Kuzco | He is the King of Pride Lands as well as Scar's older brother, Simba's father and Sarabi's husband. Abu (2019) | Fawn | Athena | Little John | Ancestors | At the end of the film, it is shown that Simba married Nala and had a daughter with her, making Mufasa a grandfather. Dylan Piper | Prince Edward | Rutt and Tuke | Mr. Magoo | Mad Hatter | Winnie the Pooh | Allison | The Lion King (2019): Simba (2019) | Nala (2019) | Timon (2019) | Pumbaa (2019) | Rafiki (2019) | Zazu (2019) | Mufasa (2019) | Sarabi (2019), Television Rapunzel | Cash | Cleo | Then all of a sudden, Mufasa takes Simba around the Pride Lands and teaches him about the Circle of Life before Zazu shows up to give Mufasa the morning report. Maggie | Jess Aarons | Sheik Amar | Wilbur Robinson | George Knox | 19w Reply. Tito | Milly and Joe Farrier | Doctrine Simba to become king. Lucky | Benny the Squirrel | Not much is known about Mufasa's life prior to the events of the film. Magic Carpet (2019) | King Stefan | Powers/Skills Регион Россия. Scuttle | Minnie Mouse | Sequence | Editor. Bentina Beakley | Taylor McKessie | Mrs. Jumbo | Troy Bolton | Genie | Roo | Layla Williams | Fairy Godmother | featured on Bandcamp Weekly Jun 3, 2020. go to album. Gabriella Montez | Vixey | Reddit Premium Since June 2019. Смотреть видео Scar tells Simba that he killed Mufasa | The Lion King 2019 | Movie Clip на Ruslar.Biz бесплатно . Jane | Prudence | Aslan | Kevin Flynn | Lieutenant Mattias | Jack Pumpkinhead | 2, 453, 260 11, 599 | 1, 333 Trailers for You | 10 мес. Wahb | Data-Naminé | Kanga | Slue-Foot Sue | Tin Soldier | Alias Vincenzo Santorini | White Fang | The King | Sally | King Louie | Dani Dennison | King Triton | Gabriella | Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. One day, Mufasa takes Simba on a patrol of the Pride Lands, teaching his son about the Circle of Life as they walk. Killed_Mufasa 1,458 post karma 7,242 comment karma. At Pride Rock, Mufasa and his mate Sarabi present their newborn son, Simba, to their subjects. Unfortunately, this makes Mufasa blind to Scar's true nature. jjjjjackie___ @abishek.aitha. Chicken Little | https://hero.fandom.com/wiki/Mufasa_(2019)?oldid=2023079, It has been recently confirmed that a sequel to the 2019 live-action remake of. Leslie Burke | Lars | Abby Mallard | Zini | Olive Oyl | Ron Wilson | As the time passes, Simba grows into a healthy young cub. Raksha | Bobby and Clank | '/Battle of 'Pride Rock'. Trivia. Judy Hopps | Abu | Underdog | If you like I Killed Mufasa, you may also like: Vergangenheitsbewältigung (Crater Speak)by Slauson Malone, Headnod Acrobatics Vol.2by Soul Litchfield, Ably self-reflective, anti-capitalist, anti-imperialist hip-hop/R&B from the Montreal dynamo. Dodger | Aladar | Snits by Thijsenterprise. Annie James | The Lone Ranger | Travis Coates | Lulubelle | Little Red Riding Hood | Flynn Rider | Peter Pevensie | Unnamed father †Scar † (younger brother)Sarabi (wife)Simba (son)Nala (daughter-in-law)Unnamed grandchild Zunar-J-5/9 Doric-4-7 | Hiram Flaversham | Aurora (2014) | Mufasa is voiced by James Earl Jones. Coach Boomer | Kronk | Jonathan Boy | Nakoma | Lefty | When I am king... the mighty will be free to take whatever they want. I Just Can't Wait to Be King (2019 soundtrack), The Lion Sleeps Tonight (2019 soundtrack), Can You Feel the Love Tonight (2019 soundtrack), The Lion Guard (Music from the TV Series), 'The Lion King' Followup Set With 'Moonlight' Director Barry Jenkins To Helm For Walt Disney Studios, https://lionking.fandom.com/wiki/Mufasa_(2019_film)?oldid=290851, It has been reported that Mufasa's early life will be explored in the. Gopher | It is with deepest pride and greatest pleasure that we proudly present your dinner! Marianne | He is based on the character from the 1994 film of the same name, and he was voiced by James Earl Jones, who also voiced his cartoon counterpart. Nikki | Fauna | Bagheera | Balthazar Blake | Organization XIII | (Axel | Xion | Roxas | Alan Bradley | Dusty Crophopper | Mouse | Timon (2019) | Katrina Van Tassel | Abigail Chase | Alistair Krei | Mother Ginger | Louis the Alligator | Urchin | Glinda the Good Witch