He was seen in the background of many Season 9 episodes. Clock was one of the few people in the hospital who were completely impervious to Dr. Cox's sarcastic barbs. Ma famille. She appears in 88 episodes of Scrubs over all nine seasons. This tends to take the form of the Janitor pulling mean-spirited pranks on J.D., although he gives J.D.

told Elliot that he did not love her at Turk and Carla's wedding rehearsal in "My Self-Examination”, and in the following episode, "My Best Friend's Wedding”, he set out to find Sean in an attempt to fix his friendship with Elliot. ", "I'm a little door mat, I sit and I stay, I let people use me every single day". Keith responded by saying he had really needed to hear that. In "His Story IV", Keith revealed himself to be a Republican, which strengthened his relationship with Elliot, as she was also one.

Required fields are marked *. was seven years old, but he remained a part of J.D. Elliot and Sean's relationship had its ups and downs, with Elliot ultimately breaking up with him—just as they were preparing to move in together—after realizing that she still had feelings for J.D. However, he was fired from the group after his tryout. Clock, but actually said, "Now we're even." Their relationship became very strained, with Keith insulting Elliot whenever he saw her. He was seen talking to an intern in Season 9's "Our First Day of School", but was only in the background and had no lines. His real name was first mentioned in Season 3's "My White Whale”, when J.D. Laverne Roberts, played by Aloma Wright, was a nurse at Sacred Heart. J.D. A vrai dire, m’inquiéter me permet d’être droit dans mes bottes. Je ne sais pas exactement d’où je viens et cette idée de foyer – la maison perdue, la recherche de la maison, l’odyssée – influence mon travail. Doug and Ted often hung out with each other, and were revealed to bike and compete in triathlons together, as well. In the Season 8 finale, "My Finale", Lonnie was shown one last time.
Despite J.D. Before leaving the hospital for the final time as a doctor, Cabbage stopped to pick up a used medical glove and dropped it into a waste bin. He was seen with his arm around Josephine in "My Finale”, during J.D.

When his relationship with second-year resident Gloria was revealed in Season 5's "My Lunch", she stated that she was "never going back", and Leonard told everyone that he loved "white meat". She first appeared in "My Bad" (Season 1) as J.D. He is in a relationship with Lucy for a time, but after he is diagnosed with melanoma, he takes his frustrations out on her, causing her to leave him. He had a fling with Elliot in Season 4, which J.D.

Toward the end of Season 8, he realizes he misses being a doctor. Co-chief!" Aimer. Though Dr. Cox and Jordan had been shown to bicker, Dr. Cox remarked that Jordan now refused to argue with him because she did not want Jack to be emotionally scarred.[19]. Gloria was later seen pregnant with Leonard's twin children. Jordan Sullivan is the ex-wife of Dr. Perry Cox with whom she currently lives and is in a relationship.

's fantasies, dumping a ton of bricks on J.D. In the Season 6 finale, Lloyd was part of the Janitor's Brain Trust, replacing an upset Doug.

Her organs were given to transplant patients, most of whom were almost out of time.

He has been dating former figure skater, Jordan Sullivan since meeting while attending Cushing Academy. Join Facebook to connect with Jordan Sullivan and others you may know. The event was hosted by U.S. Jimmy, played by Taran Killam, was introduced in Season 8. and Cox, she was declared terminal. Jordan is portrayed by Christa Miller. Elliot has an estranged relationship with both of her parents, particularly her mother, who often belittles and demeans her. Elliot later remarked that Kim was actually divorced and wore the ring only to avoid unwanted advances from other doctors.

enjoyed antagonizing. Donald Faison was the only original cast member, besides John C. McGinley, to return for Season 9 as a regular cast member. Family Ben was diagnosed with leukemia, which initially caused a strain on his friendship with Cox (because Cox was unable to handle the fact that Ben had only a 30% chance of survival), but J.D. He also participates in biking and triathlons, often training with Doug Murphy. The real-life Winston was the basis for the character Carter on Spin City, and his friendship with Lawrence was the basis for the one shared by Turk and J.D. When he was introduced, he was an easygoing guy, but because of a combination of people accidentally calling his name and J.D.

