: Disproves it? :

There’s a muscle throbbing in Eddie Redmayne’s cheek, just under his right eye, a muscle most people don’t even know they can control. He was never quite sure he was landing the performance, which he watched every night on the dailies — the first time he’s ever done that. My name is Stephen Hawking. Stephen Hawking : There should be no boundaries to human endeavor. Now you are recognized everywhere. Jane Hawking

Hawking asked Redmayne if he would be playing him before he was forced to rely on his voice machine, and he told the actor, “My voice was very slurred.” Says Redmayne: “He has one of the most expressive faces. Wind back the clock? “We put what we knew into picking up a pen, drinking, walking, existing,” says Reynolds, who labored with Redmayne for four hours a day, and filmed his movements on an iPad for them to study. I love you – we have a new fella coming to share our apartment.”. Let's put a copyright symbol on the front page to avoid conflict. “Stephen Hawking can only use this muscle to communicate,” he says. Universal, which picked up the biopic with a budget of less than $15 million, is releasing it via Focus Features.

Redmayne compiled his findings on a sheet of paper he carried with him everywhere.

Jane Hawking [introducing themselves for the first time]  So I said, "I have long been looking for a model of the universe." Stephen Hawking The British actor came … You’re one step closer to the truth.”. We’d swim and play table tennis for hours.” It was, in many ways, a surreal existence trying to break into the business. “This is not a word I use a lot, but it describes him perfectly.

“It’s the only all-nighter I’ve done in my life,” he says. There should be no boundaries to human endeavor. But Redmayne had nothing to worry about.

Hawking’s longtime battle with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) has left him a quadriplegic, and he speaks through a computer-generated voice amplifier. “He was really suffering, but he never complained,” Marsh says.

“I got to kiss an icon.”. : You’re never playing relaxed. [Gesturing towards his crotch] 

Can’t I just walk down a beach?’ ” He promptly started the process of losing 15 pounds to play Hawking. James and I were absolutely adamant that Anthony’s script would have to be pretty solid from the get-go.”, Just days before shooting began, Redmayne finally got word that Hawking had agreed to see him in Cambridge. “One of the first scenes was an intense, emotional one. Jane Hawking Cockcroft Guest 2 : Hawking asked her for a peck on the cheek, and the actress was more than willing to oblige. “I was obsessive. It isn’t a film so much about Hawking’s fabled contributions to physics as his poignant and tangled personal life. Stephen Hawking All Rights Reserved. Hello. “It’s such a tiny thing.” He spends several minutes mimicking the slow deterioration of a hand, his fingers contorting in different directions and the joints seizing up. But first, he’ll need to jump through the three-ring circus of awards season. Stephen Hawking It was at times physically painful to contort his body for that long.

Every two weeks, Redmayne would visit a neurology clinic in London, where he’d interview patients. Jonathan Hellyer Jones “I’d be driving the cheapest rental car. Stephen Hawking The 72-year-old physicist recently made the trek from his home in Cambridge, England, to Working Title’s production offices in London to watch the biopic based on his life. Release Dates [speaking through his computer]  “We used to go to the Standard Hotel in West Hollywood, and split a sandwich between us because that meant we could get cheaper parking. | : Though the movements are natural for him by now, they’re also strenuous. He was never quite sure he was landing the performance, which he watched every night on the dailies — the first time he’s ever done that. I can put a whip in my hand.

“One of the first scenes was an intense, emotional one. The movie’s creative team had drawn up a list of high-profile British actors who could play Hawking — including Garfield and Michael Fassbender — but Redmayne wasn’t on it. So then you no longer believe in the creation?

British actor wins first Oscar, beating a field including Birdman star Michael Keaton, First published on Mon 23 Feb 2015 04.51 GMT. Redmayne garnered consecutive nominations for the Academy Award for Best Actor for his portrayals of physicist Stephen Hawking in The Theory of Everything (2014), and transgender artist Lili Elbe in The Danish Girl (2015), winning for the former. The physicist lived up to his reputation as a flirt.

“I just didn’t eat dinner, basically,” he says.

He remained hunched over and motionless between takes, so much so that an osteopath told him he had altered the alignment of his spine.

: Then Redmayne relaxes it. He got the offer to play Hawking without an audition, which was a double-edged sword. No. : Hawking was so pleased with the movie, he even responded with a generous gift — that the filmmakers swap the synthetic voice they had to create and replace it with his own, trademarked computerized version.

And there should be no boundary to human endeavor. Kristen Stewart, who co-starred with Redmayne in the 2008 indie “The Yellow Handkerchief,” says he thrives on taking risks. Redmayne says that after Moore commented on how much they looked alike, he was never more grateful for his freckles and reddish hair. Redmayne has mastered the glint of the eye that conveys a mind constantly at work, even if his body can’t be–a maneuver that he picked up from Hawking himself.


: The blogosphere is salivating over the prospect of him competing with another classically trained British actor, Benedict Cumberbatch, the star of World War II drama “The Imitation Game.” But Redmayne won’t campaign negatively against his friend, whom he met when the two were playing Scarlett Johansson’s husbands in 2008’s “The Other Boleyn Girl.”, “I totally see why people are (comparing us), because of the subject matter; we both play geniuses,” says Redmayne, sitting on the outdoor patio of his SoHo hotel on a recent New York afternoon. “But he’s an incredibly good-looking man. :

Jane Hawking

: “It became hilarious, because I would get 40 pages in, and I was like — ‘Eddie, none of these words make any sense to you.’ ” He contacted a physics teacher at Imperial College London who proved to be a good translator. He watched every documentary and YouTube video he could find on the man. Jane Hawking : “We were staying on friend’s agents’ floors, and renting places together,” Redmayne says.

Jane Hawking Fear drove me.” Only after Hawking declared the performance “broadly true” and granted the filmmakers permission to use his copyrighted computer voice in the movie did Redmayne feel truly at ease. “When we wanted to get him thinner and smaller, do you know what we did?” reveals McCarten. Doctors now know there are many forms of ALS, an illness that has sprung to the public’s attention with the Ice Bucket Challenge. : [speaking for the first time on his speech-generating device].

“I’d be driving the cheapest rental car.

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