But one thing it sorely slacked was any kind of street cred. I think my favorite is Top Gun recut as a same-sex romance between Maverick and Iceman. I love them more than watching an actual film. “Wait for the drop? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AP8rcpAoPuI, I’m particularly fond of Taxi Driver as a romantic comedy, especially because, for about an hour, it almost IS…. What is it about Stanley Kubrick films that just beg for enterprising YouTubers to recut and remix them? For me, it’s the inclusion of Peter Gabriel’s Solsbury Hill that really makes this reimagining of The Shining creepier than the original. Can we get Sharknado the Musical? Fortunately the mad men at AMC found a little spare time in between powdering up Christina Hendricks’ ta tas to create this awesome gangstafied recut. Recut Trailers. If you’re the type of person who cracked up when Jack Nicholson “knocked” on the door with his ax in The Shining, or somehow had nightmares for weeks about Doc Brown in Back to the Future, first of all, what the freak is wrong with you?

If you think about it, it’s not a far leap at all for Jim Carrey’s shtick to go from rubber-faced funnyman to rubber-faced freak. These recut trailers, where they turn a classic horror in to a romcom or something totally different, will make you thankful for the existence of YouTube (and people with too much time on their hands). Now, despite it playing a part in the death of video shop culture, there’s all the trailers I can handle readily available on YouTube - but it’s these recut trailers, where they turn a classic horror in to a romcom or something totally different, that have me clicking rewind again and again…. Hi, I made a re-cut trailer myself of Toy Story as a psychological thriller. He’s putting more effort in to his deception than he is his marriage, being a parent, or getting a job. Mary Poppins as a horror movie.

He’s pushing 70. This trailer shows that no matter which studio is behind the project, it’s always unnerving to have Tim Allen in your bedroom. It’s the mania of the last minute that really cracks me up every time - and reminds me of when my friend had an Inception app that would randomly play the soundtrack’s iconic chord trio at random points throughout the day, making even the most mundane experience something dramatic and dangerous.

Tested in the Alaskan waters and slimmed-down for city use. “They’re cute!” Children of the Corn? I went to see him live once, and watched on in a mixture of awe and angst as he lay on his back in the middle of the stage making ‘snow angels’ while belting out Sledgehammer, what if he broke a hip? May 1, 2013. It’s difficult to imagine Monty Python’s 1975 magnum opus of medieval silliness as a modern day blockbuster, but YouTube’s Stéphane Bouley is never one to say die, or “Ni!” for that matter, and the result is this trailer that would be at home amidst the Oblivions and the Elysiums of the world. Monty Python and the Holy Grail as a modern day blockbuster.

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