The Hirogen, however, wanted to hunt and kill it. (VOY: "Author, Author"), In The Doctor's USS Vortex holonovel entitled Photons Be Free, Seven's alter ego was a former drone named "Three of Eight". The beacon was later destroyed after the launch mechanism failed, and the Voyager disintegrated just as the real Voyager caught up to it. They spent a good deal of time aboard the Raven in search of the Borg; Annika celebrated three birthdays aboard the ship. (VOY: "Natural Law"). I wanted to make sure it wasn't a stupid idea."

Warning: SPOILERS for Star Trek: Picard Season 1, Episode 5. Later that year, she changed her mind, and she underwent the surgery. Picard (and Starfleet) frowns on the Rangers for their "lawlessness" and for styling themselves as "judge, jury, and executioner", but as Seven explained her side of things, after Picard quit Starfleet and "gave up" when the Federation turned their backs on evacuating the Romulans, the Neutral Zone collapsed and the Beta Quadrant plunged into chaos. All the latest gaming news, game reviews and trailers. While there, she discovered the Dysphoria Syndrome outbreak was actually a cover-up masterminded by a Quarren doctor called Kadan, to hide the fact that Voyager's crew and many others had been abducted. Seven of Nine aka Annika Hansen from Star Trek: Voyager. Her favorite treats were strawberry tarts, which Irene used to coax Annika out of a guest room in which she had locked herself. (VOY: "Author, Author"), Seven and Chakotay made first contact with the Ventu on Ledos before the start of a conference on that planet.

(VOY: "Endgame"), The Doctor was able to remove most of Seven's implants and restore most of her Human appearance, but she still had some Borg technology left; these were tied into her vital functions, and removing them would have killed her.

Unrelatedly, can I borrow these giant phasers?” Of course, she then transports herself back to face the rich ex-Borg implant peddler and kills her. After Hugh was killed by the Romulans, Elnor - who had remained behind while Picard and Soji Asha had used the spatial trajector in the cube's queencell to escape - used the communicator to call Seven to the cube in order to take control of it. (VOY: "Infinite Regress"), In 2377, Voyager's crew was forced to abandon ship after hitting a subspace mine. You don't need a man to get the job done, as these badass, action-oriented women warriors prove on the silver screen, the boob tube and the comic book page. Her suspicions were dismissed and explained as an outbreak of Dysphoria Syndrome. The jokes suggested some fans thought Seven of Nine was brought on board mainly for sex appeal. As she recovered, she stated that her name was Annika. Jeri Ryan freely admitted this to be true, saying, "I knew exactly what I was in for when I had my first costume fitting. (VOY: "Latent Image"), Seven of Nine often had the ear of the captain, coming to her whenever she needed moral guidance, or wanted to express something she had learned about Humanity. The nanoprobes quickly assimilated the advanced 29th century technology, and used genetic material from Mulchaey to create an advanced Borg drone, with the emitter at its core. After her aunt passed away, she would be truly alone.

"I [...] took it in to Rick Berman and Jeri Taylor," Braga said, "and they liked the idea."

In her holodeck simulation of Voyager, Chakotay became her love interest, and she went on several dates with him. The oldest of the four is Icheb (Manu Intiraymi), a member of a race called the Brunali, who becomes a recurring character on Voyager. Kurros sensed deception, and forced Seven to link with the Think Tank's telepathic net. After he talks her down and convinces her not to kill her, Seven gives Picard a ranger chip so he can call her and tells him something to the effect of, “Oh no, no. (VOY: "The Omega Directive"), A race of bounty hunters known as the Hazari began attacking Voyager in 2375.

Meanwhile, she eventually came to realize that her frustration with Counselor Hugh Cambridge originated in deeper feelings, and she expressed her desire to pursue a romantic relationship with him after the mission ended. Seven presented a grim outlook to President Bacco when over seven thousand Borg cubes emerged from the nebula and destroyed the meager fleet that had been assembled. (VOY: "Repression") By 2378, Seven created a holographic simulation of Voyager in order to improve her social abilities. He ended up overindulging in several foods and causing pain to Seven. During her childhood, she never visited Earth. The Doctor tried to engineer an escape by cultivating a relationship with a Lokirrim official, Ranek, but the new sensations of taste and emotion were too tempting for The Doctor. There was a time thereafter when she wished she had died along with her friends but, when she joined the Borg Collective, that emotional pain disappeared and she found the voices of the Collective to be comforting. Seven killed Icheb out of mercy and swore revenge on Bjayzl, which she finally exacted in "Stardust City Rag" by disintegrating the criminal with phaser rifles at point-blank range. Seven and her research team are rescued from a small outpost after the ship carrying them, the USS Callisto, is destroyed. 60+ Years.

Grief over her death caused Chakotay's own death in 2394.

The shield was perfected when she determined the exact phase variance of an intact torpedo lodged in Voyager's hull, found while making repairs to Voyager's badly-damaged systems. It was later determined that the Vaadwaur were warlike and hostile, and their awakening placed the region of space near their homeworld in great danger. Ironically, while Annika isn't a Borg in this universe, she still betrays Voyager. In fact, in 2377 Ferengi marauders attempted to obtain Seven of Nine's nanoprobes by perpetrating an elaborate scheme. After they failed to modulate their shields against the Borg ship, Seven suggested that she attempt to board the ship knowing that she might still be taken as Borg. However, the process overloaded her cortical implants, and she began drawing wild conclusions concerning Voyager's mission and crew. Picard understood this, as he was wrestling with the same. Their mission was to develop a modified nanoprobe weapon that could destroy 8472 bio-ships and force them to withdraw back to fluidic space. (VOY: "Body and Soul"), Her enhanced Borg physiology also had its downside, such as being prone to malfunctions or failures or receiving unwanted transmissions from the Borg Queen or other Borg devices. After a great deal of persuasion, the Federation granted the Hansens the use of the USS Raven, a small long-range craft, to aid them in their investigation. (VOY: "Equinox, Part II"), The Doctor created a subroutine for daydreaming in early 2376. (ST - Destiny novel: Lost Souls), Seven took the death of Admiral Janeway particularly hard, and while teaching at the Academy, cared for her Aunt Irene, who was becoming more and more unstable due to Irumodic Syndrome, a degenerative mental condition with no known cure. She didn't specifically name Mulgrew as the actor in question, but her hints make it seem impossible for it be anyone else (e.g.

Despite the crew's attempts to place her into stasis, she was able to join forces with The Doctor and an alien named Qatai to free Voyager.

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