This list may not reflect recent changes (). After hosting the party, they perform a seance and awaken an evil demon which possesses a young girl named Suzanne who then kisses Angela, allowing the demon to possess her as well.

They invited seven classmates, and one that was not invited showed up. Jay Jensen - Eyes gouged out by Demon Suzanne. However, due to Father Bob's cut loose of restrictions, she went to score her adventure. On Halloween Night of 1993, Angela's parents received a greeting card with dried blood all over it, bearing Angela's signature. Otherwise, you should close this page and view another page. Helen's dead body tosses on Angela's car (with Rodger inside), the circumstance of her death are unknown but it's likely that she was a victim of the diabolic haunting. The film was shot in the London Frightfeast and it was shot in cinemas on October 27 2012, the film was released on video alongside its successor on February 2013.

Horror Films • In the second film, "Night of the Demons 2", it was determined that her body was not found. Helen - Thrown out a window onto a car by Angela. Prior to the ritual, Helen forewarns the party goers about the uncertainty that this ritual may cause, as spirits dwell the earth, on Halloween. Ju-on & The Grudge • Judy Cassidy hails from the same neighborhood, that of Sal Romero. Angela Franklin is the main antagonist in the Night of the Demons franchise. She also has a little sister named Melissa Franklin. Friday the 13th • At 4:20 in the morning Jermaine and Nicole go out if the bathroom thinking the demons are gone, Jermaine takes a shotgun that was in a furnishing and Nicole founds a baseball bat, they both go upstaris to face the demons, when they arrive to the roof Avril, Jack and Daniel are there, the three of them jump on Jermaine but he is able to shot Avril and Daniel, Nicole is also able to hit Jack, after this both of them start to run waiting for the sun to rise, but the demons are behind them, after a long runing Jermaine is able to kill Avril and Nicole is able to harm Jack and Daniel, with just 3 demons remaining, they devise a plan to get out of the house alive.
Angela Franklin was once considered to be a gifted student. One by one they all are eliminated, including Lois (Tara Slone) who has her snake puppet turned into a real snake, which bites her head off. As the night progresses, Angela's personality changes. Helen is seen as a distressed character, friends with Rodger and Stooge. As the night commences, all the demons burn and are dragged to hell. She is also able to possess the dead to gain minions. During her stay in the academy, she made friends with Terri (Christine Taylor) and Bibi (Cristi Harris) and came to know about the dreaded past of Melissa Franklin (Merle Kennedy) and Angela Franklin (Amelia Kinkade). On Halloween Night, Angela and her friend Suzanne (Linnea Quigley) held a Halloween party at Hull House, a funeral parlour that had been abandoned for years due to past murders. Once a high school student, Angela hosted a party in Hull House, an abandoned funeral home in which the Hull family were murdered and even before that time, Native Americans called the land cursed. Shirley Finnerty was admitted at St. Rita's Academy on disciplinary grounds and was a rather spoiled teen. This was a straight to video film. Shirley made a map of the route to Hull House and passed it to Kurt and Johnny. She frequently turned down the rules and regulations of the academy. She attacked Terri and kissed her to instill a demon inside her. Reception of the film was mixed to positive and many web pages gave it a 4 out of 5 starts rate, it currently stands a 69% at Rotten Tomatoes, this film was better recieved than its predecessor. That night, both of her parents committed suicide. Police kept a close watch on the house and continued to investigate. I Know What You Did Last Summer (2016 Remake), Green With Evil: Power Rangers (UNDER CONSTRUCTION),, Cradle of Filth - Halloween (Misfits Cover), Ghastly Ones - Flying Saucers Over Van Nuys, Marilyn Manson - Putting Holes in Happines (Boyz Noize Remix), Alice Cooper - Devil's Food/The Black Widow (Live), London After Midnight - Shatter (All My Dead Friends). As a demon, Angela has incredible strength, teleportation, telekinesis and immortality. To avoid arrest, they hide out in Hull House, unaware that it is haunted by Angela. High school student (formerly)Murderer Powers/Skills She is only active during Halloween and must return to where she came from when it is over. Biography.

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