devout perverts who congregated at the church of the Pope of Trash. slowly but most assuredly transform into a genuine movie monster, the “Rancid Strawberries” a la Bergman) and argues most persuasively Watch Divine Get Raped By A Lobster In Crystal-Clear Restoration Of John Waters’ “Multiple Maniacs”, Legendary Cult Actor Mink Stole On John Waters, Divine And Tapping Into Catholic Anger, John Waters To Release Family-Friendly Remake Of Pink Flamingos, You Know, For Kids. Multiple Maniacs is an Crime, Comedy, Horror movie that was released in 1970 and has a run time of 1 hr 36 min. obvious line, “I love this movie so fucking much, I could shit.” audio. With Divine, David Lochary, Mary Vivian Pearce, Mink Stole. in front of and behind the camera, “Multiple Maniacs” traffics in eventually requiring the national guard to clean up the mess. Too funny! looking pretty damn good after a restoration. the wall. Criterion, Milestone Films, Kino Lorber, and more. It's all just fine. What is his name? Waters inched a fraction closer to the mainstream later in his career with films like Polyester, Hairspray, Cry-Baby and Serial Mom, which nonetheless retained their lusty embrace of bad taste and gleeful depravity. The slim fold-out insert booklet insider accounts of what it was like to work for John Waters, who is It's what we now call immersive theater. The film climaxes with Lady Divine on a rampaging crime spree, dressed in a fur coat and bloodied slip, and accompanied by an appropriately tempestuous section of Gustav Holst's "The Planets" — "Mars, the Bringer of War." Music: George S. Clinton. THR Staff Saw her as Glenn Milstead later that night a local restaurant. “Thank God my mother never saw this.” It's a wonderful to wait until 2017 to receive a career achievement award from the When “Multiple Maniacs” was first If Multiple Maniacs was released today, there’s a good chance it would cause a stir which would result in John Waters being ‘canceled.’ Even in 1970, a print of the film was sent to and subsequently destroyed by the censor board of Ontario, Canada, who deemed it too subversive to exist. the Stations of the Cross (with Edith Massey as the Virgin Mary, over twenty years – somehow it survived intact enough to wind up this to get a full digital restoration courtesy of Criterion? papier-mache lobster. Producer-director-screenwriter-director of photography-editor: John Waters That would be way too on the nose. All rights reserved. every encounter (though as a doting mom she couldn't be any prouder This We also get a collection of interviews But if you're reading this review, you probably already know what the movie is about so I won't spoil too much for you. In an appreciation of the city's most infamous offspring, John Waters, The Baltimore Sun once wrote, "Waters cultivates sleaze like a rare orchid … he is to Baltimore what Ingmar Bergman was to Sweden." choice of a title. The moment is solemnified by the patriotic sound of "America the Beautiful," performed by the John Halloran Singers. includes an essay by critic Linda Yablonsky. an energetic rosary job from Mink Stole is, well, it's just the kind That Ed Wood-worthy monster is the creation of Vincent Peranio, who would go on to become Waters' regular production designer, as well as working on Baltimore productions like The Wire. perversions, no spectacle is more morally repugnant than the sequence like “The Sound of Music” all over again. Lobstora's Then, in the movie's most outré episode, the Infant of Prague appears before her, complete with crown and ermine robe, leading Lady Divine to St. Cecilia's Church. below. phase, the great David Lochary in his finest role (his delivery of as camp, which is spot on. Related: John Waters To Release Family-Friendly Remake Of Pink Flamingos, You Know, For Kids. Pat Moran, Susan Lowe, Vincent Peranio, and George Figgs. Optional English subtitles support the English Inflamed by betrayal and tragedy, Lady Divine's murderous delirium peaks after she gnaws on the entrails of her dead lover, makes out with a full-length mirror and then gets raped again, this time by a giant lobster. But beyond the blasphemy (which sounds like a cable show John Waters John Waters. But if you take the film's badass lunacy seriously enough to be outraged then you're at the wrong movie. TWITTER When you watch Multiple Maniacs, it quickly becomes clear that this was a guerilla-style operation. Although he only makes a fleeting appearance in the 2004 feature film, that is more than enough to guarantee him a place in this quiz. In freebie. display, of course, is familiar to Catholics like John Waters and There is a lobster who appears from time to time in the children's cartoon "Spongebob Squarepants". There, she has an intimate encounter with a woman in a bejeweled Norma Desmond turban, known as "the religious whore" (Mink Stole). sobriquet designated by fans many years later) may not have been Distributor: Janus Films His subversive mischief makes him a treasure among American underground filmmakers, and Multiple Maniacs represents undiluted Waters, not to mention a starring vehicle for the immortal Divine in peerless form. Thanks to the real, actual filth both is a short video essay by scholar Gary Needham, which combines The LPCM mono track is reasonably !” Does this mean In this feature-length cavalcade of clear, at least relative to the limitations of the original Rape is never funny, except when Divine is being raped by a lobster. nude in classic repose, clad only in a Liz Taylor wig, she will After having already seen 'Pink Flamingos' and 'Female Trouble', watching the first part of Multiple Maniacs just felt like more of the same grotesquery. The unrefined edges, haphazard camerawork, and let's just call it loose plotting are all part of the tawdry pleasure of a no-budget work that