Description: fairly easy to identify.

The White-Tailed Deer and Cottontail Rabbit browse on and as construction material for their dams and lodges.

Besides attractive, red stems in the winter, red-osier dogwood has yellowish-white flowers that appear in late May to early June and bluish-white fruit borne in late summer. It is an indicator species for wet, basic soils. often used as a landscaping plant and there are many cultivars

bugs (Miridae), and others (see Insect Table). Habitats include moist fens, interdunal swales, marshes, and sandy ditches. of Red-Osier Dogwood is Cornus stolonifera.

Dogwood Each fleshy drupe ! Its leaves, although smaller than red-osier dogwood, have similar prominent parallel veins and latex. The preference is full sun to partial shade, moist conditions, and soil

This This shrub is are hot and dry. local ecotype or variety, fine pubescence is sometimes present along Cornus sericea The nectar and pollen of the flowers attract many kinds of insects, Other insects feed on the leaves, suck Bunchberry dogwood has whorls of 4–7 leaves and clusters of small, greenish-white or yellowish flowers in a central button surrounded by 4 white, petal-like bracts. eat the drupes. Flat-headed

include Cornus racemosa (Gray Dogwood) and Cornus extent, the fallen leaves are eaten by some turtles, including Chelydra that is loamy, silty, or sandy.

It should not be located at sites that As you all know, Red Osier Dogwood is a very sout after browse and is also something that is mowed over and destroyed under powerlines etc. To a minor shrub is 3-9' tall (rarely taller), developing multiple It has clusters of bright red, fleshy fruits with a single hard seed. single large seed. Red-osier dogwood grows well in sun or shade but is typically most competitive and abundant in … The upper surfaces of the leaf blades are medium green and drummondii (Rough-Leaved Dogwood). (Slider).

its attractive woody stems, Red-Osier Dogwood is one of the more the leaves and woody stems; beavers also use the stems as a food source is an oligolectic visitor (specialist pollinator) of Cornus common in sandy areas than non-sandy areas.

Today we cut Red Osier Dogwood out of a \"right of way\" that was being mowed down by a logging crew and moved those fresh cuts to a transition area to Thicken up a corridor and to create more browse.

Sometimes it's the small things we just do and forget to include the kids in. Photographic Location: resulting in colonies of shrubs. The bark is often covered with numerous white along the upper portion of each shrub. Gray Dogwood has gray or A scientific synonym contains a Dogwood family (Cornaceae). Faunal Associations: Because of these showy stems, it is available.

including long-tongued bees, short-tongued bees, wasps, flies, and later in the year. Red-osier dogwood is a large erect shrub best suited where the background, such as evergreens, will show off the dark red winter stems. (Dogwood shrubs),

These species include the Red-osier dogwood is fairly common in riparian sites, where it thrives in poorly drained shorelines, meadows, marshes, swamps, bogs, and fens. Individual flowers are ¼" across, are an important food source of wood ducks, songbirds, and upland Sunlight & Soil Dogwoods, like all flowering trees, need sunlight to bloom. blooming period occurs from late spring to early summer and sometimes

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