Your work frequently features endangered species, including the humble bee. Supporting organisations working on the frontline of conservation is something that the artist has been doing more and more in the last few years. Street Art and the indecent scribblings on the shady corner of the street are not the same. Street Art aux Pays-Bas; Street Art à New-York; Street Art au Royaume-Uni; Expositions. Louis Masai interview "Art for Wildlife" Hi Louis, It's a great pleasure to meet you. His recent documentation of endangered creatures and raising of awareness of statistics has on occasions brought the notion of activism to light. BRISTOL UPFEST 2016; BRISTOL UPFEST 2017; DULWICH OUTDOOR GALLERY; KUFA’s URBAN ART; L’OUVRAGE-57 2017; MEETING OF STYLES UK; URBANART 2015; URBANART 2017; WOOD STREET WALLS; Rechercher; Menu; LOUIS MASAI. I will also be dropping a new edition of prints, bronze sculptures, T-shirts and also a robotic penguin. ( Log Out /  ( Log Out / 

What is it like to be a street artist in London ?

Tags: animal. The first time I painted a wall was way back when I was a kid with some sprays I had stolen from a garage. For example, last year I painted in the Amazon rainforest of Ecuador and in the mountain tops of Switzerland. Interview with Louis Masai If you’re in London over the bank holiday weekend, we’ve got a great suggestion for how to spend your time: check out internationally acclaimed painter, sculptor, and muralist Louis Masai’s latest exhibition, Missing (May 25th-27th at The Crypt Gallery, Euston). Well to be honest I don’t have a preference for a specific technique, environment or material. That was an experience that will stay with me forever, seeing whales jump out of the water at only an arm’s length from me… it wasn’t the painting in itself that was memorable, but the journey that being an artist took me on. What’s the most memorable experience you’ve had while creating street art? Street Art and Graffiti from London, the UK and around the World, The RSPB Big Garden Birdwatch happened recently and the results are in for 2020. The show will be more of an immersive experience, so there will be smell, taste, sound as well as sight to be experienced. Then in September I’ll be in residency at the Urban Nation in Berlin. What is it like to be a street artist in London ?

How has the public responded to your work? Oct 5, 2016 - Explore Ruth Knight's board "Louis Masai" on Pinterest. I can tell you how it is from my perspective but its different…

It takes places at the Crypt in Euston. When he wasn’t being a chef, his other passion for painting took over. He gets huge enjoyment from both elements and embraces the influences that both practices have upon each other. Tell us about the technique(s) you use to create your pieces. The world is one. The idea for this series of work was to question why humans often fail to recognise a disappearing species yet mourn the death of a celebrity. That’s the power of art! There are plenty of artists who … More, A new street art mural from Louis Masai has appeared in Wimbledon. I can tell you how it is from my perspective but its different…

What do you find the most fulfilling about painting in the streets as opposed to ‘Last of my kind’, documents critically endangered birds with references to extinct musicians. I painted some tags and a couple horrendous pieces. His street art project “Save the Bees” aims to catch your attention by covering the walls of London with bees. I started painting bees because I realised that everyone knew what a bee looked like, it was something familiar. Blantyre, Malawi. Please follow the link we've just sent you to activate the subscription. He gets huge enjoyment from both elements and embraces the influences that both practices have upon each other.

Street Art fills the Streets of Penge. So thanks for this , Pingback: Interview with Louis Masai | GLOBAL STREET ART - UMSEEN. He maintains a fairly balanced combination of painting in the studio and painting murals in the public domain. Actually, though, if there had to be something that fulfils me the most in my practice, it would have to be painting with inspiring communities or in faraway environments that couldn’t be further detached from the idea of a street or a gallery. My goal is to paint as many species in their country of origin as possible—I would love to paint a polar bear in Alaska. His mission is to raise awareness of the decline of our species, celebrate and reconnect people with nature through art. Nature.

The average being is far more likely to have seen a bee than a whale or rhino and if anyone was to ask their grandparents if they had noticed a decrease in bee numbers from when they were younger, a tangible understanding to the issue at hand is more likely. Saw photos of them before but did not know anything about the artist. Louis Masai Michel lives in london since 2010.He maintains a fairly balanced combination of painting in the studio and painting murals in the public domain.

