site design / logo © 2020 Stack Exchange Inc; user contributions licensed under cc by-sa. Both are failing writers with a problem with alcohol and temper. But nonetheless, these scenes were really good and its worth mentioning. domestic violence. But as somebody who has been raised with the idea that father knows best and Ward Cleaver on ‘Leave It To Beaver,’ and all this stuff, I would think to myself, Oh, if he doesn’t shut up, if he doesn’t shut up. When Jack finally meets Grady while at a ghostly ballroom party taking place at the hotel, Grady is now a server and s a drink on Jack. The film is When Dick goes inside the shed during their escape, the hotel plays tricks on his sanity and he is almost compelled to kill Wendy and Danny. The Shining is a 1980 horror film produced and directed by Stanley To revisit this article, visit My Profile, then View saved stories. All Rights Reserved. In the novel, the character of Jack Torrence is a troubled one. Since the shed is a part of the hotel, it also is haunted. Cinemark |, December 10, 2019 4 It Has Influenced Many Of Today's Great Horror Filmmakers. of cinematic history's most lauded horror films. The ending in the movie version is more climactic and better than the book’s ending. Just confirm how you got your ticket. REDRUM. King described Kubrick’s version as cold and unfaithful to his novel, but to be fair, Kubrick’s version is less of an adaptation of King’s novel and more a frightful hallucination of the book. In ‘The Shining’ you believe he’s a writer, failed or otherwise.”. Kubrick made sure He understood how to capture the audience and how to really disturb The classic Stanley Kubrick film isn't just scary - it is also, in its own odd way, defined by a hopeful perspective on life and death. We also get to see in the end that John is actually the reincarnation of the previous caretaker and the evil spirits in the hotel were trying to reclaim him. By the time we’ve reached parts 3-6 of a series like Friday the 13th, it’s become clear—when the seemingly indestructible killer is the sole returning face in each installment, he becomes the de facto protagonist in his own sick way. You didn't let me finish my sentence. Jack, however, is dismissive, believing the elevator is malfunctioning due to a short circuit. There’s not going to be much debate as to the #1 horror film for 1980—our apologies to The Changeling in particular, but going up against The Shining in this project is an unenviable task that few films could possibly win. Kubrick is master of visual images, and many of the scenes display his brilliance. While this is a familiar horror-movie setup, and of course is adapted from the popular Stephen King novel, Kubrick’s execution was completely unusual. In 1974, King and his wife checked into the Stanley Hotel in Colorado. But the story progresses as Jack loses his mind and devolves into a psychotic killer because of his mental issues. And there’s still nothing as terrifying from start to finish. All rights reserved. The author jumped out of bed to smoke a cigarette and when he finished smoking, he pretty much had the outline for the novel “The Shining” completed in his head. Also the iconic “Here’s Johnny” scene where Jack Nicholson looks though the hole in the door was not in the book. relationship. Room 237. However, when the movie was filmed, the hotel which represented the Overlook asked the crew to change the hotel number. The brilliant thing about “The Shining” is that it’s a movie where the horror comes from the most taboo subject, and that’s harming one’s own family member. Certainly the body count pales in comparison to that of your average slasher flick. As an aural-visual experience, The Shining is likely the single most distinctive horror film ever made. that this film would be perfect in all respects and made no mistakes. You can follow him on Twitter for more film and TV writing. According to Wikipedia, it's considered a horror film. Just to add, even the though the film holds it's own weight and does not explain or better examine it's mythology like the book does, I would also argue since a lot of Stephen King works tie into The Dark Tower series, that one could make an argument that The Shinning (and it's sequel Doctor Sleep) have supernatural elements as well, lending itself to science-fiction & fantasy also. There are some scenes in the book which were not present in the movie. based on Stephen King's 1977 novel The Shining. Won’t you ever go to bed? Jack also improvised many of the scenes in the film; the most notable is when Wendy, played by Shelley Duvall, confronts him while he’s typing on his typewriter, and he slowly explodes with anger at her.

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