[15] Wright played a new character similar to Laverne, but only J.D. Troy, played by Joe Rose, worked in the Sacred Heart cafeteria and was the Janitor's lackey/sidekick. She and Turk go through a trial separation in Season 4 after Carla discovers that Turk is still talking to his ex-girlfriend without telling her he is married, a separation that is prolonged after Carla and J.D. Ted makes three guest appearances outside of the Scrubs series on Cougar Town. While at first, J.D. Lloyd, the Delivery Guy (played by writer Mike Schwartz)—whose last name may be Slawski, his father's surname[26]—was a member of the air band Cool Cats with Turk, Ted, and the Janitor, where he played air drums. Infos.

In "Our Drunk Friend", she personally raises money to send an alcoholic patient to rehab, only to have it blow up in her face when he falls off the wagon. Originally hired in September 2016, Sullivan served as the program’s director of basketball administration in 2016-17.
Sam Dorian, played by John Ritter, was J.D. A second cousin of hers plays/played for the New England Patriots and has won a Super Bowl.

Laverne was one of the few staff members who could intimidate imposing employees such as Dr. Cox, the Janitor, Dr. Kelso, and Carla, with whom she was especially close.

He was also seen in a musical number after getting feces thrown in his eye by a homeless person. View the profiles of people named Jordan Sullivan.

When J.D. Dr. Molly Clock, played by Heather Graham, was an attending psychiatrist at Sacred Heart who first appeared in the Season 4 episode "My Old Friend's New Friend". 's adult life. was angry and jealous at first at how quickly and (comparatively) easily Dan had become successful, but he eventually got over those feelings and was proud of how his brother had turned his life around. ("My Dream Job"), Jordan and Dr. Cox live together. named his son, Sam, after his father. As the hospital's "sad sack", he has pathetically low self-esteem and frequent suicidal tendencies. Doris served as medical adviser to the show. was Turk's best man[4] and is the godfather of Carla's and his child, Izzy. In Season 2's My New Old Friend”, Dr. Cox described him as "the finest oncologist we have on staff". Almost immediately, J.D. ("My Rite of Passage") They can often be seen eating lunch together or going out on the town.

[17] After joining the staff of Sacred Heart at the beginning of Season 7, she apparently developed a close friendship with the Janitor. Cox sat with Jordan and J.D. After Scrubs was renewed for a seventh season, creator Bill Lawrence promised Aloma Wright another role, because he had killed off Laverne under the impression that the show was in its final season. [25] The character has the same name as a former writing partner of series writer Bill Callahan; the two previously wrote for Spin City, which was co-created by Scrubs creator Bill Lawrence.

Extremely talented at creating fast-spreading catchphrases, Ed was well liked by many at the hospital but hated by J.D. 0650288831. At the end of the episode "My Coffee", she accepts an offer to go into private practice, allowing her to receive double the pay, still work at Sacred Heart, and never have to deal with superiors Dr. Cox (McGinley) or Dr. Kelso (Ken Jenkins) again. According to her LinkedIn, Jordan goes to Northeastern University for a Bachelor of Arts (BA), Communication Studies major and Journalism minor. It is later revealed that she maintained much of her religious devotion as a way to cope with seeing suffering and death in the hospital every day. and seven months pregnant.

In Season 5's "My Cabbage”, he gave out "cool" orange prison jumpsuits to people at the hospital after his release.

However, J.D. While he eventually acted professionally at work with her, he alternated between anger and depression outside of the workplace. and Dr. Cox found Jill obnoxious, but she bonded with Elliot in Season 1's "My Occurrence". and Dr. Cox). Partage. He admitted to J.D. and Cox went through the five stages of grief on her behalf, but they were all comforted by Doctor Hedrick (a counselor for the terminally ill).

So intense is Ted's hatred for Kelso that he regularly has homicidal thoughts about him, and Kelso is well aware of these thoughts, which adds to their tensions. This would only prove to be true, though, if Gloria and Leonard were already dating at that point.

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