After attacking the guard to push Kattar into the corner, when Kattar tries to handfight in southpaw, Burgos takes advantage of the change in stance to intercept the former with a right straight. Against one another, the result was, in retrospect, clearly fireworks-inducing. Ultimately, the answer was easy enough considering it was a Shane Burgos specialty: Target the body while the arms are protecting the head. The first two examples show him being successful, but in the third, Burgos has figured out what to do: Instead of throwing to the body, Burgos targets the midsection and looks to smother Kattar before he can dig that left hook in. The undefeated Shane Burgos entered this fight with a perfect mma record of 10-0-0 ( 80% finishing rate) and he is … The following article is a guest submission from Discord server patron and friend of the site Dan Albert (@TypewritingDA), an emerging analyst in both mixed martial arts and boxing. He fought twice last year winning over Charles Rosa and Godofredo Pepey Castro. Greatest Featherweight MMA Fight of All Time. The undefeated Shane Burgos entered this fight with a perfect mma record of 10-0-0 (80% finishing rate) and he is ranked as the No.37 featherweight in the world. In one of the finest two-way technical battles in recent memory, Kattar had weathered the storm and had won, even if there was no shame in defeat for Burgos - whose tactical demonstrations promised just as much as Kattar’s proficiency had. In this pocket trade, Kattar’s goal is to punctuate and, thereby, win it with a left hook to the body after catching Burgos’ right hand with his own forearm. As you can see, Kattar’s high guard is concerned with guarding attacks upstairs and, even when Burgos alters the trajectory and timing of his shots, Kattar’s head is still protected. Likewise, because Shane has keyed into the fact that Kattar anticipates the cross counter, he starts faking it to shift his weight into a left hook to the body. The Greatest Mixed Martial Artists of All Time. 2018 MMA fight – Shane Burgos vs Calvin Kattar – fight Video UFC 220. First, because you are turning left, your opponent has to turn to their right. A final uppercut follows and blows Burgos head off like he were a house overwhelmed by the same calamity that his moniker came from, whilst giving “The Boston Finisher” his first highlight finish in years. It’s important to note that he’s forcing Kattar to work and get the chance to stay in one area or gain any range without working for it. #93. Just to keep Kattar off guard, Burgos does execute some cross counters to keep Kattar guessing. Because Kattar is hopping to-and-fro whilst using his lead hand as a feint, he finally uses the last jab feint (as he moves forward) to make Burgos pull, exploits his head position by cracking him with a right hand. To elaborate, say that you are circling left towards the power hand, but that means you are, equivalently, circling away from their lead hand. It looked like a battle of elite or - to avoid a premature statement here - potentially elite fighters. Over the course of a few minutes, Shane Burgos had effectively found ways to curtail Kattar’s main tools to create an infight and was actively controlling where the fight occurred. Dustin Ortiz vs Alexandre Pantoja, Kattar’s next fight: Renato Carneiro vs Calvin Kattar. Privacy. Posted on 2018/01/21 ATBF full fight video. A quality of a skilled fighter is their ability to adjust over the course of a fight to an opponent. The first and most obvious answer to a consistent jab is the cross counter. Burgos, by contrast, was an excellent pocket operator himself, but he was concerned with an attritional game, beset by pressure and consistent body work - the latter characteristic being one of his defining traits. In essence, Kattar winning from the outside is dictated by controlling the movement of the fight, the range of the fight, and the initiative of the fight behind his use of the jab and directionality. This weekend, Shane Burgos will face Josh Emmett. This would allow you a chance to smother them because you would intrinsically know that the rear hand will be the main threat; it becomes easier to predict. If you have seen the full fight video you can rate it. See, because Kattar relies upon the jab as an intercepting tool to punish Burgos for coming in, that means he has to plant when he does commit. Greatest Featherweight MMA Fight of All Time, Frank Mir vs. Antônio Rodrigo Nogueira II. What I’m getting at is that Kattar will look to fight his fight in strict conformist terms, whereas Burgos is perfectly comfortable creating his off of what the fight offers. With the body work increasing and the potency of Kattar’s jab decreasing due to feints, Burgos began kicking up the pressure. His opponent, Calvin Kattar, has an official record of 17-2-0 (53% finishing rate) and he entered as the No.46 in the same weight class. Kattar often has the luxury of being a better boxer with a deeper toolbox on the feet than most fighters. Sometimes, he would throw a front kick up the middle to catch Burgos off guard. Kattar did what may augment to my point above - he dug into his bag of tricks and pulled out a wild card. (Free embeddable video hosted on Youtube and not uploaded by AllTheBestFights), 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, Calvin Kattar def. The answer was to focus on the utility of the cross counter. Certainly, if they didn’t before, then their fight would. UFC 220 Fight of the Night. Over the course of a few minutes, Shane Burgos had effectively found ways to curtail Kattar’s main tools to create an infight and was actively controlling where the fight occurred. The jab was Kattar’s main tool to dictating the fight and the main tool behind controlling the range. Due to Kattar’s upright stance, he did have a tendency to take smaller steps; therefore, he looked to use a shift into southpaw and his right hand to handfight and deny Burgos’ lead hand to regain space. Armed with one of the most versatile jabs in the business and a solid box of fundamentals, Kattar had a preference for being able to beat opponents in an area - striking, primarily the pocket - whereupon his ability surpassed the vast majority in MMA. Thomas Almeida vs Rob Font The night of UFC 220 was mostly built towards the third title defense of Stipe Miocic’s reign as the greatest heavyweight in the history of the promotion against a physical, yet unrefined force of nature in Francis Ngannou. Gian Villante vs Francimar Barroso He just might not have the higher ceiling because of that, but that will show in time. Nonetheless, I have to trust that one of the most electrifying competitors in the UFC’s featherweight division will not only put on a show, but probably tear another man’s ribs up to victory. Take the following examples of a near identical exchange throughout the fight as a reference for Burgos’ aptitude for tailoring his advantage. Likewise, drawing or attacking the guard allows Burgos to back Kattar up in a straight line towards the cage. Also, he chooses to fake the cross counter as he does an inside or outside slip (sometimes a dip) by attacking with a right hook to the body instead of a cross counter upstairs. He suffered his last loss when he faced Don Carlo-Clauss in 2010, since then he has won nine consecutive bouts beating Andre Fili in 2017. Due to Kattar retracting his lead hand quickly into a high guard while leaning to catch punches on the shoulder or forearm, the cross counter was not working. It was absolutely that and more, as both men went toe-to-toe in a nearly 12-minute bout that was full of more momentum shifts and adjustments than you would see in a many five-round title fights. Although common prevailing do’s and don’ts would call this a bad move because said power hand will have less distance to travel, circling towards an opponent’s rear hand in an orthodox-orthodox matchup actually has a few benefits.

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