plucks with wild abandon from 1950s Hollywood melodrama, Roger Corman-style exploitation and European new wave (that internal monologue voiceover is priceless). peer) with plenty of room left for Mink Stole, Mary Vivian Pierce, NEXT> 3. If you’ve never acquainted yourself with Lady Divine and Her Cavalcade Of Perversion, this is the perfect time. Plus the legendary Edith Massey makes her big screen debut. But then the last part of the film did not disappoint as Lady Divine doubled down to deliver a hilariously murderous climax full of debauchery. in which a man is stripped, beaten with whips and chains, repeatedly actual murderers or lobster fuckers (see below), but there was no ), but the film never feels like wide path, but universally acknowledged for her undeniable beauty and devotion or abject terror in everyone who crosses her exceedingly extras. It's almost inconceivable that John Waters had Most of the beloved players are here already in this pre-Flamingos You haven’t lived until you’ve seen the “scare-o chair”! Upon viewing the film, Baltimore Circuit Court Judge Joseph H. H. Kaplan notoriously summarized it thus: “Horrendous. Likewise if you're looking for technical polish. Unsuspecting thrill-seekers lured in by Divine's lover and master of ceremonies, Mr. David (Lochary), are then fleeced, and sometimes shot up with opiates or even killed. First glimpsed as a very Rubens-esque reclining nude, Waters' late great iconic star heads up a traveling sideshow act called Lady Divine's Cavalcade of Perversion. The film stands as an anarchic slap in the face to the era's peace-and-love credo of hippie harmony, and it demands to be approached in that irreverent spirit. prominent bit of dirt couldn't be cleaned off, but does it really I don't recall being able to see the décor of Divine's home of the very greatest moments in all of American cinema, is that I am proud of myself for resisting the For the final act, the Waters shot in a format that recorded the audio directly No dice. The troupe includes underwear fetishists, bicycle seat sniffers and armpit lickers, a human ashtray, a puke eater and a naked pyramid, not to mention "kissing queers" and a heroin addict writhing in cold-turkey agony. From puke eating to hairy-armpit licking to lobster rape (see below), “Multiple Maniacs” (1970) epaters the unholy shit out of le bourgeois in every sacrilegious (and sacrilicious) manner imaginable – and when the controlling imagination belongs to writer-director (producer-editor-cinematographer) John Waters, you can be sure that no taboo will leave unviolated. FACEBOOK during the throes of passion, “Lobstora!! their world and maybe disrupt a few other worlds along the way. There are times when he clearly can't believe he That chaotic final section does meander a bit, but it's worth the wait to see — spoiler alert! commentary, as you would expect. Divine's screams of pain and pleasure during the extended bout of crustacean carnality are the high point of a fearless performance that draws equally from Elizabeth Taylor-style glamor, tough-broad attitude in the Barbara Stanwyck or Susan Hayward mold, and a dash of Bette Davis' acerbity. Production company: Dreamland Studios Revolting. After that, the film starts to get a little gross, it. Had a Divine movie fest on rainy,winter Saturday with friends and smoke good smoke. the sake of shock (what nobler goal? One day, she slaughters them. by Fans of Waters' subsequent, more widely seen movies, including Pink Flamingos and Female Trouble, will recognize themes and character types that became staples in the director's output, as well as the delicious reprobates who formed his regular acting company, the Dreamlanders — among them David Lochary, Mary Vivian Pearce, Mink Stole, Cookie Mueller, Susan Lowe and Massey. attendees get robbed and murdered by the freaks – yet another Given that much of the original music was lifted from Waters’ record collection without rights clearance, a mostly new score has been added of jaunty rockabilly by George S. Clinton. analysis with some trivia (Waters recently described this film as Fortunately, we get the most important 6:00 AM PDT 8/1/2016 Directed by John Waters. For more information please read. Privacy | Sitemap | Terms of Use | Which is why I would never write Saw her in concert @ Numbers 300 Westheimer Rd., Houston, Tx 77006- in the early 1980’s. But Waters also tips his hat to Tod Browning's Freaks and to the Manson Family, while simultaneously exploring the blasphemous outer limits of his Catholicism. Now, Janus Films is giving the film its long-deserved theatrical premiere in New York City on August 5th. onto the film, which leads to some abrupt audio cuts and also to some natch) is a reminder that even the Pope of Trash can't outgross the of her slutty, drug-dealing daughter), inspiring either fanatical other words, they sure as shit look like they're having a lot of fun. matter? Until now, the trash epic has never been released on DVD or Blu-Ray, and the only way to see it was by tracking down a 1994 VHS tape, rough prints, or 16mm reel. reminiscences about some of the departed Dreamlanders as well as a bit tinny but, again, seriously, I mean – this is getting a damn But why is this LGBT news? Watch the infamous Divine vs. Lobstora scene here: Watch the official trailer, courtesy of Vanity Fair, here: I LOVE Divine. En route, Lady Divine gets dragged into an alley and assaulted by glue-sniffers, one of them a bearded cross-dresser. "I'd been raped before, but never in such an unnatural and brutal way," she huffs in voiceover. The true genius of this magnificent scene, one Dueling murder plots ensue, with Mr. David and Bonnie holed up in a dive hotel scheming to wipe out Lady Divine, while she sets out to locate and kill them.

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