The Alamo Sea is described as “a putrid, salt-rich lake.” This is pretty accurate since it’s based on the real-life Salton Sea, a shallow, saline, smelly rift lake. It is home to professional sports teams in Los Santos such as the Los Santos Saints, Los Santos Dribblers and the Los Santos Slappers. The Los Santos Forum is the main stadium in Los Santos and resembles the Los Angeles Forum. According to, "In 1921, with help from his brother, Rodia bought an oddly shaped, triangular lot at 1765 E. 107th Street. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. The observatory is not functional to players, but you can peer through coin-operated telescopes that surround the structure. You might have visited this location multiple times in Grand Theft Auto V and never knew it was an observatory. GTA V Los Santos is mirrored on the real life LA.

(fun, fail, stunt, ...) - YouTube Los Santos Storm Drain (Real-Life: L.A. River). It is featured in the Stranger side mission Vinewood Souvenirs – Willy, where Trevor Philips must collect a gold tooth from Willy. Filming Locations, The Bureau of Magical Things (2018) Filming Locations. The Santa Monica Pier is another Californian location contained on this list. Obviously based on Hugh Heffeners playboy Mansion in Beverly Hills. Del Perro Pier is a fictional place in the world of Grand Theft Auto V, but the location was inspired by the Santa Monica Pier. In some cases, locations in Grand Theft Auto V are a near-replica. Races and missions take place in this area, so experienced players will have encountered it a few times by now. The Vinewood sign, as many may have guessed, is based on the Hollywood sign in Hollywood, Los Angeles. It's one of the many secrets of Los Santos that only a handful of people know. The north area contains some of the most beautiful scenery in the game. The Vinewood sign is a homage to the Hollywood sign and is described as “a beacon of false hope for impressionable young hopefuls the world over, no visit to Los Santos is complete without a selfie at the Vinewood Sign.”  Clearly an homage to the Hollywood sign! Now that Hugh Hefner has passed away, the Playboy Mansion still remains. The river's proportions have been toned down for the game. The Alamo Sea, AKA Sandy Shores (Real-Life: Salton Sea). Bums on Del Perro beach have a higher standard of living than most of the rest of the United States.”  Ha, so obviously based on the city of Santa Monica! For those who have toured around the United States, this location's existence in Grand Theft Auto V may not come as a surprise. Photos via Check out their:  arget=”_blank” class=”ui-editor-link-external”>GTAV Road Trip, Built with love in London & San Francisco, GTA V’s Most Famous Real-Life Locations (Photos), arget=”_blank” class=”ui-editor-link-external”>GTAV Road Trip, Mylie Cyrus Buys Her Dogs a Range Rover Sport! The Marlowe Vineyards are found in the northern part of Los Santos. It's an excellent place to view the city of Los Santos. This iconic Grand Theft Auto V location is called the Los Santos Storm Drain, and it's based on the Los Angeles River. It even has a grotto like the real mansion. Los Santos city includes all the key areas of LA such as Hollywood, Beverly Hills, Santa Monica, L.A.’s Koreatown, South Central and Downtown L.A. (all with different names, of course) while omitting some of the less interesting areas.

The Canal is heavily involved in the mission ‘Just Business’ as a place of escaping the pursuing Russian Mafia. In real-life, Hollywood is a tourist hotspot and one of the most famous locations in the United States. Global Film Locations. The beautiful bridge is a spitting image of the iconic Bixby Creek Bridge in Big Sur, California. Tequil La-La is influenced on the legendary rock n’ roll nightclub ‘Whisky a Go Go’ located on Sunset Boulevard in Hollywood. Of course, the site is based on the Playboy Mansion. You may not have known that Grand Theft Auto V's Big Creek Bridge is based on the Bixby Bridge found in Big Sur, California. Del Perro Pier (Real-Life: Santa Monica Pier). The extensive topographic variation of Southern California makes the GTA V environment one of the the biggest, most dynamic and most diverse open world ever created. Including sightings of bigfoot and the presence of a UFO, many conspiracies are surrounding the mountain. The Los Santos Storm Drain is a river canal that runs throughout most of Los Santos, San Andreas and is based on the real life Los Angeles River. It serves as a banner for the district of Vinewood, which is an integral part of the fictional city of Los Santos. On top of the hill is the historic Los Santos Observatory based on the Griffith Observatory in Los Angeles. GTA 5 VS REAL LIFE TOP 1 ! Like previous Grand Theft Auto games, Grand Theft Auto V contains locations that are based on real-world places. Perhaps they shrunk the river, so players could drive through it. Salvation Mountain hippie art installation served as the inspiration for GTA V’s Hippie Town in the Desert. Mount Josiah and Mount Gordo are the two other named mountains in Grand Theft Auto V. It is also possible that Mount Chiliad is based on Mount San Antonio or Mount San Gorgonio. Including an observatory, a familiar sign, and a famous mountain, these are ten Grand Theft Auto V locations based on real-life. “Del Perro is a laidback, trendy beachfront community made up of hip tanned new-agey-type yuppies and hip tanned new-agey-type homeless people. Vespucci Beach is based on Venice Beach in L.A. Vespucci Beach is also home to an open-air gym, Muscle Sands aka Muscle Beach. This one may not come as a surprise for players who have driven around the Vinewood Hills or the locations that look upon it. And thanks to games like Grand Theft Auto V, among other things, the legacy of Hugh Hefner lives on.

This is one place in Grand Theft Auto V you can't miss! Griffith Observatory, Los Angeles, CA 90027, United States (Opened in 1935 and designed by architect John C. Austin – More Info) Google Maps Co-ordinates: 34.119320, -118.300177. Oh, this is the location for Franklin’s epic hotel assassination mission.

Why developer Rockstar Games decided to make the river smaller than it is in real life is unknown.
A one-stop shop for all things video games. The only thing missing from Grand Theft Auto V is the ability to climb the sign! Like previous Grand Theft Auto games, Grand Theft Auto V contains locations that are based on actual real-world places... One of the best-selling games of all time is filled with intricacies that surpass our expectations. A house sits at the top of the hill, just like at the Malibu Rocky Oaks Estate Vineyard. Los Santos Observatory – Verdant Bluffs (Real-Life: Griffith Observatory). The extent to which real-world locations were utilized in Grand Theft Auto V, however, is more than we could hope for. The Von Crastenburg Hotel is a ultra glamorous hotel located in Los Santos, San Andreas and is owned by the Von Crastenburg Family, one of the richest families in the world. Hippie town in the desert (Real-Life: Salvation Mountain). The water that goes under the Big Creek Bridge runs into the mountains.

Learn how your comment data is processed. It’s an hippie commune that serves as a “tribute to God and his gift to the world.” Damn hippies! Chances are, you've visited Vespucci Beach a few times to see the Super Yachts in the water or have ridden a sea-doo. April 19, 2016. Vinewood Sign (Real-Life: Hollywood Sign). (PHOTOS). They are found in the southern area of Los Santos and are based on the Watt Towers in Los Angeles. Vinewood Bowl (Real-Life: Hollywood Bowl).

We take a look at the GTA 5 game locations and their real-life Southern California locations.

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