Photographers were busily engaged in taking pictures of the General, while he continued to watch the naval gunfire—paying no attention to his admirers.”, “More People Than That Get Killed In Traffic Every Day!”, As the Marines had stormed ashore, elderly Korean civilians had gathered to watch them in awe, admiration, and relief at being liberated from their northern oppressors. That group has been seeking assistance via Congressional legislation for years to no avail. In Seoul there was the 10,000-man 18th Rifle Division, reinforced by the Seoul City Regiment, an infantry unit 3,600 strong. The dockside buildings were brilliant with flames. All units under my command are directed to be ready for combat; all units will be stationed in their given positions so that they may throw back enemy forces when they attempt their landing operation.”, At last, 71,339 officers and men of the U.S. Marine Corps, Navy, Army, and ROK Marines were ready in their 47 landing craft to prove MacArthur either a seer or a reckless gambler who had bet on the wrong horse.

There is every indication the enemy will perform a landing. Photo Tuesday, March 1, 2016 at his Redding, CT home. By the 13th, the cat seemed to be out of the bag in the enemy camp: an intercepted Communist dispatch to Pyongyang read: “Ten enemy vessels are approaching Inchon. As the countdown for Chromite approached, two diversionary bombardments took place by air to the south at Kunsan and to the north at Chinammpo, with the battleship USS Missouri blasting Samchok on the east coast right across from the real target, Inchon. I have helped many Korea DMZ vets and even a few VN vets. The entire Army was According to his colleagues, Commander Eugene Franklin Clark had "the nerves of a burglar and the flair of a Barbary Coast Pirate." THE

SITE. Youn and Ke used the aliases of "Yong Chi I served in S. Korea 11/1966 – 11/1967 on the DMZ in Korea and have been approved for C&C (Care & compensation)for illnesses related to exposure to AO. At 5:24 pm the Marines went in, and Herald-Tribune reporter Marguerite Higgins described the scene: “A rocket hit a round oil tower and big, ugly smoke rings billowed up. the approaches and seawalls at the Inchon landing

Elsewhere the LSTs simply rammed holes in the wall, or Marines opened holes with dynamite, through which the assault troops poured.… By dark the advance elements … were securely dug in on their beachhead ready to repel counterattacks,” which never came, so complete and total was the surprise victory. Required fields are marked *. Again the VA is being very selective in which veterans are blessed with their medical service. Continues Ridgway: “In places, the Marines used ladders to scale the wall, which stood four feet above the prows of the Landing Ship Tanks (LSTs). information. The U.S. Army honors the service and sacrifice of Korean War Veterans. In the Korean situation only veterans who served in certain areas near the DMZ are eligible for Agent Orange benefits. The NKPAs also admired the Leathernecks, calling them “yellow legs” because of their distinctive leggings. tactically when China's veteran Infantry finally Infantry Weapons : THE WHOLE SITE : Combat Photos : The Foundation … Battalion level and lower. Many aircraft are bombing Wolmi-Do. standing at center with the pistol at his belt. Bob Haynes Army was smashed, almost surrounded, routed, and soon WHOLE The belief that China would not intervene © Copyright 2020 Center for the National Interest All Rights Reserved.

I am very much interested in this. Naval planners nervously recalled the disastrous storm that had occurred during the invasion of Okinawa in the spring of 1945, and wondered if history might be repeating itself. Even MacArthur saw the light on the way in to shore on the morning of the 15th: “I noticed a flash—a light that winked on and off across the water. a former Korean counterintelligence officer, Colonel Ke on detached duty from ROK forces, to try and mask the

559 – VA offers scant help to Agent Orange victims,,, Episode 1874 – Vietnam War doc, Jim Story always served, Episode 1873 – Vietnam Vet Gerry Wright aims to create Agent Orange monument in Connecticut, Episode 1872 – “Angel of Death” -The C-130 gunship borne out of the Vietnam War, 1871 – Marine Vietnam Vet Gene McCandless served well then and now, 1870 – AC-47 Gunships poured it on the enemy in Vietnam, 1766 – A Conversation with Vietnam Vet John Shoemaker – Unplugged, 562 – Vietnam Ia Drang veterans hold reunion at Port Lavaca, 1726 – Dr. Bob Rodrigues – The Nixon Years, Part 3 – Lam Son 719 and the Pentagon Papers, 036 VVN – Leo Black – US Coast Guard in Vietnam. In October, Clark was able to MacArthur boarded his flagship the Mt. light-house to help the invasion fleet navigate. The The situation with the Korean Veterans is similar to the stone wall Blue Water Navy Veterans of Vietnam are facing in their quest for VA benefits for Agent Orange diseases. succeed. McKinley, two NKPA MiG fighters were seen at 5:40 am beginning an attack on a cruiser to the front, leading General Courtney Whitney to alert MacArthur in his cabin of the danger.

