ZOCOM's mission was to "invade" areas of high Tiberium infestation and commence reclamation operations. Kane's Wrath faction breakdown # 1 javajeff Mar 31 2008, 23:59 PM I would like to know the strengths and weaknesses of each faction in multiplayer. The Steel Talons is the name given to an experimental technology battalion formed in the wake of the Second Tiberium War. Willing to accept substantial technological unc… Mitchell is something of a maverick and a risk taker in that he places a lot of faith in technology, even unproven technology. Willing to accept substantial technological uncertainty in exchange for even a temporary fire-power advantage, the Steel Talons endorse a flexible force doctrine in order to ensure that their soldiers can, with appropriate investment, out-gun any foe. Some Scrin factions pics~ Nothing special here :P. Kane's Wrath Unofficial Patch 1.04 is a big bang patch that will try to balance the game a bit more from my and the community ideas and at the same time will try to save the most import ingredient: The "fun". We've got the details on the two GDI subfactions below. ZOCOM With the Second Tiberium War over, the GDI tasked the military's Zone Operations Command, or ZOCOM, with the goal of reducing and eliminating the Tiberium contamination of the planet. Though Mexican by birth, she grew up in the Tiberium wastes of Africa, following her scientist parents around. Their mixture of high-end and low-tech military gear can be exceptionally lethal, but also unpredictable. Always at the front of such a charge is the Reaper Tripod, a mammoth assault walker that dwarfs even the Scrin Annihilator, emblematic of Reaper’s approach in its favouring of power over subtlety or tactical superiority. Perhaps the most unusual aspect of the Black Hand is that, due to their deeply religious nature, they reject both the role of stealth and “soulless machines” in combat. After all, Mitchell argued, as long as Tiberium contamination remained on the planet, large amounts of the population would remain dispirited and provide ready recruits for any successor to Nod. The Steel Talons are an elite unit equipped with high-tech units and weapons. ZOCOM soldiers are hardy, battle-hardened veterans, capable of bunkering down and withstanding even the most powerful assault before pushing back with equally devastating force. Fast, nimble, and flexible in approach, Traveler-59 substitutes brute force for a more finessed combat methodology, leaning heavily on their teleportation and mind-control abilities. At the same time, he also believes in the superiority of advanced firepower. The Steel Talons proved themselves in the small skirmishes that followed the Second Tiberium War. The Scrin’s numbers are unknown and their technology seems to be far superior to ours. Resourceful, organized, and heavily armed, GDI forces are direct and dependable. We know enough about the game in order to compile a Unit Tech Tree of the units in Kane's Wrath. 1. Most interestingly, their technology seems to have afforded them a level of resiliency to our foreign environment. They are willing to sacrifice everything to bring victory to the Brotherhood. Kane's Wrath, which is due out next year, will feature a load of new live-action cutscenes, with such actors as Species' Natasha Henstridge and Alias' Carl Lumbly. While their flexibility doctrine precludes Traveler-59 from utilizing bulky Scrin forcefield generators, the massively increased movement speed provided by their advanced articulation technology more than compensates. This elite, unconventional combat battalion quickly rose to prominence in the splinter faction skirmishes that followed Nod’s implosion, becoming known for both their ruthless efficiency on the battlefield and for the shroud of secrecy they maintained at all other times. on November 16, 2007 at 4:49PM PST. Instead of the traditional Co… Humanity has little intel on their motives, but, unless proven otherwise, they will be treated as a serious threat. Their aim is to abolish The Brotherhood of Nod terrorist organization and reverse the effects of Tiberium on the ecosystem so that the world can return to a sustainable level of habitability. Back to Command & Conquer 3: Kane’s Wrath Index. Nod’s forces are an unusual combination of poorly-equipped third-world militias with highly trained mercenaries armed with exotic weaponry. The Marked of Kane balance finesse with massive, near overwhelming force, eschewing the hit and run tactics common to Nod in favour of substantial raids capable of devastating even the strongest encampment. They seem to thrive in Tiberium and, unlike us, appear to actually be healed, not harmed, by the substance. Each of the three factions featured in Command & Conquer 3: Tiberium Wars (the Global Defense Initiative, Brotherhood of Nod and Scrin) will receive two additional “sub-factions” in Kane’s Wrath. Main article: Global Conquest Kane's Wrath features a "Risk-like" gameplay mode called "Global Conquest", where players build and control their forces from a strategic, global level with the goal of either destroying all enemies or completing their side's alternate victory objective.

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