Chapter #6, Sept 19 It will be a little harder and more complicated this time. If you to cheese through this fight, you can use Rean, turn on Overdrive and use Motivate twice and have the entire party use their S-Craft. Talk to Munk behind the Main Building and accept his request. Same story as usual. Talk to Old Lady Daphne in House 1 after finishing your field study tasks. Select the first choice to fight them in a duel. Go downstairs from the southwest end of the map to the Hangar room, you will find a Freeze Quartz. Head to the Occult Research Clube, Student Union Building - 2F and talk to Beryl. You'll find her notebook for her at Main Building - 2F laying on a couch. There will be several scenes there and you will need to fight your way through the dungeon. Now go ahead and catch that fish. Speak with Margot at Weathercock Inn to find the recipe for Sweet Cookie. Chapter #3, June 28 Buy this book from Watteau’s Store, Legram. Volume 2 The game won't let you go fully explore Ebel Highway yet, so pick up the rest of the treasure chest for later. Head over to Residence 1, Roer 2F and speak to Vanilla to start this. There are notes on a table at Garrelia Fortress, Barracks. Afterwards, Laura and Emma will join your party. 6 bonding points, each event is +800 (!) When you defeated the boss, the game will give you the option to instantly go back to Legram to report the status. after her bonding event, did I miss something? It is only visible to you. Speak to Miles, he will hand you some side quests. It does the most amount of damage without using Crafts. Then go to the north region of the map, when the path split, you can find a Tearal Balm on the west side, and a Tauros Master Quartz in the monster chest on the east side. What a legend. Rean and Laura will be automatically included in your party. This fight will only bring you a lot of trouble if you bring a whole party that is magic based. These should be vague enough to keep you puzzled and make sense once you reach that segment in the game. Head back to Bruc. Take the chance to buy the following accessories from Turner's at Artisan Street: Go to Bareahard's Central Plaza. Chapter #2 So if you have some way of inflicting those status ailments, then use it on them. Talk to Sheeda at the Worzel Home, Nord Settlement. On 12/30, engage in the Valimar battle with this person as co-pilot, +800 points. You need to sign in or create an account to do that. At Noon talk to Casper in the Main Building 2F. Speak with one of the kids, Tim, at Dreichels Plaza. Head to the Ebel Highway, go through the north west and at Ebel Highway 2 you'll find the Luminous Grass. This The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel Books and Recipes Locations Guide should make your journey in the game much easier as you should be able to easily craft whatever items you may need and do not have to waste time If you find searching for books tedious. Attacks/Craft can cancel arts (90% chance). Buy these books from Fortnum Books in Christie’s Galleria, Bareahard. Volume 8 Now backtrack and go to the stairs at the south end, you will find a pair of Blue Scaled Shoes in a treasure box. Every monster here can do an area attack skill that hits the entire map and inflict mute on your party. Go to the Photography Club, Student Union Building and accept Fidelio's task. It'll be located in the southern Nord Highlands. Now go speak to Dorothee at the Book Club. Once reaching West Celdic Highway 2 examine the road lamp in the southern area. Now head to the Bracer Guild located at the southeast area of town. Chapter #3, June 27 Head downstairs, open the gate to enter the Aqua Shrine. Speak with Anette near the northern exit of Bareahard. Save your game and head to your room to end the day. Clearing the course will get you the Passionate Leggings accessory and a new snowboard. You'll find the boss fight down in the south west end of the map. Delay +6, Attend Laura's Bonding Event. Then take the northeast exit to South Kreuzen Highway. Speak to the same cat again to see a short scene with Selene. Skip to content Search for: NightlyGamingBinge Simple, easy to follow guides for all your video gaming needs! 4 AP, Recipe Book, Simple Omelette, Fresh Eggs x3, Blade Deck, Coarse Rock Salt x3. Speak to George at the Engineering Building and accept his request. By continuing to use this website, you are giving consent to cookies being used. Follow the west path until you reach to the northwest corner, you will find a switch. Volume 5 Now go to the Old Schoolhouse entrance and speak to the students there. 4 AP, Holy Sphere, Character Profile Page - Vandyck. Area (L). Stop at the Chapel at the east end of town and speak to Father Zirbel to start this quest. Chapter #1, April 24 Note 1: Guest characters (Claire, Sharon, Toval) with the highest link EXP (Must be Link Level 3) at the end of this act will give you a powerful accessory for Chapter 2. 