… I’m glad I didn’t vote for Trump last time. This time last year, before anyone had heard of coronavirus, there was a child care crisis in the United States, and the pandemic has only made it worse. He noted that a debate like that is what our country wants, not a repeat of the Trump and Biden debate.

This site features Nielsen’s proprietary measurement software which will allow you to contribute to market research. His talents helped us to exceed our event goal by $30,000! Category: ... KIRO Radio 97.3 FM. And this time, it bothers me a lot, but I honestly believe the only hope for my country is to vote for Biden.”, “Look, last time I said, ‘oh, it doesn’t matter, Washington state is going to go for Biden anyway.’ But it does matter,” Medved said. Click here to learn more about Nielsen and your choices. While it’s true that millions of people were infected with swine flu, as Pence said, what he didn’t say, Medved pointed out, is that 13,000 people died in the course of two years as opposed to 220,000 and counting with COVID-19. Scott and Medved began by talking about their impressions of the vice presidential debate between Vice President Mike Pence and Senator Kamala Harris. KIRO Radio's Gee Scott and AM 770 KTTH's Michael Medved join Ursula Reutin to discuss the recent vice presidential and gubernatorial debates.

Medved did, however, think there was one thing Pence did that was “rotten” during the debate, which was when Pence said “what failure looked like” was when Biden and Obama were trying to handle swine flu. Tim Egan wrote "The Worst Hard Time: The Untold Story of Those Who Survived the Great American Dust Bowl." Inslee than Loren Culp. Gee Scott and Ursula Reutin connect and build up the Northwest community with their signature mix of stories and perspectives. “I agree with the consensus opinion that the Trump versus Biden debate was the worst televised debate in the history of the medium. “I think that actually it was such a relief that it wasn’t Trump versus Biden,” Medved said. We are more divided, we are more scared, we are less confident, we are less proud of our country than we ever have been.”.
… And not by a small margin, I mean by a longshot, it was a disgrace.”. Radio Co-Host of the Gee & Ursula Show on Kiro 97.3FM. Downtown Seattle was hit by looting and riots over the weekend, and now must rebuild in the aftermath of both destruction and the hardships of COVID-19.

“But the vice presidential debate, I think they both helped themselves,” he added.

Four months later, KIRO Nights checks in.

Our audience requested that we bring him back.

He exudes enthusiasm and his passion is contagious.
“I have children and grandchildren. “… Governor Jay Inslee looked like me at the gym, didn’t hardly warm up, just didn’t really take it serious, I’m going to be in and out of here real fast, and I’ve got things to do. Station links. “Which means that 85% of voters in the state of Washington did not support him,” Medved pointed out. ©2020 Last.fm Ltd. Dave Ross and Dori Monson discuss Loren Culp’s chances at unseating Jay Inslee.

Tom Paulson, former health reporter at Seattle P-I, moved his mom from a retirement home to an isolated cabin. “And that would be a close race.”. There have been movements to curb asset forfeiture after overuse that led some law enforcement departments to be funded, in part, by seized assets. The perfect antidote for polarizing times. Gee Scott and Ursula Reutin connect and build up the Northwest community with their signature mix of stories and perspectives. You can watch the full discussion between Gee, Michael, and Ursula above, and make sure to like KIRO Radio’s Facebook page. Pandemic ‘exacerbated an already tenuous situation’ in child care, Four months later, family has no regrets about moving to isolated cabin, UW psychologist on why we can’t seem to agree on COVID-19, Local restaurant owner unsure how anyone will stay in business if restrictions remain, Tacoma mayor considers universal basic income to ‘level the playing field’, Civil asset forfeiture used by some law enforcement ‘as a major revenue source’, Examples of resilience from US history serve ‘as a refuge’ in present times, Downtown core faces ‘stiff headwind’ to return, rebuild after riots, Former mayor says task force will work hard on West Seattle Bridge plan. KIRO Nights on KIRO Radio 97.3 FM Tune in to KIRO Radio weekdays at 7 pm for KIRO Nights with Aaron Mason and Mike Lewis. “I’m going to piggyback off what Michael has said — first, let me state that I think everyone in the country that got to watch that debate got to see firsthand what civility is about,” Scott said.

As we approach Nov. 3, we’re holding a series of virtual election town halls to help you prepare for the upcoming general election. 7 talking about this. “Nothing wrong with virtual debates,” Medved started as the three radio hosts greeted each other from their own homes. Why have Americans struggled to agree on health directives related to COVID-19? And I don’t want them to think that I was AWOL at a moment where it just seems to me it is unthinkable that the American people say they want four more years of this. “It’s one of those things where I think there were a lot of conservatives watching that who think about what this race would be like if it weren’t Donald Trump against Joe Biden, if it were Mike Pence,” Medved said. Streaming … He has amazing work ethic, but he brings so much more than that to what he does. ©2020 Triton Digital. 635 likes.

In the third edition of this series, KIRO Radio’s Gee Scott and AM 770 KTTH’s Michael Medved join Ursula Reutin to discuss the vice presidential and gubernatorial debates that took place last week. The stream was stopped (connection time out occurred).

“Every successful president, without exception, has been at his core a moderate. … The idea that you’re all one thing or all the other is a poisonous thing in our politics, and we shouldn’t have it.”. The West Seattle Bridge has been closed to traffic since March 23, but now the question is: What are we going to do about it? Streaming service and player provided by Triton Digital. Loren Culp won the primary with just over 15% of the vote in the primary. “The American political tradition is a political tradition of great moderates,” he said.

One UW professor points to a growing cognitive dissonance in the US.

As a conservative, Medved says this presidential cycle has been “heartbreaking.”, “I have voted Republican for president for 32 years, every candidate from Ronald Reagan through Mitt Romney,” he said. Could a universal basic income pilot be on the way in Tacoma? “You saw the debate, I saw the debate,” he said.

“I didn’t vote for Trump last time, I voted third-party.

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