Transformed werewolves are highly-vicious predators which can prey on humans, and despite their bestial nature; they are highly cunning and possess a pack mentality. Anything else? Joe You're firing blanks man. [9], The film contains homages to H. G. Wells as well as the films The Evil Dead, Zulu, Aliens, The Matrix and Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan. Yeah, then again, you might not.

: Is everyone OK? [5] The project was later taken to AFM, where producer David E. Allen became interested in the project after seeing artwork and the script. Spoon

Wells Little pigs, Little pigs, we've come to nick your video.

: :

: Spiders. Terry Here we go. In the U.S., it premiered as a Sci Fi Pictures telefilm on the Sci Fi Channel. They ARE home. Spoon Anything else I should know? Just the one, Coop. Only one thing guaranteed to put the shits up me: a penalty shoot-out. [walking upstairs upon first entering the house]  : :

: The soldiers maintain a desperate defence against the creatures, believing that if they can make it to sunrise, the werewolves will revert to human form.

: So even though they are now werewolves, they act like a trained military unit. : :

horror film written, directed and edited by Neil Marshall, in his directorial debut, and starring Sean Pertwee, Kevin McKidd, Emma Cleasby and Liam Cunningham. Spoon

However, he added that the planned sequels will "probably amount to nothing now. [17] Snow affected the set occasionally, which delayed filming schedules. Balls of British steel. Wells' squad, including Spoon, are dropped in the Scottish Highlands as part of a supposed training exercise. : Underrated Horror and Thriller movies of the 21st Century. Spoon appeared to be patriotic based on his monologue comparing the soldiers' siege situation to the historical Battle of Rorke's Drift. : Terry He and Cooper run upstairs, while Spoon fights a werewolf in the kitchen. :

The following morning, they find the SAS unit's savaged remains.

Megan convinces the soldiers that the Werewolves must be in the barn, which Cooper and Wells then destroy. Joe

I got zero-seven-thirty coming up in three... two... one... check. Cooper notices that the animal was mauled rather than gunned down, and the squad decides to find how the cow died in the morning. You're just taking the piss now.

What happened?

We bust into their house, we eat all their porridge, we sleep in their fucking beds.

We all wanna know the results Joe. : [Imitating a wanking gesture]  : Neil Marshall stated in an audio commentary for Dog Soldiers, that the moment in the film when Megan cuts her hand on a shard of glass was meant to be a setup for a second sequel about werewolf DNA, which would complete a planned trilogy.

: [30] By 21 December 2008, however, information about the film had been removed from various web resources including the website of production company Kismet status. So this bloke walks into a pub right, with a little dog under his arm.

Official Sites :

: Spoon notably discovered immediately after being dropped off by helicopter when the squad were syncing their watches that he'd left his back at the base, prompting the Sarge to loan Spoon his own. Cooper

Joe Megan We might've slaughtered them. An example of his personality's macho side was when he stated castration was his worst fear.

What about you Sarge? While Joe tries to steal the family's Land Rover, Spoon goes out into the woods with a flare to try and avert the werewolves' attention and buy Joe some time. Spoon Wells :

The troops retreat when unseen assailants begin pursuing them. : Close. Then he looks back at the dog, and to his surprise the dog turns around and... Cooper God. : All right, then, time sync. : Upstairs you've got Sergeant Wells who you seem to know inside and out by now. Sgt. Joe

Little pigs, little pigs, we've come to nick ya video. Spoon quipped at one point that he "love[s] it when a posh bear talks dirty" after hearing Megan swear at him during a life-and-death situation. Spoon quipped at one point that he "love[s] it when a posh bear talks dirty" after hearing Megan swear at him during a life-and-death situation. They are humans who transform into humanoid, wolf-like monsters at night during the full moon. Bare knuckle against a lycanthrope and using everything and anything at hand as a weapon. Dog Soldiers is a 2002 action horror film written, directed and edited by Neil Marshall, in his directorial debut, and starring Sean Pertwee, Kevin McKidd, Emma Cleasby and Liam Cunningham.


Spoon succeeds, and is narrowly able to escape back to the cottage in time. : [33] This date passed with no release and no additional updates on the film's status. After a brutal fight, Cooper stabs Ryan in the chest with the silver letter opener, weakening him enough to allow Cooper to shoot him in the head.

: Production was not set for autumn 2006.

Werewolves, also called Lycanthropes or Wolfmen, are the main antagonists of Dog Soldiers. Cooper As darkness falls, the house is surrounded by the attackers, who are revealed to be werewolves.


[26][27], Producer David E. Allen said in January 2004 that a sequel, Dog Soldiers: Fresh Meat, would begin a 35-day shoot that April in either Luxembourg or Canada with a budget of $5.5 million. Spoon

Puts it down on the bar, goes and sits down.

Joe Yea, well mind you don't foul her in the penalty box. Cooper He is rescued by Cooper and carried to a rural roadside where the group meets Megan, a zoologist who takes them to a lonely house belonging to an unknown family. He proceeds to spit on the snout of the werewolf holding him before the other werewolf closes in, proceeding to rip him apart into unidentifiable blood and guts and devour some of his remains.

: Don't... stare... back. You bunch of dirty bloody savages. : Over there you've got Spoon, the vomiting cavalier is Terry, and the big guy with the axe is Joe. Take a breather every once in a while, son, you'll live longer. https://2002dogsoldiers.fandom.com/wiki/Witherspoon?oldid=4085. Terry Dog Soldiers Wiki is a FANDOM Movies Community. Under interrogation, Ryan reveals that the government had sent him on a mission to capture a live werewolf, so that it could be studied and exploited as a weapon; Cooper's squad was supposed to be the bait. At first, Spoon and the other soldiers attempt to wait the Werewolves out until dawn, at which point the creatures will revert to Human form.

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