3 (+2) AP, Red Beast Flesh, White Beast Flesh, Chitinous Shell, Clear Gelatin, Globby Fat, Hearty Powder, Character Profile Page - Mint. Volume 1, Volume 2 Leave, the building and take the north exit to the Central Plaza. Then go to Aprikoze Inn and speak to Weiber behind the counter, he will give you a copy of Gambler Jack II - Chapter 6. Can inflict Burn. Head into Trista and meet Jane at the Gardening Shop, then head back to Linde. Speak with Almina twice at Dining Bar “F”, Roer 2F. Volume 9 Gambler Jack II; Issue 1: 12/1 from Tarim in front of the Farmhouse at East Celdic Highway 1. Head over to Ebel Highway and replace them as you go. Leave and go speak to Jim near the western exit. The reward will change based on the total amount of HP they recover combined. Then go inside Turner's Jewelers (Northwest building on Artisan's Street) and speak to Colette. I haven't heard of any changes so it should still be the same. 4 AP, Cozy Socks, Cooling Belt, Character Profile Page - Linde & Vivi. You must talk to Casper in the Main Building 2F at NOON. Head inside the airship located on the south. Hey, I did as the guide told, but still ranked number 35th on the midterms. Sorry, it seems someone edit that page and added that there. Return to Vice Principal Heinrich when you're done. Speak to George at the Engineering Building. Volume 6, Volume 7, Volume 8 Leave for an event then return and speak to Owner Noble. Before speaking to Celestin you should probably save. Chapter #1, April 25 Chapter #2, May 29 Then fish at the bridge, once you successfully catch the fish, there will be a boss battle. Talk to Researcher Ratto at the Roer Institute of Technology. If you believe your item has been removed by mistake, please contact, This item is incompatible with The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel. Again under a bench over by Roer Station. On the North Kreuzen Highway you'll find a boss to the far north. Speak to the family under the tree by the Academy Field, go to the Custodian's Room in the Main Building 1F and borrow a ladder from the janitor. Once that's done, focus on the boss with Arts from Emma and attacks/crafts from Laura. Then return to the center path, and take the north exit to Bareahard. That is a mistake, Claire page 3 is from talking to her later in Act 2 Part 4, during the Hearts in Harmony quest. A guide for getting maximum AP points, finding all the books, and learning all the recipes in Trails of Cold Steel. Head to Gamee's Pub, Ost District and speak to the Owner. This site uses cookies. Make sure you complete tasks before spending more. Head to RF Arms and speak to Chief Sandy, accept the task and choose who to use. Allowing it to strike you multiple times, this means the boss can wipe your party real fast. In our The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel Books and Recipes Locations Guide, we have detailed the locations of all books and recipes that you can find in the game. I had some problems getting the last quest there. Your partner upon winning a Valimar battle gets +100 link points. 4(+1) AP, Teral Balm x5, 100 Link EXP (of your choice), Character Profile Page - Instructor Neithardt. The game will prevent you from reaching the northern side of the bridge. Give it to Hasan. Although its a time-consuming method, you can use Sharon to make Tri-colored Onigiri to gather the necessary amount if don't have enough Mira from selling Sepith Mass. There is also a fishing spot near the waterfall by the Aqua Shrine. waste of time, best to find another guide :/. Volume 13 Volume 4 (NG only), At the end of Chapter 2, everyone gets +1000 link points. They are all marked with a Green Exclamation Mark. Volume 11 The books need to be delivered to the following: Speak to Klein in the Lower Class Dorm, then head to the house near the river. Party members cannot be KO'd. After you have finished the side quests, go to the Noble District and walk near the entrance of Duke Albarea Mansion for a short scene. Afterwards you will be rewarded with a Heal quartz. Head over to Vincent by the storage bulding in the Academy Field and accept his request. You can immediately exit the final Schoolhouse dungeon here upon entry to tie up any loose ends you need turning in items. Chapter #6, Sept 25 Chapter #2, May 30 Go to the Concert Cafe in the Alto Street District and accept Heming's task. Make sure you win again. Now take the path at the center, it should take to the northwest area to the boss. Area (M). Doing this will advance the story, so make sure you have finished all side activities from earlier. Then go inside Christie's Galleria and go to the second floor to book store (Fortnum Books) and purchase the Gambler Jack Reprint #5, 6. Head to the RF Store and speak to Chief Johann, accept his request and you'll receive an Orbal Wave Detector. The answers are: Find Watari in the Nord Settlement and accept his task. Then follow the west path. Did something change? Add Page 1 to Millium's Character Profile. Now go to Elliot's House and speak to Fiona. Attending Gaius' bonding event will teach him the Hunter Wing ability instead of reaching to level 75. When you're ready, pick the second choice and choose who you want to take with. Head to the Faculty Lounge, Main Building - 1F and pick the first option. After the previous quests Instructor NeitHardt will call you. Underground Waterway 2 (Second Playthrough only). Open the chest to find an EP Charge II, then push the switch to raise the water up. Now you'll need to go to the following and examine in order: Speak to Bond, the man with the briefcase, on Vainqueur Street. Go to the Arseid School Training Hall and speak to Klaus or Gaveli at the arena. Chapter #3, June 20 My knowledge of web design is fairly limited, so I sticking to the wonderful basis aforementioned gentlemen worked on. Find and examine the notes to acquire the recipe. Purchase "Manly Munchies - Steak" from Keynes Bookstore, Trista. Can be bought at the Alterna Bookstore in Plaza Bifrost, Heimdallr while playing through Chapter #4. You'll need to use the detector on the following locations with a signal strength of 1: 4 (+2) AP, Ancient Glyph, Character Profile Page - Instructor Makaraov. Speak with Robert near the water at Mater Park. Make sure you've completed everything and are ready to go. Play the game and select the right card.

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