Only a couple of supplements but they’re strong and offer substantial information on Clouzot, the film’s history, and the film itself. We use cookies to personalize content and ads, to provide social media features and to analyze our traffic. We then have a battle between women, as to who is going to break first and who will be the first to perhaps call the police and blame it on the other. In French withEnglish subtitles. Audio commentary by Susan Hayward, author of Les diaboliques (Cine-file French Film Guides) Ah, expert commentaries. As an audience, we’re still appalled by this murder but in the end we don’t truly blame them, as that it’s the only way they can get away from his grip on them all. The true mystery is what occurs throughout the second half, which makes Les Diaboliques one of the classics, not only in the horror genre but in film in general. Thanks on their behalf.”. [Criterion Rumors and News] / Mon Oct 19, 2020 01:40:58 AM, [General Film Discussion] / Sun Oct 18, 2020 11:00:40 PM, StudioCanal: Buñuel: the Essential Collection, [Boutique Labels] / Sun Oct 18, 2020 10:29:10 PM, [Filmmakers] / Sun Oct 18, 2020 09:27:21 PM, [International DVD and Blu-ray News and Discussions] / Sun Oct 18, 2020 09:24:54 PM, The Trial of the Chicago 7 (Aaron Sorkin, 2020), [The Criterion Collection] / Sun Oct 18, 2020 08:31:39 PM, [Filmmakers] / Sun Oct 18, 2020 06:09:51 PM, [General Film Discussion] / Sun Oct 18, 2020 04:48:53 PM, [Indicator Blu-rays] / Sun Oct 18, 2020 04:18:06 PM, [The Criterion Collection] / Sun Oct 18, 2020 02:54:09 PM, [Filmmakers] / Sun Oct 18, 2020 01:07:07 PM, This site is not affiliated with The Criterion Collection. Plus there’s mention of Paul Meurisse’s dislike of Vera Clouzot (or at least how the director tried to make her the spotlight when she wasn’t a great actress) including quotes from the actor. The whites and blacks are sharp, and we just get the best of what Clouzot was showing us on the screen. She also goes over the production in great detail as well and talks about Clouzot’s work with the actors and his (mis)treatment of them.

Welcome to, one of the premier destinations on the web to discuss DVD releases from The Criterion Collection, Masters of Cinema, and other DVD production companies from around the world. And Arrow’s own wonderful touch, providing the consumer with newly commissioned artwork and three other optional choices, all being original posters for the film.

On a smaller TV I can see it being a bit of a problem, but in this case it works adequately. They also include a booklet which I unfortunately didn’t receive a copy of with the screener disc I received.

personally, I love the campy art work on the new cover. Arrow released this all-region Blu-ray about a month before Criterion’s region A edition and now having seen both I can say the Criterion slightly edges out the Arrow presentation by a little bit. For her intro she goes into great detail about Clouzot’s career before Les diaboliques, particularly his work during the German Occupation and the film Le corbeau. Writer. I’m not sure but this could be because of the bitrate, which is about half of what the Criterion’s is (again this one is a single-layer disc where Criterion’s is a dual-layer disc, allowing for more room for the film.). She then moves on to Les diaboliques’ production, the book on which its based, Clouzot’s working style with actors (as addressed elsewhere here and on supplements of other Clouzot film releases, he could be cruel), and then also addresses the comparisons to Hitchcock, which are valid in some areas but not entirely since Clouzot’s films could be darker and even crueler. The disc then includes an introduction by Ginette Vincendeau, who also offered an introduction for Arrow’s Rififi Blu-ray. Les Diaboliques (1955) Discussion.

She also talks about the relationships between the characters, even pointing out the hints of a possible lesbian relationship between the two female leads (which was a full blown plot point in the original novel), and how Clouzot manages to hide clues in plain sight. Arrow also gives us a nice array of extras.

After the success of The Wages of Fear (Le salaire de la peur) Henri-Georges Clouzot cemented his reputation with his masterpiece, Les diaboliques. A cruel schoolmaster is murdered by his wife and mistress, but when the body vanishes the wife becomes convinced that he's still alive and hungry for revenge.

Christina is a fragile woman, who has a bad heart and just tries to get on by, day by day, because the children mean most to her. A big worry with any foreign film is the choice of subtitles. Podcaster.

This is the same one that appeared on Arrow's 2007 DVD release, and before I start griping I should state that Hayward certainly knows her Clouzot and has clearly spent a good deal of time studying this film, and I would imagine that her written work on it is an interesting read. On the minus side the Arrow BD actually has less information on screen, with the image cropped around the edges, but this was really only noticeable when doing direct comparisons. An unsettling and beautifully-paced study of betrayal, mistrust and guilt, Les diaboliques is atmospherically shot in black and white, its murky tones hauntingly echo the moral ambiguity of its principals.

The original trailer for the film is also included. You'll also find in-depth discussions on world cinema. A scene dealing with this in particular is tense and when the phone is hung up, we’re relieved and can breathe a bit easier for a little bit. Directed by Henri-Georges Clouzot. I had no problems playing the disc on my North American PS3.).

Taut thriller from Henri-Georges Clouzot that rivals Hitchcock's best. continued on the insert booklet and disc art it makes for an off beat look that could have been around at the time it was released in 1955. highly recommended, Vera Clouzot, wife of The track is somewhat lifeless and lacks fidelity, and this is best shown in the few screams that occur throughout, which come off edgy and harsh as they strain for something more. The presentation is limited a bit by the source, and the digital transfer has a couple of problems, but overall the film looks good. I was legit terrified when the husband started coming out of the water and peeling back his eyes. In all it still looks pretty good but is hampered slightly by a middling bitrate and the condition of the source materials. Sounds like a typical film, but what makes it interesting is that Christina and Michel are the headmistress and headmaster of a school they run and own, while it isn’t any secret that Michel and Nicole are having a relationship. They also include a written conversation between Paul Schrader and Clouzot with rare illustrations by Leon Barsacq and a new essay about the film by author and critic Brad Stevens.

The film centers on Nicole’s plot to kill Michel with Christina, using an odorless poison to debilitate Michel while they’re away on vacation and to drown him.

Those are the words of Henri-Georges Clouzot at the end of the film, Les Diaboliques. With their new Arrow Academy line, they might be giving Masters of Cinema a little run for their money and giving the consumer a new company to be rooting for with what films they will be releasing next. And to anyone who gives away the ending, they truly are a diabolical one. “Don’t be diabolical.

Subscribe to the TCM Shop newsletter for discounts and exclusives. David Brook reviews the Criterion Collection Blu-Ray release of Henri-Georges Clouzot's classic thriller. (Though a UK release this disc is all-region and should play on all Blu-ray players.

), Arrow then includes the same theatrical trailer found on the Criterion edition.

It’s a great touch that they’ve become famous for and one we appreciate. Michel is a tyrant, one who abuses all those around him and his power is over these women and every other teacher and child at this school.

Until I get a copy I’ll include these notes on the booklet from Arrow’s website: “Brand new writing on the film by author and critic Brad Stevens and a re-printed interview with Clouzot by Paul Schrader illustrated with stills and rare original set drawings by Léon Barsacq.”. To either read or join in on our discussions visit our forums.

Unfortunately during the last half of the film she does drop off for long periods leaving plenty of dead spots.

Gray levels look pretty good and contrast levels are solid allowing for strong shadows.

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