He believes that together we can, and must, fight extinction. Called ‘It’s Oh So Quiet’ it depicts a … More, In the south of London there is a street art secret. I start with an outline then fill in the colour patches, followed by the filing of pattern details. Louis Masai interview "Art for Wildlife" Hi Louis, It's a great pleasure to meet you. Are there particular areas/venues to meet up and share your passion with others ? Get Even More Visitors To Your Blog, Upgrade To A Business Listing >>, © 2001-2020   |   All rights reserved, Best Organic Coffees That Are Healthy & Enticing, How to Turn Your Garden into Stables Fit for a Racehorse, Achyuth Reddy – Setting A Sustainable Trend In Indian Agri-Business, A Tribute To My Cute Miniature Pinscher Gambit, Can CBD Be Used to Fight Coronavirus Pandemic.

Who would have thought? A profoundly proactive and environmentally engaged artist, Louis Masai’s work touches on poignant endangerment issues, questioning relationships between humans, wildlife and the planets biodiversity. I switched my focus to bumble bees after I realised that their existence was far more fragile than that of the honey bees. Really well— I’m frequently told about how my work has increased awareness, changed consumerist patterns, and even diets.

What do you want our readers to know? You’ve got an exhibition called Missing coming up soon—tell us about it! Cape Cod is on the coast and home, when in season, to many whales and dolphins—well, I say many, but they are all endangered and the numbers are dwindling rapidly. It was then that his love for painting really started to flourish. It is an incredible space, beautiful and awesome to explore— and it is essentially a burial ground, which makes the message of my art all the more urgent and immediate. After the painting that i created there last year of lola my recently passed boxer dog i feel a very close attachment to the street. This post first appeared on Slavenka & Obi, please read the originial post: here. For example with his show Afrofabrication he entwined fabric patterns to the animals in an attempt to comment on a human desire to cover up, or indeed use flamboyant colours to attract a mate.

Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. Both were breathtaking and the communities there were humble and inspiring. His subject matter focuses on animals but always strives to find a human reference to juxtapose an element that might not be previously obvious. Outside I use cans, inside I use brushes— but both mediums utilise the same stage process. It is of … More, Environmental street artist Louis Masai has embarked on his biggest project to date, a tour around America, using art to … More, Following on from our recent post featuring the work of Ben Eine and his alphabet on Middlesex Street, this post … More, Popular London based artist Louis Masai has become well known over the past few years for his campaigning murals raising … More, One of the biggest street art events of the year ‘Meeting of Styles’ has returned to Shoreditch for the third … More, From a barren patch of waste ground to a bustling hive of share and share alike community goodness, the Nomadic … More, The hugely anticipated ‘Endangered ‘event saw some of the countries best environmental artists descend upon the railway arches of Mile … More, Walthamstow has been having a lot going on street art wise for the past few years now but this month’s … More, Environmental artists are preparing to create a series of murals in Tower Hamlets as part of an awareness raising project … More, Tooting Broadway market has found itself at the centre of a mini street art takeover with artists flocking to area … More, Mugshots of some the city’s best known street artists have been appearing all over the Brick Lane and Shoreditch areas … More, The Human Nature road-show rolled back into London town and combined with ‘The Art of Progress’ to take over the … More, The worldwide phenomenon that is the Meeting of Styles returned to London this weekend for what is now it’s fifth … More, Campaigning street artists Louis Masai and Jim Vision have joined forces over the past week. ), his creative influences, and more!

Joining forces to raise awareness … More, It took me a while to get here but finally I have seen the streets of Brixton one of London’s … More, This year has seen some real quality street art around the environs of London with the East End in particular … More, In a disused toilet block in the city of Bristol, London based artist Louis Masai will soon be holding his … More, Artists of all persuasions joined forces this weekend to create an incredible mural under a railway bridge in the historic … More, The Whitecross Street Party was certinaly the place to be this weekend! Currently I paint bees stitching up my plush toy patchwork species to highlight that there is an issue that needs fixing, or rather stitching up. It’s not the painting that creates the experiences for me, it’s the opportunities that I am presented with.

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