I do own this movie and I have to say that overall I really enjoy it. I suppose that it tried, but it didn't try very hard. Report this film. S!D. Ever. This is one of those movies that is just plain fun to watch. Mobile site. The premise is admittedly pretty crafty, but other than that two-minute distraction, Return to Horror High is certainly no great shake. Weren't you…. and the Terms and Policies, But you do get some great dialogue, great acting and overall fun vibes. Several points off for the makeup artist’s horrible mullet, but several points added back on for whatever Marcia Brady-cop is doing in her performance. FAQ You Honky!" Starring – Richard Brestoff, George Clooney, Vince Edwards. Cinemark All rights reserved. Return to Horror High is a story about a low budget movie about a "true story" of a mysterious killer filmed on location at the site of his/her grisly murders - Crippen High School. 1987 I had fun but the script and editing certainly caused me to utter a bunch of "what? | From here we meet the local police as they arrive at the scene of a grisly sight. I will be fair and say in 1987 there wasn't a mass killing at a school every other week and it is a good setting for this kind of movie. Your email address will not be published. The film is definitely ahead of its time, in the sense that this is one of the first spoofs of the Slasher genre. All in all this movie was a car wreck that lasted all of an hour and thirty five minuets. It's a film within a film, an opportunity missed as this is something of a confusing mess. We want to hear what you have to say but need to verify your account. Sadly Scream has since done this a lot better and Return to Horror High will always suffer from the comparison – yet the film is still a must-see for fans of 80s slashers and horror comedies alike . For some reason this film has received many negative responses, I believe it has something to do with people wanting a horror film, but instead get a horror film industry lampoon. Early appearances by George Clooney and later appearances by "Dr. Ben Casey" Vince Edwards, "Marcia Brady" Maureen McCormick, "Mo Green" himself, Alex Rocco, and that kid from "Alice", Philip McKeon, all star in this film about a killer who returns to the high school where he killed years ago to terrorize a movie crew. This movie is by no means a classic. Notes:- fun parts but a little too much of an air of "aren't-we-clever" without actually being very clever. The captain wants to know what the hell happened. A few years ago, a mysterious serial-killer caused panic on Crippen High School. By creating an account, you agree to the Privacy Policy The killer does wear almost exactly the same get-up as the killer in Scream, no small coincidence we could speculate considering the time gap and I have to admit the ending is at the very least unexpected. I laughed my ass off, especially as at this point the lead actress storms off the set screaming about how degrading to women all this stuff is. By the time the 1980's came to a close, the Slasher was uninspired, boring and flat. Also, you need to watch the whole thing because there is a twist ending that is pretty cool. Both actors give the worst performances of their careers, its terribly pathetic. It very cleverly plays with several levels of reality: the police investigating the massacre, the film crew shooting the movie and experiencing a 'real life' horror, and the scenes from the movie they are making (which are kind of like flashbacks to the original massacre). The film does have a very complex structure and adds one bizarre twist after another in the last 30 minutes, and ends up not making a whole lot of sense; in that respect, it reminded me of the funny 1976 whodunit-spoof "Murder By Death". One of my favorite parts was the argument about women in horror movies, and how the movie they were making didn't need a rape scene. Does anyone care? Directed by Bill Froehlich. movie-within-a-movie meta mania. He's hilarious. The killer was never apprehended. By creating an account, you agree to the Privacy Policy I am sure that he regrets being in it and I know that I regret seeing it. Slasher Film Towards the End of the Trend. And then the murders begin again... A low-budget movie crew make a trashy slasher film on location at a high school where a series of murders took place five years ago. The directing/editting is certainly reminiscent of _Perfect Blue (1997/I)_ (or more likely the other way around, with Perfect Blue being released a full decade after Return to Horror High). The basic plot follows a bunch of low-budget filmmakers who are making a movie about a series of murders that happened at a high school years ago. And everything plays better for it, especially the comedy. I found the constant fake outs to be predictable and annoying. |. It's the 80s too, so the lighting is really garish and the fashion sense of the on-set costume designer is at best questionable. I've seen Return to Horror High at least three or four times and I'm still not entirely sure what actually happens in the movie. The only problem is the killer was never caught. Forgot your password? He said it was a bad movie and he turned it off after the first 20 minutes. You don't see lines like that in scripts anymore. The thing that is quite hard to follow is how to tell the real kills, from the fake one The use of flashbacks is a good idea for this film, only if it was told in a way that it would make sense for the viewer. The killer was never caught. "This is a low-budget B-movie; I'm used to actors dropping out!" This horror movie is just horrible. With a little encouragement they get him to tell the tale. As for the horror side, there are good parts as well. Please note I am not condoning this happening in the real world but in a 1980s slasher it works. Sign up here. Coming Soon, Regal

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