Noge Dojo Captain. Road To Fighting Spirit Unleashed Logo via New Japan Pro Wrestling. ), •Library of around 10,000 podcasts (circa 2004-today) & 100s of retro radio shows (circa 1990s), •Over 1,600 Newsletter Back Issues: Late 1980s thru today (PDF & Text Versions), •New Weekly PWTorch Newsletter w/exclusive articles (PDF & Text Versions), •An ad-free version of PWTorch website with added VIP-Member-Only articles each week, Become a PWTorch Patreon Supporter and get all of our free podcasts (WKPWPs & Dailycasts) with ads and plugs removed for just $4.99 a month. Yuji Nagata (Seigi-gun – Leader): Nagata rises to the top of the veterans by really going after his opponents, always seeming like he has something to prove. NJPW STRONG is the weekly television show for NJPW fans in the United States. The two locked up and without much hesitation, Limelight grounded Christian and hit him with a foot stomp to the chest before more in the corner to clearly target his mid-section. Hikuleo (Bullet Club) – Recently graduated from Young Lion. Kazuchika Okada (Chaos – Leader): This man deserves to be in a category all of his own. (Currently appearing on NJPW Strong in the US due to travel restrictions.). However, one of the newest names to join the NJPW roster is Fred Rosser. Blake Christian vs. Danny Limelight in a semifinal match. For the uninitiated, Hikuleo is known by many as the third Tonga brother. After another more even and hard-hitting striking exchange, Christian now hit Limelight with chest kicks before following up with a strong Dropkick to the head for a surprisingly tasty near fall. 60 second express sign up form. He also had a recent shot at capturing the two championships held by Evil when he sought revenge for Evil’s betrayal. Finally, for completion, there are the Young Lions (trainee/rookie wrestlers) and Free Agents (wrestlers not signed by NJPW but are current or have been involved with the promotion). Wrestling fans may know him better as the former WWE Tag Champion, Darren Young. Alex Zayne (NJPW) – Currently wrestling on NWPW Strong. Yota Tsuji – Young Lion. The losers didn’t come out looking bad either, with both men getting a fair amount of offense in the match and really losing because of how well King and Flip eventually gelled. (deployads = window.deployads || []).push({}); Your email address will not be published. His legacy still carries enough cache that he can help other, younger wrestlers move up the card, and his career may have one last gasp left in it, but I expect to continue to see him slide down this list. Being another rival of Okada’s, albeit with more of a senpai-kohai (mentor-student) dynamic, certainly helps him. Wrestling fans may know him better as the former WWE Tag Champion, Darren Young. The NEVER Openweight 6-Man Tag Team Championship is usually in this tier. Flip Gordon and Brody King defeated Karl Fredericks and TJP. Once the most hated heel in NJPW, he is still a solid number two (after his stablemate Kenta). Yujiro Takahashi (Bullet Club): Pulled from the bottom of Tier Four to the top thanks to his personal feud with Okada, Yujiro has more to prove if he ever wants to move into Tier Three. His legacy still carries enough cache that he can help other, younger wrestlers move up the card, and his career may have one last gasp left in it, but I expect to continue to see him slide down this list. Hiroyoshi Tenzan (NJPW): Fading veteran and really showing his wear and tear. NJPW announced at a press conference the details behind a new show called NJPW Strong , which will air at 10p.m. Chris Jericho – Jericho tends to make his feud personal. Misterioso was able to kick out at two and when Owens tried for a piledriver, Finlay came running in with a flying kick, prompting a succession of moves from all four men. This is the debut match for Rosser, someone who was just announced last week to be part of this card. Your email address will not be published. Owens once again tried for a piledriver, but Misterioso struggled and was able to catch Owens with a superkick or a Backstabber. We would like to send you notifications for the latest news and updates. Bushi (LIJ): He is the LIJ member designated to take the pin whenever LIJ needs to lose a multi-man match.

He is currently the holder of the number one contender contract for the IWGP United States Championship (Currently appearing on NJPW Strong in the US due to travel restrictions. – Danny Limelight vs. Misterioso.

Top Tier consists of the wrestlers who are currently in the main event of their biggest shows and the current driving forces of the company. Third Tier consists of wrestlers who are usually found on the mid-card and occasionally in the main event of smaller shows. The two bigger men then stood I the middle of the ring trading forearms before entering a running exchange of their own. Copyright 2020 Shazzu, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Tama Tonga (Bullet Club): One-half of the Guerillas of Destiny, Tama Tonga usually serves to absorb losses in tournament while in singles competition. Taped in Long Beach, California at Thunder Studios Ishimori is one of the top guys in the Junior’s division and an important part of Bullet Club. They are the top pure tag team specialists on the roster right now and are usually found lurking around the title. Riegel got a headlock takeover initially, followed by a roll up but couldn’t keep Connors down. (Currently inactive due to travel restrictions.). I really loved Connors threatening the Boston Crab the whole match and then finally being able to get the victory almost immediately when he locked it in, that’s how you build a finisher. ), Tanga Loa (Bullet Club): The other half of the Guerillas of Destiny, he too serves as a body to absorb losses in tournaments.

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