-be unifier rose and fell in 1356 DR. Lord Lashan of Scardale overran Battledale, Featherdale and Harrowdale, proclaiming his intention of conquering all the Dales. Rethild, also known as the Great Swamp, is a swamp cursed by an ancient wizard, and the home of the magic-draining monsters called larakens. The story passed on to druids through the animals of the forest is that he perished in a great battle with a demon summoned by drow newly arrived in Myth Drannor. If the map's annotations can be trusted, the hidden cavern contains several suits of powerful magic armor that fit anyone who dons them and give to wearers potent battle-spells and embedded powers. This is just a myth, however, as white dragons are quite rare. Icewind Dale is a sub-Arctic region, along the northernmost part of the Sword Coast. The library contains every book and scroll of knowledge possible, and it was the home of the great seer Alaundo, who among other visions, foresaw the coming of the Bhaalspawn. “Thousands of miles of grass, as far as the eye can see, sloping from east to west but with a cliff in the middle, the Landrise, where west drops down to east. Inhabitants of Faerûn These events are contained in Murray J.D. The Lolth-worshipers (Ssinssriggorbb) prefer to cluster around entrances to the Underdark, even if that does make them vulnerable to raiders from the Underdark cities. Eleven separate dales exist today, each with its own territory, government (or lack … Hlondeth is an independent city-state at the end of the Vilhon Reach which controls a region of mountainous territory to the southwest of Turmish. [note 2]This area contained: 1. This region contained: This region included the nations south of Waterdeep and north of the Shining Sea that bordered along the Sea of Swords. Hlaungadath is one of the three floating cities that Mystra saved during the destruction of Netheril. The vast savannah-like landscape that forms Shaar is modeled after African savannah and veldt. Tangled Trees would be the largest elven community in the forest, but many of its residents are elsewhere at any given time. The nations of Aglarond, Impiltur, Rashemen, Thay, and Thesk are found in this region. Ilythiir was the ancient elven empire of the dark-skinned, tropical elves who became the drow. They settled in the latter place, still known as the Elven Court today, and tended the woods as carefully as any royal gardener. Miyeritar was an ancient elven empire of Dark and Green Elves. They saw the works of their high gods farther north, near Elventree. It is presently inhabited by the Bedines, magically transported there from Zakhara as well as the vicious asabi and the dreaded phaerimms and, since very recently, by the archwizards of Shade. Rather, they plot to retake their home cities using the traditional drow engine of social change: civil war. The region is named after a body of water called the Vilhon Reach, a part of the Sea of Fallen Stars. While the early dales struggled to survive, the elves of Cormanthor grew strong and confident. With the exception of the Shining Plains, these lands lay along the irregular coastline of the western Sea of Fallen Stars. Official store. There are 440,000 people, of many different species, living in Chult. The formal life of the Riven Court has given way to the hunting of the ranger and the steps of the druid. The first was under the legendary Aencar the Mantled King, who sought to forge the Dales into one realm but was slain in 1044 DR. His dream died with him. The Savage Frontier is a region of the subcontinent of Faerûn. The drow could never create powerful mythals on their but with time and study, they may master the magic of the Elven Court and permanently darken the great forest. The Lost Empires of Faerûn are part of the fictional fantasy setting of the Forgotten Realms. Other locations found in the Western Heartlands include the city of Baldur's Gate, Daggerford, Castle Darkhold, Dragonspear Castle, Evereska, the High Moor, Scornubel, and Secomber. Cordell, Bruce R.; Gwendolyn F.M. They are forced to flee after they are set upon by lamias (humanoid lions that work magic) and their legions of asabis. Each mythal was the product of an elven high magic ritual that created a magical field governing various conditions within its confines. Even after thousands of years of human encroachment, the great woods Of the Riven Court are the mightiest forest-land in this part of Faerûn. It is separated from Halruaa by the East Wall Mountains (Muaraghal). Kestrel, Jeff Quick (2003). Locations in Faerûn In fact it is three deserts. With its location on the trade way between Baldur's Gate and the town of Beregost, the Friendly Arm is a safe haven for travellers. So, as for your town and how it would fit into the Dales and Faerun in general. Some suits even take their wearers on unforeseen journeys to strange ruins elsewhere in Faerûn. The kingdom of Cormanthyr in the great forest of Cormanthor was founded approximately four thousand years before the creation of the Dales and the start of Dalereckoning. Each year at Midwinter, every dale sends a delegate to a selected Dalelands town for the Dales Council. Thus, the elves made the woods alive with magic.

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