The team shouldn’t be allowed to void his contract unless his choice was ridiculous, and something no sane person would do. I guess you’ve looked over the contract and are a hig-powered sports lawyer. Same thing happens throughout the US labor market — even markets that differ from professional sports; markets where traditional products and services are being offered.

Reaching a settlement to void his current contract would actually allow him to then go and sign as a FA for more than the league minimum and essentially cash in by having 2-contracts at once for the upcoming season — it’ll be interesting/possibly precedent setting if it does indeed go that route. From a personal standpoint, however, it's clear Ellsbury believes he should have won the American League MVP award last season. Chicago paid $7.6MM in taxes last season. I think you’re assuming that the contract does not say that the Yankees have a say in what treatment is/isn’t undertaken. His defense was terrific. Ellsbury just went through a pair of seasons wiped out by injuries, which led the Yankees to release him Wednesday and eat the remaining $26MM on his contract. I can’t recall any instances outside of legal lack of capacity or a medical power of attorney where a court has upheld the power of a third party to coerce, restrict, or dictate the medical treatment of a persons body. Hal Steinbrenner has drawn a line in the sand and Brian Cashman has bought into it and is signed up to execute the team’s falling under the $197 million mark this season. Players LOVE playing for the Yankees. On the other side we have a player that was held on the dl/il under what appear dubious reasons, and, is facing penalties for attempting to get better and return to the field. MLB’s wealthiest franchise goes after the final year of a player’s contract. And all those big contracts prevented the R Sox from winning more that 4 WS titles in a 15 yr span.

Jacoby Ellsbury may very well be sitting at home snickering at the Yankees, who made a grandstand play to keep him away from their arch-rival Boston Red Sox by signing him to a costly and interminable contract, that’s come around to bite the Yankees more quickly and forcefully than they could have imagined at the time. (Bill Kostroun | AP)AP. I have ALWAYS assumed that the team had a say in what treatment the player received, just as the player does. Player- All rights reserved (About Us). Especially since they cost almost exactly the same last year. It’s the Yankees. Meanwhile, though there’s no official timetable for fellow banged-up Cardinals righty Mike Mayers’ return, he’s aiming for July. There are suitors for Ellsbury, and it’s likely, Cashman has found at least one or two who are ready to strike a deal. The Billionaire Yankees don’t want to pay out a contract they agreed on. Depends on what contract you signed, kids.

Watching him at the end of the year, it looked like he was given the at-bats that were needed and the numbers speak for themselves. For example: I had a coworker at a restaurant I worked at years ago.
Just another bold move by the “ Genius” Cashman. The MLBPA needs to have its rear handed to them over faulty contracts. They hide the cost in products. Only if the demand is there. There’s kind of a fine line when it comes to these medical decisions. Outfielder Jacoby Ellsbury plans to continue his career in 2020, Mark Feinsand of hears. From the Yankees point of view, you might be able to break contract by using other doctors but it better pay off.

Jacoby “Brittle” Ellsbury was collecting millions from the sox before the spanks and eveyone thought that the sox treated him poorly. Pay the man wtf you signed him for this long pay him the length of the contract. I know when it was getting close, people were talking to me about Darren Erstad driving in 100 runs [with Anaheim in 2000], so when I got 100 RBIs I was pretty excited about that.". 3 hitter. In this case, Jacoby took all the risk and none of it paid off. And remember it might be a reasonable claim by the Yankees that an arbitrator or a court decides isn’t sufficient enough to void the contract. He’s going to get paid by someone, so why can’t Ellsbury just give it … ... 2 thoughts on “Should the Yankees Retire Ellsbury’s Number?” Mark N says: November 21, 2019 at 9:56 am 10 points on 14 shots is not good but easily anticipated as what you get from Mr. Anthony. But Robinson hustles, is 6-9, somewhat athletic, and it’s a great story.

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