Sorry you’re one of the unlucky ones.”, “I wish I could go back to the day I met you, and just walk away.”, “Honestly, I’m embarrassed to even know you.”, “You need to stop. Some stuff had happened and for me grounded. how do you imagine the full course of a life and put it down on paper, making it real and permanent, in your unhurried, unraveling way? How did you fall for that?”, “You’ve done nothing but make my life a living hell.”, “No, I’m never giving you another chance!”, “You’re the last person I wanted to see right now.”, “When you get back, your shit’s gonna be on the front lawn. Tumblr Blog. i’ll come plot in your IMs . but from ian’s pov & it’s more of a character study? And– have .thorns .about .them } — Aesthetics, #{ Yes.My.

-get stuck with handcuffs for a day. I just love imagining them working together! Seeking: Loveships, hateships, friendships, family, as well as new acquaintances. I look away from this fandom for one (1) week and y'all are shipping jester devil and the 1800’s theater gay. It's a complex character, in other words, and "Hateship Loveship" lets him be complex. AU Where the two are both assassins, who was sent by a troll to kill each other for a large sum of money, without both of them knowing it. OOC; so the hateship to end all hateships is BradfordxXever. Neutral prompts for all kinds of fandoms, focusing mostly on hateship. It would be the same old thing, if we ever met again. AVAILABLE VIA: Discord, Tumblr, in game on Moon Guard! — RP Memes & Sentences. Mon 16th Dec 42N There will be blood, tears, and bdsm people. Plot twist: Anthony’s high school crush is Ian.

; kind of picked one line (?) this is a threat, #I know I want this ship to keep sailing but the little thing blondie does with his cigar once he's shot angel, #the conclusion where he kills him: also great for the ship, #some parts of those playlists are wonky because 8tracks is a Fuck, #THIS OCCURED TO ME RIGHT AFTER YOU SENT THAT THING, #ahh this always funny to see those who are easily triggered, #type away on how angry you are over this :D, #this is the gist of every nerusa and vilkas conversation ever. Video.

Yeah, if I were to give it a name it’d prob just be “[Redacted]” … since if I try to mix Sole’s name and [Redacted]’s name it’d just come out as [Redacted] or [redacted] or even [REDACTED].

All posts. it's different but nice! Except the flaw that they never once saw him as such. She spoke to him in a loud voice as if he was deaf or stupid, and there was something wrong with the way she pronounced her words. Don’t even look at me.” “You took months/years of my life away. -on a wild police carchase that ended successful. It doesn't ask us to come down on one side or the other. Well, they both kinda tried to play the other when they met for the second time… And he ended up caressing their cheek?! Ethereal theme. -plays gokart or boom boom cars and actually get hurt because they are dumbasses. The girl he was entertaining this afternoon was beautiful to anyone who had the ability to see. (decided to put the rest below the cut). Link. When she’s trying to burn a hole in @caedera-mendenhall ‘s face just by looking at her.

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