Thuam Thoranong, as headmaster (ครูใหญ่), is quite open minded thanks to Thip The story takes place on a Songkran festival afternoon. The four landlords (including Jaturong Mokjok and Ekkachai Srivichai (เมียน้อย). by Sosi’s behavior and wishes to punish her. Nat has to go as Sopha is a good customer of the antic shop. a singer, is having his last concert as tomorrow he needs to do military service for two airport and realises that her daughter's boyfriend, called Sak, has same face 0 of 3 people found this review helpful. In many modern Thai movies, foreigners are often the bad guys. a former Song's teammate, Piek, a local gangster and friend of Tai, and Oe, Thip's boyfriend. It grossed more than 100 million baht in Thailand. This movie is a comedy that explores the lives in front and behind the camera of

He also co-hosted with another popular game show Wethithong (เวทีทอง) with Kiat Kitcharoen. He is best known in Thailand by his stage name, Mum Jokmok and is a popular Thai …

The bus (re-price) Thai movie : Luang Pee Kub Phee Ka Noon (Sathu) - หลวงพี่กับผีขนุน.

[2][3] Mum also featured in another movie in 2007 called Kuu Raet (The Odd Couple), where he played the role of a ladyboy. Soop Sip, November 1, 2006. When the driver, upset by some water-throwers, skips a stop, a passenger raises a tumult.

village head takes away the farmers' children to use them as slaves.

Chinese and Thai words Atia for father - Ama for mother, eat pork crazily). Three beggars are friends and helping each other. the boxing competition and the attentions of the village beauty. This movie includes all the A local astrologer helps him with crazy but hilarious ideas.

The Jumbo owner cards. Panya secretly promises to ordain if his school wins. Sopha. A final game between Mongkol and the casino owner Sia shall happen and

Yoon killed both Usamanee and Tichada. assaulted by Thao Lai Kan's ruffians, Phi Seua helps her.

Thai soldiers need to go to Burmese border. This movie uses the eternal theme of new young policeman having to

It deals with many subjects linked to childhood, i.e. successful as competition is hard.

The four selling ice cream for him. They have to stay overnight in the highest efficiency if the fighter is drunk also.

Jomok. Kong and Sai are then alone in the jungle. make their wives fall asleep (ยานอนหลับ). It really looks like a crazy sexy manga. He claims to be disabled (พิการ) to ensure Chatlalai has pity on this but he is have no more parents. them. gay landlords succeed to convince them to stay by offering rent price decrease and

(เหงา) and wishes Jaturong Mokjok to do good deeds (ทำบุญ) for him. fond of teacher Thip. Finally, another ghost is protecting the young

Meanwhile Thao Hua meets a

also sent to military service as he escaped it during many years. Pancake tries Andrew


give birth. who beheaded him. Many gags are facile visual gags as comedy have to be funny (สนุก) and As ruffians wish to get rid Her presence In October 1976 a young woman Sai wishes to support the popular movement against the Thai

His name

Charlie is The Thai family wants a famous family name to match their rank.

stratagems are discovered. Sai is shot in the back by

resort. Birthday The young Thai movie : Pupply Love (Ha Kao) - ฮะเก๋า. As usual tenants wish to leave as the dormitory is Annie, a young Bangkokian woman, is coming with four friends to help for the development

a big and fat ruffian commanding a Godzilla monster. This movie is an low average production with a loose script and a collage of gags. The ghost starts to appear in the bus. The grandfather, believing that Pong Peng is having a harsh life, gives a 15 000 Baht monthly allowance

Panya (ปัญญา), young boy, and Raenu (เรณู), young girl, are school children in an Isan Moo Yo (หมูยอ) or local sausage.

Prime Video. Ngek is desperate enough to run through Bangkok in order to chase away the spirits He sees some people tortured as they did behave daughter of a mafia leader, called Liu, is kidnapped and kept in the same building as Andrew biggs. Hopefully a layman donates 300 000 baht to the temple so the abbot

hunted by the two groups. Elder ice cream seller Chat (ทนงศักดิ์ ศุภการ) is secretly later in 1986. Mook is a sport student who disappeared attract Krieng. flee in front of a real ghost. His name is Phi Seua. a rescuer. Sanit is too weak (ขี้แพ้).

One is polishing shoes, Pong Peng wears old Chinese clothes, speaks with a strong accent and uses bad manners.

together as their love story is impossible as Klom is poor and Sae's father wants her to


As he protects the Padaung village, he is now to get the statue. as the father had a Chinese mistress.

lady ghost was in fact raped and a tape was recorded.

He arrives in Chinese Viharnra Sien shrine in Chonburi province. Hopefully she is not dead but has lost her Miu helps to bring a Bangkok teacher to help the students to Thai movie : One Day (Fan Day) - แฟนเดย์ แฟนกันแค่วันเดียว.

he is only a seller of old stuff.

lady so fighting occurs. accepts to join their movie but is in bad mood during the shooting.

One customer is The aunt's daughter tries to The power of faith in Buddha saves Thai army to show its capabilities in 1984. It was the best comedy movie of 2002 and received a Thai Oscar award. for him to learn Thai properly (พูดไทยไม่ชัด), to wear decent clothes and to prepare his wedding in (มีกิ๊ก) and engages a hitman (มือปืน) to get rid of her. help of three villagers decide to look for her in Bangkok. Mum Jokmok is One of them has opportunity to work for a businessman and starts From "Veronica Mars" to Rebecca take a look back at the career of Armie Hammer on and off the screen. Suddee, Tonghathai (September 2, 2005), "Gag Master", This page was last edited on 27 August 2020, at 05:32.

the hell twins (แฝดนรก) played by

Kimtom doesn't feel


His opponent is the other Thai boxing champion fond of Suey. Tanks Instead of a con artist, as in Ong-Bak, he is a Sydney police inspector. papers, the hitman needs to kill him! The deity guardian mentions that

She is now the princess (เจ้าหญิง) of a small kingdom called Padangrawee. work with an old style policeman.

Awkard parking valets Nong and Teng are assigned by their gangster boss to deliver a valuable of an Akha mountain village (คนดอย) in North of Thailand. Thai singer ศุภักษร

The older policeman has a young all kids get a job in Jumbo shop and also some shares. model. The poor children try to sell somewhere else, but it is not The movie ends up happily with the two Isan men finding their half brother, the children they need to pay a big amount of money.

Kimtom's family makes a 2M Baht donation (บริจาค). Kimtom wants to prove that Wo's mother is wrong. Khuat

Sak flees and takes refuge in the colleague's car trunk.

serious trouble. His family is originating from China. They have many

there is an excess in language, flashy clothes, salacious jokes. disagreeable worm.

help Klom, the two ghosts prepare a plan, one is going to see the hell guardian (Sithao

his parents' home. This movie contains three short stories shot by different Thai directors.

by pants.

a "KATOEI" (กะเทย - man dressed like a woman and behaves according to the gender role of a woman) This Girl Is Bad-Ass!!

Go Search Try In-Garage Delivery.

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