The camera has the capability of taking around 10 photos per second until you remove your finger from the button! Editing your photos is the icing on the cake of smartphone photography. Adjusting exposure is quite easy and can make a huge difference in the photos. The iPhone's camera is a great tool, especially if you subscribe to the adage that the best camera is the one you have on you at the time. I often use the VSCO Photo & Video Editor app and RNI films to tweak my photos and to add a bit of atmosphere. If you intend to shoot with your smartphone frequently, it’s worth investing in some basic accessories. It is quite simple to use. There are a number of reasons why you would want to sacrifice a perfectly exposed image for a darker or for a brighter one – it all depends on what mood you want to convey. Let us know of any other tips or tricks you use in the comments below.

Let’s all make the most of its wonderful camera :-). Charlie Borland is an award-winning professional photographer based in Oregon.

Use a Selfie Stick to Broaden Your Perspective, 12.

Also don’t miss this useful article which gives some advice on the best phones for photography. I highly recommend you check out the iPhone Photo Academy – it’s a video course packed full of amazing tips and tutorials on getting much better photos with your iPhone. This exposure is the iPhone’s average metering. Get perfect focus with manual override, 10. As you can see, the focus is not on the flowers and is more average for the scene. This tip applies to any kind of photography, but it’s not so apparent when using a smartphone to take a shot. People often search for images that were captured at a specific location.

Most smartphones spend a very significant time of their lives in the hands of their owners and that means they’re covered in fingerprints. Go to "Photos," then "Camera Roll," and in the main thumbnail view you'll see a box with an arrow coming out of it in the top-right of the screen. A selfie stick allows you to capture a broader perspective.

These editing apps also make it possible to additionally adjust contrast, saturation, white balance, vignetting and a few other handy things. We also have a selection of tips and tricks you can use within iOS 11 on either your iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus. If you’re indecisive like me, it’s often hard choosing the right filter… and then you get another pang of indecisiveness after taking the picture that you wish you’d chosen another.

Wherever you tap on the screen to set focus, you also are choosing that spot to meter exposure. Outdoor natural light is defined by Quality, Quantity, Direction, and Colour. They’re very often the reason for the “Wow” effect of your photo, but they’re also notoriously difficult to catch on a phone. Enhance your photography experience with accessories, 12. Next time you’re out at night, try placing your iPhone on something sturdy, then using Camera+ 2 to slow your shutter speed right down, then trigger the shutter using your iPhone earphone’s volume up button – you’ll see how much more you can capture in the image, vs a straight shot at a higher shutter speed. Then it blends them together to create an image with more detail throughout the highlights and shadows. Something went wrong. This goes for the Light, Color and B&W controls too – everything has been applied ‘non-destructively’ – i.e. The products in this post may contain affiliate links. Positioned in a 1/3 hot spot within the composition, this green plant gets more attention.

You can do this much faster by simply swiping up on your lock screen and tapping the camera icon. To do this, simply type in a search term into the search box in Photos. The sun symbol is the slider to adjust exposure so slide the symbol up or down to lighten or darken. However, all is not lost! There has always been something magnetic and attractive about moving subjects. The iPhone flash is not very powerful, so its usefulness is limited to a few feet. Click on that, and then you can drag the sides or corners anywhere you wish on the image. Pro Tip: if your iPhone allows you to adjust your aperture (or you’re using a camera app that does), experiment with ‘stopping down’ – i.e. Backlight can really create an amazing atmosphere in your images, it’s also great for emphasizing outlines and forms. In the right hands, the photos taken with a modern smartphone are almost indistinguishable from those taken from a bulky DSLR camera 3x the price. You never know when you might stumble on something that needs a rapid response to capture the shot. By placing the subject closer to the camera and making it in focus, the depth of field appears shallow. In camera (but not video), while the blue focus box is on the display, you'll also see a slider bar underneath. A useful habit to develop is to get used to quickly cleaning your lens before taking a photo – that can ensure there will be no smudges, dust spots or blurry areas on your image.

Sometimes when it’s really crucial to capture a moment there’s no time to waste in unlocking the phone, finding the camera app and waiting for it to load. The HDR image is a little greyer than the left image. Your cellphone and our iPhone photography tips are all you need to take better iPhone pictures. The light is very directional coming from the side, which helps define the. If you use one of these and buy something, we make a little bit of money.

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