These are: If the House passes a motion of no confidence in the government, the House defeats a motion of confidence in the government, or if a bill that has been designated by the House as a "bill of special importance" is passed by the House of Assembly but is rejected by the Legislative Council. Ian Hunter [9], The adoption of the "one man, one vote" principle removed the ability of voters to vote in any electorate in which they owned property. Voting is by preferential voting with complete preference allocation, as with the equivalent federal chamber, the Australian House of Representatives. The House of Assembly has had 47 members since the 1970 election, elected from single-member districts: currently 34 in the Adelaide metropolitan area and 13 in rural areas. It consists of the 47-seat House of Assembly (lower house) and the 22-seat Legislative Council (upper house). Labor won comprehensive majorities of the statewide two-party vote whilst failing to form government in 1944, 1953, 1962 and 1968. When the Province of South Australia received its original constitution in 1857, it was the most democratic in the British Empire, combining a universal-suffrage lower house (the House of Assembly), with a restricted-suffrage upper house (the Legislative Council). [13] Since a referendum in 1991, boundaries have been redistributed after each election. About See All. [3]:18, The council had its purpose in replicating the British House of Lords as a restricted "house of review" in a colonial context. It was the first Constitution in the Australian colonies to provide "manhood" suffrage. [citation needed], In 1856, the Legislative Council passed the Constitution Act 1856 (SA), which prepared what was to become the 1857 Constitution of South Australia. In 1995, the building reverted to use by the parliament and has been used as offices and committee rooms ever since. The 1842 Act gave the British Government, which was responsible for appointing a Governor and at least seven other officers to the council, full control of South Australia as a Crown Colony, after financial mismanagement by the first administration had nearly bankrupted the colony. When a Labor government was eventually elected in 1965 and began introducing social legislation that was anathema to LCL councillors, they would delay, obstruct and modify such bills. The House of Assembly was created in 1857, when South Australia attained self-government. [3]:112, In 1913 the franchise extended to the inhabitant occupier of a house (but not their spouse) and the council expanded to 20 people, four from each of five districts, with the Central district being replaced by Central District No. [11][12][13] Conservative MLC Dennis Hood, who had been elected as a Family First MLC in 2014, defected to the Liberals nine days after the 2018 state election. The electoral districts were drawn to favour regional areas with a 2:1 bias in place, with half of the council being elected each time. It eventually passed with bipartisan support. New Electoral System Adopted for the South Australian Legislative Council: Antony Green ABC 9 August 2017, 'White-hot anger' sees John Dawkins expelled from SA Liberal Party after taking presidency, Final Results of the 2018 South Australian Election: Antony Green 4 April 2018, 2018 Legislative Council election results: ECSA 23 April 2018, Third time lucky: The Poll Bludger 18 March 2018, Dennis Hood dumps Cory Bernardi's Australian Conservatives to join SA Liberals: ABC 26 March 2017, "We didn’t realise the power of Family First": Fallen Conservative rues botched re-branding: InDaily 20 March 2018, "They're dickheads": Darley kills off power-sharing deal with X-colleagues: InDaily 23 April 2018, "Dunstan, the Council, and Electoral Innovation", "John Curtin Memorial Lecture: Electoral reform in South Australia", "Community access to the electoral processes in South Australia since 1850", Australia's Upper Houses - ABC Rear Vision, Elections and referendums in South Australia,, Articles with unsourced statements from November 2019, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 12 September 2020, at 02:43. The other is the Legislative Council. The circumstances for such a double dissolution are outlined below. Its proportional electoral system proved favourable to minor parties and they have usually held the balance of power. The Parliament of South Australia at Parliament House, Adelaide is the bicameral legislature of the Australian state of South Australia.It consists of the 47-seat House of Assembly (lower house) and the 22-seat Legislative Council (upper house).All of the lower house and half of the upper house is filled at each election.

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