The helpful data they provide includes IP reputation, domain reputation, Gmail delivery errors, and more. Check the Entity's relationships with subjects misaligned with the code of ethics and the laws of reference in the countries of interest, so that the entity is in line with the afferable risk index.

But the very next week, my score fell back to where it had been before, with no explanation of why. Identification data of the Physical or Legal Entity, Domains, Pages, Profiles or Connected Accounts, History of possible involvement in illegal business, Photos Analysis connected with Emotion Detection, Entity-related hashtags, tags, and comments, Relations with entities involved in illegal business, Friends, people and contacts connected on the Web, Related information on the Deep / Dark Web, List of Negative, Neutral and Positive links (connected to the Entity) on the Surface Web, Public, Governmental and Commercial Sources, Search engines, Social Networks, Blogs, Review sites, Traditional media, Forums, Web presence on Surface, Deep and Dark Web, Sentiment Score (Positive, Negative e Net), Hashtags, Emojis and Themes filtered by country, language, media, sentiment and demographics, Geolocation of content on the web, with focus on warmer and colder areas, Demographic data (gender, age, country, language, occupation, family status, interests), Distribution by country, language, media, sentiment and demographic data, Comparison on: Website Popularity, Traffic Stats, Traffic Sources and Engagement Metrics, Performance Analysis (based on gender, age, country, language, occupation, interests, device), Analysis on the main influencer marketing metrics (Conversions, Traffic, Reach, Mentions, Awareness, Audience Growth, Engagement), Most influential active authors (by engagement, country, language, sentiment and media), Most influential and active sites (by engagement, country, language, sentiment and media), Authors / Sites to be targeted to Brand Awareness, Analysis of the main Brand Awareness metrics (Media Reach, Brand Mentions, Media Mentions, Engagement, Potential Reach, Branded Traffic), Brand Sentiment Analysis (filtered by media type, language, country, related topic), Trending curve analysis over time of the Brand Awareness, Domain data (age, registrant, ownership, server), User Experience (Usability and Performance), User Interaction (Conversion Rate Optimization), Traffic Analysis, Traffic Trends and Traffic Value, Engagement Site Metrics (Daily Pageviews per Visitor, Daily Time on Site, Bounce rate…), Final analysis, data reading and conclusions with specific suggestions, List of Negative, Neutral and Positive Links, Friends, People, Contacts Connected to Entities, History of Possible Involutions in Offenses, Relations with Entities Involved in Offenses, Information present in the Deep / Dark Web, Information Present In The Deep / Dark Web, Domains, Pages, Profiles Or Connected Accounts, List Of Negative, Neutral And Positive Links, Friends, People, Contacts Connected To Entities, History Of Possible Involutions In Offenses, Relations With Entities Involved In Offenses, Reputation UP, C/ Paseo Morella 12004 Castellón de la Plana (Castellón), © 2020 Reputation UP S.L | CIF : B44512325 | All Rights Reserved. Certify the Reputational Score of the entity examined through an advanced analysis and investigation platform that processes multilingual data in real time.

Marketing Email vs. Transactional Email: What’s the Difference? What factors affect my report card score?

". Despite weekly efforts to improve my score, it actually went down by two points, which makes little sense when examining the site-curated recommendations I followed. But just like my WordPress improvement points, these points fell after a week or so.

No thank you. The Reputation Score analyzes a natural or legal person: for example Mario Rossi or Mario Rossi S.p.a. It also provides details on the history, activation, and associations of your domain. Partner with the email service trusted by developers and marketers for time-savings, scalability, and delivery expertise. The Reputation Score of the Individual or Legal Entity is based on a global system (languages, countries, sources) and determines – on a scale from -100% to + 100% – the reputation value and the risk index connected to the ‘Entity.

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