I may be able to do this the way I wanted to and not have to conform to things being so systematic. Everybody’s not rich. Even to now, I like my music because it’s somebody’s story. You know, like you said, Kris Kross, you know—cause I was a fan of Kriss Kross too, obviously. In that regard, I’m the same way. So the competitive energy is that I cannot sell myself short. Even the “Leash on Life” song took forever. These were landmark moments. I start paying more and more attention. You gotta think—and this is just more insight—I was running with Yo Gotti from 2004 to 2011, the beginnings of 2011.

That’s what instilled it in me. I’ve spent a lot of money chasing a hit, trying to turn a song into a hit as opposed to serving music and letting people choose hits for you. I couldn’t just go in there and do the simplest thing.

I couldn’t tell it like he could tell it anyway. Next week, Don Trip and Starlito, who have been dubbed as the Step Brothers, thanks to their acclaimed mixtape series, are set to release their third collaborative project with Step Brothers THREE. The latter had a viral story song that went viral, attracting the attention of Dr. Dre and Jimmy Iovine at Interscope. Neither of these relationships would last. It was super cool that we released Step Brothers on July 25th, 2011, and here we are this July, still performing songs from two years ago. And two people I can speak on personally, Star and Kevin Gates. If he felt like saying it, he’s going to say it. And I think that’s one of the most important things about our craft. So when I’m seeing 50-something city tours, 60-70 city tours and shit, I’m having to figure out like—what is he doing to go to 60-70 cities without being on the radio? Based out of Nashville, Shute made his official debut in 2005 with his independent album Prince of the Ville. Things like that—where music crosses paths with my lifestyle, things that I enjoy—especially rap music—slaps me in the face. The former was a longtime Nashville rapper who'd built regional buzz and had become involved, for a time, with Cash Money records. 11.07.2015, Terms of Use What can I say—"Don Trip and Starlito are the truth"? Because everything’s not cute. And being with a major label, there was a lot I didn’t know. That CD was done, out and had been for a month. Starlito & Don Trip Starlito & Don Trip - Step Brothers Three (Album) 2 versions Grind Hard You know, hand to hand, from my website, just because there was an awareness for it. SWAY'S UNIVERSE 131,135 views Artist: Don Trip & Starlito Track: “Good Cop Bad Cop” Producer: Greedy Money Album: Step Brothers THREE Director: Charles M Robinson. That’s really not going on nowhere that I’ve ever been.

There’s a million ways to eat within music. I’m not going into the studio and saying, "I’m going to make this record for the club." It’s got to flourish some kind of way.

Listen to albums and songs from Starlito. How important is touring for you guys? Starlito: Yeah, definitely that. And strangely, I got invited to get on the song. It’s not his number one income stream [points to Don Trip], so I guess he could tell you how it’s different. ... Lil Baby drops off his new album "Harder Than Ever" featuring Drake, Offset, Young Thug & more. Like we’re being ourselves and we’re already a part of this one particular demographic because of who we are or where we come from and we’re just trying to let the reality of that come to the surface. Those are two people that, no matter what, if he feels like saying it, he’s going to say it. The Step Brothers a.k.a. And that makes me appreciate our music more. Despite receiving some high-profile attention from the press—'Lito, then known as All $tar, was written up in the New York Times, and Don Trip was put on XXL's Freshman cover in 2012—both have remained, by and large underground favorites. I was a child, but the things that they were talking about was my reality. When we go in the studio, I get asked the question a lot: do we hear each other’s verses before we record? He’s in there trying to work too. I’ve been relatively sheltered, as far as other artists’ situations. Following a recent connection for Lito’s “Don’t Know Me Like That,” the duo are back yet again with a music video from their forthcoming project. Like we’re the same age. And I’m not taking away from no one else’s success story, but a lot of people have made names for themselves, established careers, made hits, made tons of money off lying, off giving half truths, off commercializing the whole hood experience, or giving some jaded perspective. The fan base is going to be biased no matter what. Our editorial content is not influenced by any commissions we receive. HEATSEEKERS ALBUMS The week of October 10, 2020 Last Week Next Week Current Week Date Search 3. Don Trip and Starlito, not a staff.

All Rights Reserved. And really when it comes to music now, that’s pretty much how they approach it. Because back then, I had a backpack or a trunk and we’d load up the van and go where people were going to be.

What artists do you see doing what you’re doing on another level? You know what I’m saying? It makes it real.

We were talking about OJ Mayo and Michael Jordan, talking trash at a basketball camp, like nowhere in OJ Mayo’s mind should he have felt like he could fuck with Jordan, but where are you in your game if you don’t feel like that? It’s not as if he’s making music strictly to do shows. What was the first rap tape you ever bought as a kid? Don Trip & Starlito perform LIVE! For the most part, that’s what I did.

To become a rapper, you have Ferraris and Bentleys. Those were the moments that stick with me and I have to remind myself of that. 02.11.2013, Peaked at #159 on Did you guys have rap star dreams as a kid? That’s just how we work. Even outside of our Step Brothers projects, we might have enough records together to do two extra Step Brothers without going back in the studio. To know that it’s possible to create your own line, to do your own stuff your own way, to do it yourself, and there’s no ceiling for it. It was more than two parties. It was just three sessions. Even if I didn’t feel like that, I was probably even then, just like now, extremely critical of myself. It’s almost impossible to do it without keeping in mind that he actually is great at his craft as well. It’s the exact same thing. And somebody paid me $500 to get on their song, it was 2003 or something. Starlito: The disconnect is finding the audience that would be the most receptive to it, so they gravitate toward what we’re doing. LA Reid had even approached him and said that he'd distribute Macklemore's record for free if he'd just consider signing with them.Starlito: I think it’s inspiring. And we don’t have Lamborghinis, so I can’t—I hate to keep saying Lamborghinis, but the fact that I’m not rich in that regard and I don’t have all of this, I can’t speak about all of that. Probably 75% of the shows we put on ourselves—booked the venue, sold the tickets, promoted the show. I’m waking up thinking that when I’m 75, my kids are still straight. Starlito delivers "Where I've Been" off his new project "At WAR With Myself Too."

Even now in the space that we’re in, I have to approach this shit like nobody’s heard of me.
I think any situation with a major label is a great opportunity if it’s structured in the right way. And we don’t. And these cats in Texas were living just like these cats in California. This is discipline. OS REWIND: Step Brothers (Don Trip & Starlito) – GYABag [Music Video] Privacy Policy Literally an independent tour. And Gates is the same way. We go in and we work. and discuss Cash Money and Interscope breakup | Sway's Universe - Duration: 22:07. And even that was part of what helped leverage those label situations, because it’s tangible.

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