The partial vacuum has the effect of creating an increased pressure differential across the turbine to thereby increase the efficiency of operation of the turbine.

Brine water may be water extracted from the ground (ground water) and includes water that is taken from water wells and oil wells.

a turbine forming at least a portion of at least one wall of said reaction chamber.

keyboard and memory), but both capable of interfacing with a third device, (e.g., a CPU), are in circuit communication.

The RF signal passes through the reaction chamber and is absorbed by the salt The RF absorption enhancers may be particles made from RF absorbing materials that absorb one or more frequencies of an RF electromagnetic signal substantially more than other materials. Now consider yourself looking at the same picture, lets say, of the Eiffel Tower on a beautiful spring day in Paris. Fresh water flushing system for boat engines.

2,474,716. [00135] Using a setup with about 5.5" spacing between Tx plate and Rx plate, and the test tube being about 2" from the Tx plate at about the top of the Tx plate, and applying RF to the salt water, the products produced from exposure of salt water to RF energy bum. A solar intensifier, such as a parabolic reflector, is mounted on top of the reactor housing. The transmission head 104 and receiver head 112 may be insulated by means of an air gap 118. Provisional Patent Application Serial No. You can read more about that here. The method of treating a compound according to claim 62 wherein the compound is soil or clay. Means for collecting and separating the hydrogen and oxygen produced by the electrolysis of the salt water mixture will be known to those skilled in the art. For example, the RF pulse may be a square wave, or may be a sine wave, or may have a sharp rise time with an extended ringing effect at base line, or may have a slow rise time and a fast decay, etc. The heat and pressure from reactor chamber 32 provide explosive energies to drive turbine assembly 26, which in turn drives a power generator via power take off 42.

In certain embodiments salt is added to water or other liquids to enhance heating. Although one embodiment comprises stainless steel composition, any acceptable material may be used. The system of any of claims 23-44 wherein the RF transmission head, RF receiver, and the portion of salt water between the RF transmission head and the RF receiver are arranged such that the RF signal from the transmission head is coupled to the salt water solution via a high-Q circuit. This may be proviJed with internal supporting bars 4i and 42 upon which the. A 13.56 MHz RF signal from an ENI OEM-12B RF generator having a power of about 800-1000 Watts (e.g., about 900 Watts) was used to combust the salt water. But what about moving sections of space-time that are created by expanding space-time behind the ship, and by contracting space-time in front of the ship?

and 5 and a bottom wall 6.

As aforementioned, the output of the reactor chamber drives a turbine which in turn drives a power take off unit 42. 23. The system for processing salt water according to claim 19 wherein the RF tuning circuit comprises a tunable pi-network in circuit communication between the RF generator and the RF transmission head. There is a need for a user friendly system for flushing marine engines that can be installed easily, be used by one operator; be extremely durable and can be configured to fit in most boat engine configurations. By.

Operation at low voltages results in a highly efficient design. So as a precaution most people will have one person watching the out drive (or lower unit), and one person operating the engines. Solar rays are concentrated and intensified by an azimuth tracking parabolic reflector system such as is well known in the art. The walls may be of insulating material such as hard rubber, some plastic composition, glass or the like. OCEANIC brand Natural Sea Salt Mix may be used to approximate the composition of naturally occurring seawater having an effective amount of salt, and that may be used further as either salt water or as the salt water component in a solution containing salt water that is used in the I. The present invention provides for one compact serviceable unit that performs the same operation that currently requires a plurality of separate units.

The RF receiver may be tuned to the frequency(s) of the RF transmitter. For this purpose, a first electrode 24 is positioned within buoyancy chamber 18. 30 seconds, after which the temperature was again measured using a fiber optic thermometer.

After all, the “Invention Secrecy Act” written up in 1951 states that patent applications on new inventions can be subject to secrecy orders. 2 where there is disclosed an alternative embodiment of the solar reactor engine of the present invention. 40. In another embodiment of the invention, the energy stored in the battery supply 45 may be provided by a portable battery unit rather than, for example, the rectified output of a utility power generator in such a circumstance if the reactor engine were made small enough and encased for example in metal such as a standard propulsion turbine engine, the system of FIG. It is contemplated that Na2SO4 would be a useful salt for use with the electrolysis systems and methods disclosed here within because it is a water soluble salt that is composed of a cation (Na+) that has a lower standard electrode potential than H+ and an anion (SO4 2") that has a greater standard electrode potential than OH". 4. [0060] Figure 18(a) illustrates a high level exemplary methodology 1800 for producing hydrogen from salt water and subsequently for the combustion of the hydrogen produced.
As yet another example, the RF signal 108 may produce hydrogen from the solution containing salt water 110 or the RF signal may heat the solution containing salt water and volatilize any secondary fuel that may be optionally contained in the solution.

[0051] It is contemplated that a reservoir of salt water or a solution containing salt water could be made beforehand and stored in a tank such that it would be available upon demand. [0015] Figure 24 is a schematic illustration showing an exemplary sealed transmission enclosure which may be suitable for lowering into the ground; and. These additional sensors allow more precise control of buoyancy. measured using a fiber optic thermometer. For example, this method could be used in such an arrangement in order to power an internal combustion engine. the neck 29, displacing the water therein.

Entangled Minds: Extrasensory experiences in quantum reality. having an RF generator and a transmission head, and an RF receiver having a resonant circuit and a reception head. The top of the battery is covered with a cover 20 which may be held to the walls of the cover by means of the screws 2|, 2|, spaced uniformly around the top cover. In the invention as set forth in the present application the battery may be used for a considerable period even for periods of years particularly on low current circuits. The spaced, stacked electrically conductive plates may be coaxial, circular plates and may have sequentially decreasing diameters. (source)(source). 2. 60. The underlying idea he’s getting across with this statement is that in some way shape or form, consciousness is directly intertwined with what we perceive to be our physical material world, and that the nature of reality is made up of non-physical “stuff.”, He goes on to emphasize how, in the modern day scientific world, “there have been serious attempts to preserve a material world – but they produce no new physics, and serve only to preserve an illusion.” This illusion he refers to again, is the idea that the make up of our reality is strictly and fundamental physical.”.

Additionally contemplated in the present system is a plumbing harness to accommodate simultaneous or independent flushing of twin engines, a mounting kit for a through-hull garden hose adapter for fresh water intake from a standard garden hose, a mounting kit for fresh water intake from the on-board water supply including a check valve to prevent backflow and contamination of the existing water supply. Unless otherwise indicated, the salt water
Here’s another great paper on faster than light technology regarding altering the quantum vacuum by legendary physicist Dr. Eric Davis.

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