of the South | NOTE: This article is about the incarnation of Mufasa from the 2019 movie. Blue Fairy | Raul Monsalve's Afro-Venezuelan brew and Planet Battagon's drum crazy sounds. Brain | Pip | Granny Rose | Years later, Mufasa appears as a ghost to Simba, who is living in exile. Grace | Warren Peace | Queen Anna | Tigger (2018) | (LION KING AU), The Lion King ALL Clips + Trailers (2019) | Fandango Family, The Lion King (2019)- Simba confronts Scar, Scar tells Simba he killed Mufasa - The Lion King (1994/2019), The Lion King (2019/1994) Simba & Nala Reunite Scene. As he drones on, Mufasa instructs Simba in a pouncing lesson. Later that day, Mufasa catches his younger brother Scar trying to ambush Zazu. Spirit Dream Eaters | Nanny | Larry the Anaconda | Nani Pelekai | Frou-Frou | As Zazu drones on, Mufasa decides to give Simba a pouncing lesson using Zazu as the target. Elizabeth Swann | Mufasa is a major character of the 2019 remake of The Lion King. Inspector Gadget | Sergeant Tibbs | Knotgrass, Flittle and Thistlewit | Annette, Collette and Danielle | Djali | Maurice | Sharpay Evans | John Rolfe | [Cue song Be Prepared (2019)] Scar: Mufasa has always shown too much restraint... when it comes to hunting. Thackery Binx | Riku | Be... our--, https://en.wikiquote.org/w/index.php?title=The_Lion_King_(2019_film)&oldid=2860628, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License. Fa Mulan | Cassim | Prince Naveen | Figaro | Rajah | Baloo | He encounters Scar over missing Simba's presentation, to which Scar claims that he forgot afterwards. Fife | Just then, Mufasa is knocked back into the stampede by another wildebeest. Bandcamp Album of the Day Sep 24, 2019, The debut project from MCs Earthchild and The Northwest Kid is genre-crossing, transformational hip-hop. The film's about a young masai lion named Simba, who must embrace his role as the rightful king of his native land following the murder of his father, Mufasa, at the hands of his uncle, Scar.. As of now, 'Looking For Me' is placed as track number 12 of 13. Goals Pascal | Megan | Lumière | Mother Cougar | He then teaches Simba about the Great Kings of the Past and promises that he will always watch over his son. Lady Kluck | Zugor | B.E.N. Scat Cat | Mrs. Ladybug | Neera | Lampy | After the ceremony, Mufasa arrives with his steward, Zazu, and confronts his brother, Scar, for missing the presentation. Ray the Firefly | The film's about a young masai lion named Simba, who must embrace his role as the rightful king of his native land following the murder of his father, Mufasa, at the hands of his uncle, Scar. Cassandra | After Simba heads back to the Pride Lands and crucifies Scar, he ascends Pride Rock where he hears Mufasa say "Remember" before roaring in victory and becomes king. Mufasa hurries to the gorge with Scar whilst Zazu flies on ahead. Despite this, he is also forgiving, as he holds no hatred for his estranged brother, Scar, who once challenged him for the throne. Merlin | The Sultan (2019) | Milo's Mother | Flit | He brings Simba back to the Pride Lands and chastises him for disobeying. Zazu (2019) | Perri | Zeus | L.A. darkwave trio Grypt draw inspiration from nu metal and Y2K synth rock on this new EP, which blends high camp with harsh soundscapes. Apparel For You: https://teespring.com/stores/topafy Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLFEO1VCFINCKWOVuF2Ku0BjKd-9hS4lAJ A Lion cub … Giselle | Скачать / Конвертировать. Elionwy | Beast | Sara Evers | Zazu begins to tell Mufasa about having a cousin who thought he was a woodpecker, but pauses when he sees Mufasa departing. Franny Robinson | Scar is unsatisfied that he is not next in line to being king any longer, but he assures Mufasa that he would not dream of challenging him again. Colonel Haiti | Earthworm | Te Fiti | Buck | Skipper Riley | Sebastian | Willie | Kirby | Peter Pan | Dr. David Q. Dawson | Mufasa's spirit appears to Simba, urging him to take his rightful place as king of the Pride Lands. quelenna01. Kairi | As a full-grown lion, Mufasa is wise and noble. StrengthSpeedFangs and Claws Morph | Prince Dastan | Clara Stahlbaum | Timothy Q. Colette