Finally, around four in the morning, it was the ambassador's turn. Night had long since fallen on the thinned-out embassy grounds and the word quietly spread that only the remaining Americans would be evacuated from the roof. These are my people. From the building's top floors, where the top-secret stuff was stored, streamers of shredded documents cascaded out windows as if this were a ticker-tape parade. It is estimated that, on April 29th, ten thousand people stood outside the Embassy gates seeking entrance through the locked doors. So he spent his last days in Saigon attempting to arrange for several people to get onto military airplanes or helicopters. South Vietnamese forces had not mounted a credible defense and had been routed in making a voluntary withdrawl from the northern panhandle and the Central Highlands. The 9th Marine Amphibious Brigade was to supply helicopters and a security force for the evacuation. Helicopters bring evacuees to the deck of a U.S. carrier in the South China Sea. The radio announcer would say “The temperature in Saigon is 105 degrees and rising.” This would be followed by the playing of Bing Crosby singing “I’m Dreaming of a White Christmas.”. I said, ‘This has got to be it. And even the clamor of the panicked mob in the street outside seemed to have died with the sun. Anybody could have taken a potshot or overrun us for that matter. Click the link we sent to , or click here to log in. When the decision was made to finally pull the plug on South Vietnam, "White Christmas" was to be played on Armed Forces Radio. Big, gangly CH-46 Sea Knight helicopters from the 7th Fleet standing off in the South China Sea began arriving in relays -- one plumping itself down in the parking lot while a second would alight on the embassy roof. .

The U.S. evacuation plan was as dumb as the whole U.S. adventure in Vietnam had been. His hair was slicked, his face oiled.

we’re talking about [Marine Corps and Air Force CH-53s] that can hold . Aware that American arrest orders for them had been issued, the men hid themselves in an empty apartment in Saigon that lower-level Embassy personnel had arranged for them. The airport runway was pot-holed by the bombs.”, LaGueux: “[Ambassador Martin] didn’t believe [the airport] was unusable. Tens of thousands of Vietnamese made their way to the American evacuation fleet off the coast in small boats and hijacked aircraft. There were at least three South Vietnamese generals in uniform with their families, assorted Vietnamese politicians, a former mayor of Saigon, the city fire chief and a dozen of his men still wearing their back-flap firemen's helmets.

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