Only Fools and Horses.... (TV Series 1981–2003) cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more. In Rock & Chips, Reenie works alongside her best friend, Joan, as an usherette at the local film house. Jumbo Mills (Nick Stringer in Who Wants to Be a Millionaire and Lee Long in Rock & Chips) was Del's old school friend and business partner (they ran a jellied eels stall together) who emigrated to Australia during the 1960s. The characters originated from BBC sitcom Fawlty Towers, which concluded four years before the Homesick was aired in 1983. My favourite out of the 3 is Reenie Turpin…, ‘I’ve had my orders from young Lisa not to get Oliver Twissed’, E-Mail (will not be published) (required), Only Fools and Horses News Del later reveals that he is taking Janice out, but for Rodney's sake in order to keep Rodney from getting mad at him. It is revealed in the second episode, Five Gold Rings, that Robdal did in fact love Joan deeply and wanted to see his son grow up, but it was difficult because of Joan's marriage to Reg and his situations with Del Boy and the police. By the time Albert dies in If They Could See Us Now, he and Elsie had been living together with Elsie's family in Weston-super-Mare for several years. By day, he works with Trigger as a road sweeper, but by night he is a popular nightclub singer, styled after Tom Jones. Gerald "Jelly" Kelly (Paul Putner) is first mentioned in The Frog's Legacy and later introduced in Rock & Chips, as Freddie Robdal's partner-in-crime and best friend. When Cassandra and Rodney have their baby in Sleepless in Peckham, they name her Joan. This is a list of characters from the BBC sitcom Only Fools and Horses and its prequel, Rock & Chips. She also sparks a debate over who Rodney's real father was after stating that "Joanie was never 100% sure about him". |

He is first mentioned in The Frog's Legacy and later revealed to be Rodney's biological father. (uncredited), Tom the Commissionaire June Snell (Diane Langton) is an ex-girlfriend of Del Boy's from many years previously. The Driscoll Brothers in Green Green Grass. He was played by David Jason in the original series and was portrayed … 40,000+ articles posted by thousands of contributors spanning the entire cultural spectrum. When Del Boy is approached by local gangster Eugene Macarthy (Roger Blake) to find a singing act for his mother's eightieth birthday at his own club, the Starlight Rooms, he decides that Raquel and a male partner would make the perfect double act.

