Hi all, is it possible to join any of the military special forces after 30? Hope that helps. There is no way around it. For each basic training flight there is one dorm chief and four element leaders. Requirements would be lessened. If you're older, your Army recruiter can also help you decide on age-appropriate career selections. Each branch sets their own age limit, so you might not get accepted in one branch of service but there’s still a chance in another. In 2012 he tried to convince the overnment to accept military applicants no matter their age, as long as they could meet the minimum health and fitness requirements. United States Coast Guard: Officer Opportunities, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services: Applying to the Commissioned Corps. Every trainee that goes through basic training are put to the same PT testing standards, there’s no exception for you joining the Air Force in your 30’s. When I first joined the Air Force I lived in the dorms on base for only a year. Can National Guard send me back to basic if the Army has discharged me? So any PT test after basic training should seem like a breeze. The benefit to being older than age 25 when seeking an Army career is that your mature outlook can generally make for a higher-performing soldier. If you wanna join the Air Force in your 30’s then you are in luck. Don't sign a contract that doesn't say spec ops if that's what you really want. I am already a GS-12 step 6 at my civilian job and have 20 more years to go on it. © Copyright 2020 Military.com. Looking to get into the officer program, but is there a certain officer program to look into? Every day is a test to stay in SOF, to improve skills that were perfected years ago, to maintain fitness for any fight in any environment, to envision solutions for unknown tactical challenges to come. You could also get a RIP contract and go Ranger at age 32. As I mentioned before, I’ve been very diligent about my training and studying. So If you join the Air Force in your 30’s, after getting settled into your first duty assignment, talk to the First Sargent if you wanna leave the dorms early. The Coast Guard has both doors open to applicants as old as 39, according to Military.com. Each of the four military service … Yet, the age was once raised to 42 until 2012, when it dropped back down to 35, according to MilitarySpot.com. Birthdays and family events will occasionally be missed, that goes for both active duty and reservists. You may not be able to have that be your initial MOS, but can always be recruited into it once you are in the service. I just started running and my heels don’t touch my butt when running, I tried but for only few meters, I’m not overweight, I only weighted 122 lbs. That’s great you are interested in being an officer. Anything scored under 90 requires you to test again after 6 months. The only thing you’d be able to do at this point is to talk to a recruiter to see if a waiver can be issued. Honest question. The biggest takeaways from this are. U.S. Representative Paul Broun, Jr., is a doctor in the Navy Reserves. He also spent seven years as an airline operations manager. Are there any benefits at this age to join or more benefits are given to the younger people straight from college? Hi! After that who knows what could happen to the age requirements. Also, the maximum enlistment age for Army Special Forces is normally 29, while the Ranger maximum enlistment age limit is usually 34. https://basictoblues.com/air-force-pros-and-cons/. Unless you want an army specific job, join the Navy or Air Force. Tony Guerra served more than 20 years in the U.S. Navy. If you're 35 or older and hoping to join the military, contact a recruiter representing the service branch you wish to enter. Having both parents in the military does make it harder on a family, but it is doable. Thanks for asking! Keep in mind these regular pt test scores will only pass with a score of 75. Can I Enlist in the Army if I Wear Glasses? Unfortunately, if you're between ages 36 and 42, your odds of enlisting in the Army may be fairly low.

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