Ake Ptolemais, 244/3 BC. Euergetes, Ptolemaios III. From this capture he received fifteen hundred talents of silver, roughly a tenth of his annual income. Euergetes ("Benefactor") was the eldest son of Ptolemy II Philadelphus and his first wife, Arsinoe I, and came to power in 246 BC upon the death of his father.

[7] In exchange for a peace in 241 BC, Ptolemy was awarded new territories on the northern coast of Syria, including Seleucia Pieria, the port of Antioch. Ptolemy III apparently sacked Antioch in revenge for his sister and her son's death and occupied the city for a brief period between 246 and 244 BC, then continued campaigning into Babylonia for the next five years, until 241 BC.

Ptolemy avoided involvement in the wars that continued to plague Syria and Macedonia. xi. Sirach-Wikipedia Updates? After declaring his son his successor, Ptolemy died, leaving Egypt at the peak of its political power and internally stable and prosperous. This left two, ambitious queen mothers, Laodice and Berenice Syra, in a competition on behalf of their potentially regnant sons.

尤厄吉蒂斯 (zh); Птолемеј III, Птолемеј Еуергет (sr); Ptolomeo III de Egipto, Evergetes, Tolomeo III Evergetes, Ptolomeo III Evergetes, Tolomeo III (es); Ptolemeu III, Ptolemeu III Evergetes, Ptolomeu III Evergetes (ca); Tolomeo Evergete, Tolomeo III Evergete (it); Ptolemaeus III Euergetes I (la); Ptolemeus III, Ptolemeus III dari Mesir, Ptolemy III, Ptolemaios III dari Mesir, Ptolemaios III (id); Ptolemeusz III, Ptolemajos Euergetes, Ptolemeusz III Euergetes I (pl); Ptolemaio III av Egypt (nb); Ptolemeus III, Ptolemaeus III Euergetes, Ptolemeüs III, Ptolemaeus III van Egypte, Ptolemaeus III, Ptolemeus III van Egypte (nl); Ptolemej III., Ptolemej III od Egipta, Ptolemej III Euergetes, Ptolemej III Eurget, Ptolemej III (sh); תלמי אאורגטס (he); Птолемей III Евергет (bg); Ptolemy III Euergetes, Ptolemaios III Euergetes (fi); Ptolemy III (en); Ptolemej III. Ptolemy III Euergetes was responsible for the first known example of a series of decrees published as bilingual inscriptions on massive stone blocks in three writing systems.His stone stela is the Canopus Stone of 238 BC.

He was even more liberal towards Egyptian religion than his predecessors. The Third Syrian War is cryptically alluded to in Daniel 11:7-9.[8]. Gold octadrachma issued by Ptolemy IV to honor his deified father. All structured data from the file and property namespaces is available under the.

Also, the reliefs on the great pylon were only completed in the reign of Ptolemy XII. Let us know if you have suggestions to improve this article (requires login).

Ptolemy III Euergetes, Third King of Egypt’s Ptolemaic Dynasty. Library of Congress authority ID: n94040175, Bibliothèque nationale de France ID: 124381557, Nationale Thesaurus voor Auteurs ID: 075008653, Naples Archaeology Museum (5914749450).jpg, Tolomeo III, da villa dei papiri, peristilio rettangolare.JPG, Granite statue of Ptolemy III, from Egypt. He was the eldest son of Ptolemy II Philadelphus and his first wife, Arsinoe I, and came to power in 246 BC upon the death of his father. As an example of the latter, the decree singles out Ptolemy's importation, at his own expense, of grain for the population when an inadequate Nile flood threatened nationwide famine, "in return for which things the gods have granted stability to their royal rule, and will give them all other good things for ever hereafter". According to that passage, the Egyptian king made great conquests in Syria, which statement is confirmed by external authorities. The Decree, made by the Egyptian priesthood, paid homage to the king and his wife as Theoi Euergetai, "Benefactor Gods", for their contributions and promotion of Egyptian cults, especially those involving sacred animals (particularly the Apis and Mnevis bulls), but also for maintaining peace by means of a strong national defense system and for good government in general. However, when trouble erupted back in Egypt, he rapidly returned to put down the dissidents. Euergetés I.

Ptolemy III Euergetes AR Tetradrachm. We offer this unique experience in two ways, the first one is by organizing a tour and coming to Egypt for a visit, whether alone or in a group, and living it firsthand.

Ptolemy’s navy, perhaps aided by rebels in the cities, advanced against Seleucus II’s forces as far as Thrace, across the Hellespont, and also captured some islands off the Asia Minor coast, but were checked c. 245. However, in 253, the king of Egypt was hard enough pressed to make his peace with Antiochus II. Around 117 an expedition sponsored by Ptolemy completed the first sea voyage to India via the Red Sea and Indian Ocean, beginning Egypt’s interest in the spice trade. Ptolemy III Euergetes (Benefactor), the third ruler of Egypt's Ptolemaic Dynasty, was the son of Ptolemy II Philadelphus by one of his early wives named Arsinoe.

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