Del Boy is immediately interested in Vicky's wealth and breeding and sees Rodney's relationship as a way of making them both millionaires, and despite Rodney's firm protests, repeatedly meddles in the relationship with disastrous results. Aside from Nerys, they only filled relatively minor roles, speaking only the occasional one-liner or flirting with Del. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. A charming and bubbly character, she lit up the screen and was compatible with Del and the chemistry was axiomatic. Although mentioned frequently, she only appears in Sickness and Wealth. The Big Bang Theory Quiz: How Well Do You Remember The Proposals? This is just for Only Fools And Horses, not the prequel Rock And Chips or The Green, Green Grass (spin off of Only Fools And Horses).Even if characters appeared in those 2 spin offs, this list lists ther final appearance in the Only Fools And Horses main series. However at the same time Del was having an affair with Albie's girlfriend Deidre. (uncredited), assistant producer (12 episodes, 1985-1989), executive producer / associate producer (10 episodes, 1991-2003), associate producer (3 episodes, 2001-2003), makeup designer / assistant makeup designer (3 episodes, 2001-2003), assistant makeup designer / makeup designer (2 episodes, 2002-2003), makeup artist (uncredited) (1 episode, 1996), production manager (15 episodes, 1983-1985), production manager (13 episodes, 1981-1982), production manager (12 episodes, 1988-1991), production manager (10 episodes, 1985-1992), production manager (8 episodes, 1990-1991), production manager (4 episodes, 1988-1989), production manager (2 episodes, 1985-1986), assistant production manager (1 episode, 2001), third assistant director / second assistant director (5 episodes, 1996-2003), second assistant director (3 episodes, 1996), first assistant director (3 episodes, 1996), first assistant director (3 episodes, 2001-2003), third assistant director (2 episodes, 2002-2003), first assistant director (1 episode, 1991), second assistant director (1 episode, 1991), third assistant director (1 episode, 2001), properties buyer (15 episodes, 1981-1991), graphic designer (15 episodes, 1985-1991), properties buyer (15 episodes, 1988-1992), graphic design / graphic designer (14 episodes, 1981-1982), graphic design / graphic designer (8 episodes, 1982), studio sound / sound: studio / sound (23 episodes, 1982-1987), film sound / sound recordist (19 episodes, 1981-1985), film sound / sound recordist (15 episodes, 1986-1993), sound supervisor / studio sound (4 episodes, 1993-2003), dubbing mixer (uncredited) / re-recording mixer (uncredited) (23 episodes, 1981-1983), sound (uncredited) (9 episodes, 1986-1988), post-production sound assistant (uncredited) (3 episodes, 1996), special effects technician (1 episode, 1989), visual effects designer (2 episodes, 1993-1996), lighting director / studio lighting director / studio lighting / lighting (35 episodes, 1981-1992), camera supervisor / studio camera supervisor (27 episodes, 1985-1991), studio senior cameraman / senior cameraman / studio camera supervisor / camera supervisor (18 episodes, 1981-1983), studio lighting / studio lighting director / lighting (14 episodes, 1982-1986), film cameraman / film camera (13 episodes, 1982-1991), film cameraman / film camera (7 episodes, 1982-1991), photography / film camera (6 episodes, 1991-1996), gaffer / lighting gaffer (6 episodes, 1996-2003), camera supervisor (6 episodes, 1996-2003), gaffer / lighting gaffer (5 episodes, 1986-1993), lighting director (4 episodes, 1993-1996), studio lighting director (3 episodes, 1985), lighting director (3 episodes, 2001-2003), still photographer (2 episodes, 1981-1982), studio camera supervisor (2 episodes, 1983), camera supervisor (2 episodes, 1992-1993), location video lighting (1 episode, 1985), location video cameraman (1 episode, 1985), camera trainee (uncredited) (2 episodes, 2002-2003), assistant camera (uncredited) (1 episode, 1996), casting adviser / casting advisor (12 episodes, 1990-1996), location casting (uncredited) (1 episode, 1991), assistant costume designer (1 episode, 1991), assistant costume designer (1 episode, 2003), videotape editor / editor: video tape / vt editor (42 episodes, 1981-1996), videotape editor / vt editor (2 episodes, 1986-1987), location video vision supervisor (1 episode, 1985), arranger: titles music / conductor: titles music / arranger: title music / conductor: title music / conductor / music arranger / composer: title music / arranger: opening titles music / composer: signature tune / conductor: opening titles music (56 episodes, 1981-1993), composer: title music / singer: title music / composer: titles music / singer: titles music / composer: 'Boys will be Boys' / composer: opening titles music / singer: opening titles music (40 episodes, 1985-2003), arranger: 'Boys will be Boys' (1 episode, 1985), composer: closing titles music / performer: closing titles music (1 episode, 1989), transport captain (uncredited) (1 episode, 1996), production assistant (22 episodes, 1981-1983), assistant floor manager (17 episodes, 1981-1983), technical manager (9 episodes, 1981-1982), production assistant (9 episodes, 1985-1986), production assistant (9 episodes, 1988-1992), assistant floor manager (8 episodes, 1985), technical coordinator (8 episodes, 1987-1989), assistant floor manager (8 episodes, 1990-1991), resources coordinator / technical coordinator (8 episodes, 1990-1991), assistant floor manager (7 episodes, 1988-1989), production secretary / production assistant (7 episodes, 1990-1991), assistant floor manager (6 episodes, 1981), assistant floor manager (6 episodes, 1986), production assistant (6 episodes, 1996-2003), production assistant (4 episodes, 1990-1991), assistant floor manager (3 episodes, 1987-1989), assistant floor manager (3 episodes, 1990-1991), assistant floor manager (3 episodes, 1996), studio resource manager (3 episodes, 1996), programme finance assistant (3 episodes, 1996), production coordinator (3 episodes, 2001-2003), studio resource manager (3 episodes, 2001-2003), programme finance associate (3 episodes, 2001-2003), production assistant (2 episodes, 1991-1993), resources coordinator (2 episodes, 1992-1993), production executive (2 episodes, 2002-2003), assistant floor manager (1 episode, 1981), assistant floor manager (1 episode, 1986), assistant floor manager (1 episode, 1988), assistant floor manager (1 episode, 1989), assistant floor manager (1 episode, 1990), business manager: New York (1 episode, 1991), production operatives supervisor (1 episode, 1991), assistant floor manager (1 episode, 1991), assistant floor manager (1 episode, 1992), assistant floor manager (1 episode, 1993), line producer (uncredited) (1 episode, 2001), stand-in for Nicholas Lyndhurst (uncredited) (1 episode, 2001), this programme is dedicated to the memory of: 1951-2001 (1 episode, 2001), this programme is dedicated to the memory of: 1920-1999 (1 episode, 2001).

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