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Alias Homeworld The Boneless are one of several aliens to experience the "fury of a Time Lord", due to their lack of care for the human lives they take or the suffering they cause. Cyber Controller | Cybermats | Cyber Planner | Cyber-Leader | Tobias Vaughn | Packer | Ringway | Paul Hunt | John Lumic | Yvonne Hartman | Mercy Hartigan | CyberKing | Ashad, The Master

Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. The Boneless are a race of extra-dimensional aliens and the main antagonists of the Doctor Who episode "Flatline". Goals Classic Era | Revival Era ("Child", "Harold Saxon" and "O"), Sontarans

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Who knows: some of you may even survive the trip. Daleks
Angry, the Doctor delivers a powerful speech in which he condemns the Boneless as "monsters" and tells them they are no longer welcome on Earth as he was the defender of humanity: he then cast the creatures back to their own universe. Once they had learned enough, the Boneless gained the ability to transition from their natural two-dimensional forms to three dimensions. We don’t know how many victims the Boneless claimed but the Doctor worked out why they were killing: ‘They are experimenting, they are testing, they are dissecting, trying to understand us, trying to understand three dimensions.’. They were officially named "Boneless" by the 12th Doctor after he banished them from Earth after a fierce confrontation, in which he had temporarily been stuck inside the TARDIS. This plane is protected!’. Members The Boneless are a race of extra-dimensional aliens and the main antagonists of the Doctor Who episode "Flatline". None Jocrassa Fel-Fotch Passameer-Day Slitheen, This process appeared extremely painful as one such victim, PC Forrest, screamed in agony when she was flattened. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat.

You are monsters! Leef Apple Glyn Slitheen-Blathereen | Tree Lorn Acre Slitheen-Blathereen, Silurians

Type of Hostile Species Alaya | Restac | Morka | Icthar, Time Lords However, following some experimentation, he was able to establish rudimentary communication with them, consisting only of sonically encoded numbers. Clara tricked the Boneless into repowering the TARDIS, allowing it to return to its normal size. Crimes In this form they had the ability to reduce a three dimensional object or person to two dimensions on physical contact, literally flattening the target against whatever surface they were standing on. U… Blathereen Family However the Doctor soon found out the Boneless knew about their victims and furthermore the Boneless were using the TARDIS as a power-source, draining it of power and reducing it dramatically in size.

Upon discovering the creatures' presence, he initially hoped that their experimenting on the humans in Bristol was strictly due to some misunderstanding; the Boneless originated from a universe with only two dimensions, and therefore were unable to communicate in a language that 3-D organisms could comprehend. Hostile Species He had tried to reason with the Boneless but they had responded with violence and continued carnage.

Their presence alone could leach dimensional energy from nearby sources such as the Doctor’s TARDIS, causing it to drastically reduce in size and eventually going into “siege mode” before completely losing all power.

MurderConquest These forms were, however, imperfect and constantly flickered between two dimensions and three dimensions, with parts of their bodies constantly deforming, reshaping and disappearing and reappearing all the time. ChronokinesisSpatiokinesisCan take on forms of other humans wearing their skinsTheir presence alone could leach dimensional energy from nearby sources Rassilon | Borusa | Omega | The Rani | The Valeyard | The Meddling Monk | The War Chief | The Eleven | Morbius | Gat | Goth | Solis | Kelner, Androzani Major/Minor Doctor Who The Doctor was therefore freed and emerged to confront the invaders. Many unnamed BonelessTaking on victims' skins:ForrestRoscoeGeorgeBill

Experimenting on humans and flattening them in the process. And then one day a young woman arrived who would help defeat these sinister monsters… A young woman who called herself the Doctor! (COMIC: The Instruments of War). ‘I think that you understand us perfectly,’ he told them. The Boneless could dissect anything or anyone they had flattened in order to learn how its physical dimensions functioned.

That is the role you seem determined to play! Whisper Men | Robot Yeti, Slitheen Family I don’t suppose it really matters now… I’m sending you back to your own dimension. Trapped in his TARDIS when its dimensions were drastically reduced, the Twelfth Doctor was assisted by Clara Oswald in investigating the cause of its miniaturisation. General Staal | Commander Skorr | Commander Kaagh | Linx | Styre | Stor | Stike | Varl | Irongron | Luke Rattigan, The 456 (COMIC: The Fourth Wall), The Doctor and Clara once again encountered the Boneless in London, where they were pulling people into comic books to send them into their realm. "Boneless" was the name the Twelfth Doctor gave to creatures from a two-dimensional universe. They also demonstrated the ability to drain dimensional energy from the Doctor's TARDIS, causing its external shell to be drastically reduced in size and weakened.

The Boneless experimented on and dissected three-dimensional lifeforms and objects, eventually learning how to exist as three-dimensional beings themselves. After the TARDIS was restored with the help of Clara and her newfound friend Rigsy, the Doctor, satisfied that he had given them a fair chance, used his sonic screwdriver and an energy field from the TARDIS to forcibly send them back to their home dimension. A young woman who called herself the Doctor! ‘I think that you just don’t care.

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The Boneless is the name the Twelfth Doctor gave to creatures coming from the 2-dimensional universe.

The Boneless could also restore a flattened object to its normal three-dimensional shape by firing what appeared to be an orange electrical stream of energy from their hands onto the target.

Boneless Abilities 456 Ambassador | Brian Green | Johnson | John Frobisher | Rupesh Patanjali, Great Intelligence Unknown (stated only as other universe) They were able to reduce both lifeforms and other three-dimensional objects to two-dimensional.

(TV: Dark Water), After the Twelfth Doctor's mind was connected to a mind scythe, the "holiday snaps" the Doctor showed Kygon Brox included the Boneless. The Doctor was able to banish the Boneless but they were not destroyed and could in theory return to Earth… Much about these strange, terrible aliens remains a mystery but one thing is certain – if they touch you, you’re finished! They were officially named "Boneless" by the 12th Doctor after he banished them from Earth after a fierce confrontation, in which he had temporarily been stuck inside the TARDIS.

The Boneless experimented on and dissected three-dimensional lifeforms and objects, eventually learning how to exist as three-dimensional beings themselves. Brigade Leader Lethbridge Stewart | John Benton, The Bane The Boneless originate from a two-dimensional universe and continually abducted human beings, trapping them in a two-dimensional state and torturing them - at first the Doctor believed the Boneless were either curious or trying to learn about humanity and began to try and work on a means to communicate with them. History

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