Marchant | Fethry Duck | @jameswhorvath jimmmmm. Owl | Pumbaa | Includes high-quality download in MP3, FLAC and more. The two walk across the grasslands, and Mufasa teaches Simba about the Circle of Life. Oswald the Lucky Rabbit | Disney's 1994 animated film of the same name, O chère, mademoiselle. Angel | Morogo | Colonel | Phillip Brainard | Br'er Rabbit | Suri | Not Forgotten. John Darling | Prince Charming (2015) | Hyacinth Hippo | Hua Mulan, Other Animated Movies Uttamatomakkin | King Triton's Daughters (Attina, Alana, Adella, Aquata, Arista, & Andrina) | Stitch | D'Artagnan | Hector Barbossa | Madame Leota | Tom Sawyer | Jock (2019) | Martin | ptite_nancee 19w Reply. Li Shang | #DonaldGlover Reuben | Gwen Piper | Cliff Secord | Megara | After Zazu and Nala flee, Mufasa reprimands Simba for deliberately disobeying him before telling him about the Great Kings of the Past. Prince Charming | Ranjan | But even though Mufasa knows of Scar's jealousy and rage thanks to an intense fight between the two over the throne, he refuses to exile him because he is still family no matter what the cost. Hercules | Jaq and Gus (2015) | Magenta | Mufusa cares deeply for his family and is willing to risk his own life for them. John Smith | Max Goof | Tip and Dash | Chief Powhatan | Monker Muddlefoot | At the top, he is confronted by Scar, who heaves him to his death. Friar Tuck | Conall | Francis | Fred | Penny Gadget | Herbie | Maid Marian | As he climbs the wall, Mufasa sees Scar at the top and asks for his help. Mufasa confronts his brother, Scar, displaying his authoritative and noble nature. Mufasa is a benevolent ruler almost to a fault. Mufasa is voiced by James Earl Jones. Mr. Centipede | Terk | Vidia | keepyourheadup87. He does not regard his kingdom as something he owns, but rather the home that he must protect along with his subjects. MODERATOR OF. He is the brother of Scar and the mate of Sarabi, with whom he has a son: Simba. Bambi's Mother | The Lion King 2019 I The Fianl Battle Simba V... Mowgli - Final Battle | Shere Khan Dead | 201... 「ライオン・キング」超絶クオリティCGで描かれる動物たちの表情に注目 映画『ライオン・キン... Да здравствует король! Eeyore (2018) | Copper | Afterwards, Scar says "Long live the king" before striking Mufasa in the face, sending him back into the stampede. | Piglet (2018) | rvcafan_28. Ethan | Mice (2015) | Aqua | Jim Craig | Mrs. Calloway | Maleficent (2014) | Maru | Sophie Piper | Ben Ali Gator | Big GoodMonarch, Dad/Father (by Simba)Sire (by Zazu)Big Brother (by Scar), Scar † (younger brother)Sarabi (wife)Simba (son)Nala (daughter-in-law)Unnamed grandchild. Master Eraqus | Eric | Iridessa | Yao, Ling and Chien Po | Melody | Nala (2019) | Spectralities by William Hutson. Belle | Razoul | Rosetta | Alan-A-Dale | Jessica Rabbit | After the murder of his father, a young lion prince flees his kingdom only to learn the true meaning of responsibility and bravery. Cinderella | Fortunately, Mufasa manages to pick Simba up and places him on a ledge out of harm's way. Jenny Blake | Charlie Calvin | James Norrington | After Scar leaves, Zazu questions Mufasa over why he did not run Scar out of the Pride Lands years ago, to which Mufasa replies that Scar is his brother and as long as he is King, Scar has a right to live in the Pride Lands. Two-Year Club. Skeeter Bronson | Dottie | Simba | Alice Liddell | Blade Ranger | Some time later, Scar alerts Mufasa to the fact that Simba is trapped amidst a wildebeest stampede in the gorge. 18w Reply. Water Rat | Cogsworth (2017) | Ebenezer Scrooge | And he is also known as a trusting, sweet, aspiring, dignified, protective, powerful, fatherly, understanding, respectful, righteous, playful, loving, humble, optimistic, bold, patient, ill-tempered at times, instructive, meticulous, level-headed, inspirational, commanding, regal and selfless lion. As Scar slinks off, Zazu wonders why Mufasa refuses to run Scar off, to which Mufasa says that they are brothers and that Scar has a right to live in the Pride Lands. Goodtime Charlie | Maui | Mufasa leads him to the peak of Pride Rock, where he shows Simba his future kingdom.

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