Ever just pass without all of the Red tape. Thanks! The Cav discounted firm Areeda Jr. George R. U. S. Navy 1966-1968 Vietnam AR (E1) 9/24/1947 10/27/2005USS Independence (CVA-62) Arentz Chester W U. S. Army Cold War …

launched their Phase One and Phase Two Attacks. ill-prepared psychologically, and ill-deployed This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. We were taking the enemy by surprise. My time on the DMZ is outside the VA presumptive dates but still approved. Ho" and "Kim Nam Sun" and were nominally Led by Navy Lieutenant Eugene Clark, this team provided intelligence to UN forces and restarted the lighthouse at Palmi-do. This is a must for all of us that were there. fled from them in the longest retreat in US Next came Wolmi-Do; beginning on Sept. 10 Marine Corsairs set most of its buildings afire. In the event, the Battle of Inchon is most notable for two things: What didn’t happen that very well might have, and for the “about as planned” outcome that Douglas MacArthur had envisioned on that hill in South Korea just a short time before. National Secretary/Treasurer 2 ID Association According to one source, “Precisely at 0630, the U.S. Marines swept in from the Yellow Sea to face 40,000 North Korean troops.”. Most of the attention on the Agent Orange situation is spotlighted on Vietnam but the defoliant was also used on the DMZ of Korea. Could the contention of many veterans be true that the VA is trying to wait them out until they all die off?

Records of U.S. Military Casualties, Missing in Action, and Prisoners of War from the Era of the Korean War are available through the National Archives. And what of the man whose military genius had foreseen all this from the start?

brought Youn and Ke out to the McKinley with him, but

I served 12/66 to 12/67 at Camp Hovey and have had no luck getting any help. He has been trying for five years to get disability benefits for himself and other veterans who served in Korea in 1967. The initial landing force of the 3rd Battalion, 5th Marines, lst Marine Divsion clambered ashore from their landing craft and scaled the sea wall, securing Wolmi-Do Island in a mere—and historic—45 minutes. “Wake me up again, Court, if they attack this ship,” rolled over and went to sleep. The channel navigation lights were on. Both had served on General MacArthur's McKinley, MacArthur was told that there were 45 enemy POWs on Wolmi-Do, with U.S. losses being put at about six dead and 15-20 wounded, leading him to comment, “More people than that get killed in traffic every day!”.
And what of the defenders? Ard Arthur Eugene U. S. Army 1944-1946 WW II Corporal 4/1/1926 9/4/1999 311th Inf., 78th Div. permeated Eighth Army leadership right down to the raids on land and sea, gathered vital information on most of the men in the above photo were probably caught
Unfortunately the health ravages of the herbicide do not respect geographic limitations. A young Navy lieutenant, Eugene Clark, was put ashore near Inchon on Sept. lst and worked two weeks, largely under cover of darkness, to locate gun emplacements and to measure the … Espionage played a significant part in the planning stages from the Navy side.

After the bombardment began, he went to breakfast and then up on deck, commenting above the roar of the guns, “Just like Lingayen Gulf,” meaning his invasion of the Philippines in 1945. Commander Eugene Franklin Clark, Inchon, USN, annotated combat photos, Inchon veteran's site, Korean War Infantry Weapons, links. “I went to my cabin and turned in,” he concluded. The main battle assault was at Red Beach.

But the worst of the terrible storm narrowly missed the invasion fleet. intelligence nature of the covert mission.

Aided by South Korean counter-intelligence officer Colonel Ke In-Ju, Clark's … Stated Ridgway, “The action opened at dawn with a heavy bombardment by American destroyers, whose skippers gallantly steamed up the channel under the very muzzles of enemy cannons, and by British and American cruisers. “All I fear is nature,” asserted Napoleon Bonaparte, and the Inchon invasion, too, was threatened by the sea and wind in the form of Typhoon Kezia, a 125-mile-an-hour storm that seemed destined to arrive precisely on time with Chromite’s Joint Task Force 7 invasion fleet in the Korean Strait. Clark and his men conducted bloody Kimpo Airfield, too, was an extremely worthwhile military objective.

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