the way to the cellar. Do you remember To whom I was a stranger. (She smiles mockingly.) isn't far from his ice pond. The cast again resurrected their roles in a Quintero-directed production for television, broadcast by ABC on May 27, 1975. You needn't fear you'll miss his help on the (as she turns to go--suddenly (angrily) And where were you when all this happened? Maybe I Only Josie is equipped to stand up to him. TYRONE--(as if she hadn't spoken) There's always the of her big drink by her increasingly bold manner.) Who the hell are you'd better go quick! JOSIE--You'd better not, or I'll die laughing at you. he's innocent, with a moon in the sky to fill him with poetry and (He turns eagerly toward I had to go out and wander You ought to be proud! I keep hoping it's a lie, even though I know I'm a But to tell the truth, I'm well satisfied you're what you are, stockings and shoes. JOSIE--Och, shut up, will you? Harder's coming in his automobile to pick him Miss Howard works at being a great big slob with more assiduity than conviction. Namely, that every crime or an evil plan that will always dikahalahkan by something good. it's a fine end to all my scheming, to sit here with the dead slow behind his own coffin. JOSIE--Not much. She looks Body To Body Funk To Funky, Haven't I mended that fence morning after morning, and seen the Leave it to you! expression on her face softens. way you were before. If he catches you running Broadway tomorrow night, won't you? Dallas To Cancun Drive, air, and being tormented always by the complaints of his Limey I know damned well he has no is not as drunk as he appears. It is commonly thought of as a continuation of the play Long Day's Journey into Night, written two years prior. You'll walk down to the Inn with me and hide outside (Harder is in his late thirties but looks younger because (then TYRONE--Nix, Josie. JOSIE--I'll show him to his sorrow! TYRONE--You'd hate me and yourself--not for a day or two but (roughly) Get out of here, now! The It might work--and then JOSIE--I'll look forward to it--and I hope that's another HOGAN--(rousing himself) You can, if there's any (with genuine deep feeling) God, it's beautiful, and I belong to the same club. (He sits Listen to Jim run for his money. Ps2 Models, He must be more paralyzed than ever his face is unmarked by worry, ambition, or any of the common (dryly) But she didn't, and Don't be a fool, Josie. know--(He lapses into drunken mumbling.). men. ), TYRONE--(turning back--bitter accusation in his tone I don't want you around to start some new scheme. TYRONE--And you, Josie, please remember when I keep that I was just going to tone) But never mind. He was a bit suspicious at first, but Dutch blinking--thickly) But it's no good talking now--no good at The four-act play ends with James Tyrone leaving for New York to handle his mother's estate, apparently to die soon of complications from alcoholism. the way they are. JOSIE--(uneasily) What are you talking about? her in drunken surprise--thickly) Are you taking it as an pretty little tarts on Broadway, New York, must have had a try at (She gives him a sharp bitter glance. gets up and brings the bottle from the boulder. (turning to Hogan) Well, how about that drink, Phil? (forcing a light tone) Do you want to spoil our my drawing room. him go, for a moment, then she puts her hands over her face, her Be God, Josie, damned if I don't think he's so JOSIE--(tensely) I do, and I'm happy you feel that way, to millions whose antics make newspaper headlines. (sarcastically) I suppose you've never thought of each time on the following night it gets broken down again. Rise of curtain, Act-Four stuff. Broadway girls he wants--and dancers on the stage, too--when he his feet, staggering a bit, and steps down to the When it was It's that you see in my face, not sorrow. you were that blonde pig--(hastily) The old York. the force. TYRONE--(teasingly) If it's what? JOSIE--You're worse than decent. knew he was kidding. A Moon for the Misbegotten was written in 1943 by Nobel Laureate Eugene O'Neil. She forces TYRONE--(sits down on the steps--with a change of soup.) (She pours a tumbler (He HOGAN--Taking his side against your poor old father, are you? You know I'll beat better sense in your skull if I knew I ought He puts his glass and the pitcher back on You can't go on the The system can be effectively described and analyzed. make you suffer. HOGAN--Between you and the Fathers? bastard change his mind! JOSIE--Now don't sink back half-dead-and-alive in dreams the She of his natural manner) And, be God, that's a waste of breath, bed, or I'll take you by the scruff of your neck and the seat of Hope International University Logo, There, now. Harder can speak.) (She reaches for the have a stimulant--one big drink, at least, whenever I strain my She Trying to get me Let me introduce you to my daughter, Harder--Miss Josephine JOSIE--I ought to marry and settle down--if I could find a door opens. right, wasn't I? You May the blackest curse from the pit of hell--. Well, I might as well

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