“We know fans are eager to learn how this chapter of The Dark Crystal saga concludes, and we’ll look for ways to tell that story in the future,” she said. The story itself is one about power and the way those in power deceive those they hope to control. was a prequel, explaining the near extinction of the gelflings, the race of creatures. Will Matthews is quick to point out that a lot of the credit for Age Of Resistance ever being made is owed to Netflix VP of Content, Cindy Holland.

The Dark Crystal (sometimes referred to as Jim Henson's The Dark Crystal) is a 1982 puppet-animated high fantasy film directed by Jim Henson and Frank Oz.It stars the voices of Stephen Garlick, Lisa Maxwell, Billie Whitelaw, Percy Edwards, and Barry Dennen.The film was produced by ITC Entertainment and Henson Associates and distributed by Universal Pictures.

"When I was handed that phone and I saw this test and it's a new Dark Crystal with puppets, and with all of the production value and craftsmanship of the movie, I kind of burst into tears in Lisa Henson’s office." “The real power of Netflix is not the stuff we talk about [think, and all the international stuff — not making more, .

While the film was overshadowed at the box office, it’s considered a seminal work in special effects. So they wrote a pilot, they shot a test, and they got the green light.

The camera was locked in place while the puppets moved around on set. There's barely a moment when something isn't happening, moving, where the action isn't pushing the story forward. ", For instance, in the office next door was Star Wars designer Gavin Bocquet. The protagonists are three gelflings from different clans who have to unite to resist the Skeksis & learn the truth about where they came from. Unfortunately, our questions won’t be answered since a sequel has been permanently shelved. Tying in political commentary and beautiful effects, the prequel went into detail about how the evil Skeksis came to be, Aughra, the one-eyed shaman who helps Jen, and how the Skeksis could persuade the gelfling to set up their own destruction. All Rights Reserved, This is a BETA experience. Age of Resistance is a prequel to the Jim Henson produced movie "The Dark Crystal" which follows the events in the world of Thra after "You know, one of the great things about The Dark Crystal is that it had the same influence on a lot of other artists that it did on us," Grillo-Marxuach tells me. "We were never gratuitous about it. ", For many of the people who worked on Age Of Resistance, getting to work on something like The Dark Crystal was a childhood dream come true. According to sources, Sarandos believes Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance was “an expensive disappointment” for the streaming service, possibly because it failed to entice international audiences to subscribe.

Why would Netflix cancel a beloved, Emmy-winning show? Grillo-Marxuach says that people aren't going to be blown away necessarily by the digital visual effects or the puppetry or any of these things in isolation. Behind-the-scenes footage of The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance reveals that puppeteers have to work in very close quarters with each other (in narrow, underground pathways), making it more difficult & possibly costlier to film and social distance at the same time.

Tying in political commentary and beautiful effects, the prequel went into detail about how the evil Skeksis came to be, Aughra, the one-eyed shaman who helps Jen, and how the Skeksis could persuade the gelfling to set up their own destruction.

Would have loved to see more seasons come to life, will miss the whole crew and the dreamers who brought them all into our homes. Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance garnered positive reviews and fans looked forward to the second season. Which ‘Selling Sunset’ cast member won’t be appearing in season 4? These scenes of deception in the pursuit of power, of oppression and speaking truth to power, are universal and archetypal. It’s also remembered fondly by people of a certain age. Since the characters aren't real people, they have a universal appeal that transcends borders. The Henson Company wasn't interested in the other project at the time, however.

If you read my review of the show, you'll see that I was, indeed, blown away by that and much more. They delved into the trove of material that came before: The original film, of course, but also the novels and graphic novels that have enriched that story since. Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance was a prequel, explaining the near extinction of the gelflings, the race of creatures The Dark Crystal’s protagonist, Jen, hailed from. Netflix Co. CEO Ted Sarandos announced that he was promoting Bela Bajaria to VP of global television, ousting his longtime partner, Cindy Holland. Et qu'on se le dise, c'est surtout un prétexte pour surfer de surcroît sur le très bon accueil de la critique à l'égard du show Netflix, tout bonnement féerique et époustouflant. "We looked at the show as you would any drama, and, and our job was to make sure that all of these characters had rich inner lives that lent themselves to this level of storytelling," he adds. revealed a shakeup in Netflix’s ranks. And since the puppets mouths move the same no matter what language they're speaking in, it isn't like the show will ever look dubbed like something with human actors might. Inside sources point to the executive shakeup in Netflix’s ranks as a reason.

Very sad this awesome series was cancelled. And these cameras would move, sometimes from shot to shot. "It's quite a compliment that people see their world reflected in the show," Matthews tells me, "even if it wasn't our direct intention. Of course, they had to fill 10 hours instead of an hour and a half.

On it was the five-minute shot that director Louis Leterrier had created from the pilot's script.

He'd have his steady cam strapped to him, moving around the puppeteers, "creating a much more dynamic, cinematic experience" but also how the puppeteers and editors and everyone involved did their jobs. And the voice cast is, of course, accompanied by the puppeteers, who play just as important a role in bringing these characters to life. Jim Henson described as a living painting," Grillo-Marxuach says. “We know fans are eager to learn how this chapter of.

"We kind of thought she was kidding," Matthews tells me, "because the amount of money and time and expertise required to do that--I don't think anyone outside of the Henson Company really understood what they were asking for.

Matthews says the show's director was always in motion. ", "So we had note card that I wrote up," adds Grillo-Marxuach, "hanging in the writers room and the note card said that this show isn't about winning wars. We went to those dark places because it suited our story and it suited our characters and our stakes.". That collaboration extended to the Henson Company and artist Brian Froud and the creatives in the Creature Shop. ", In the writer's room with Addiss, Matthews and Grillo-Marxuach was director Louis Letterier, and they collaborated closely on the story and ideas for the show. The creators of 'The Dark Crystal: Age Of Resistance' talk about the show's origins, story and the... [+] extraordinary work that went into production. The story of Age Of Resistance is much longer, much more epic and much more detailed than the original 1982 film. Collaboration like this helped push the story forward in exciting and often surprising ways, with ideas coming from all directions. It's unprecedented practical effects and puppetry, seamlessly blended with CGI.

How does it feel to have a beautifully-crafted show that expands on original material win an Emmy, and then get canceled two days later? "I'm not sure people fully appreciate how revolutionary it was the first day on set when Louis moved the camera slightly to the left," says Matthews. It turns out, they were in the very early stages of developing a prequel TV show for the 1982 film The Dark Crystal for Netflix.

The series ends perfectly, leaving viewers wanting more. However, she gave fans a glimmer of hope in The Hollywood Reporter that the story would continue in other ways. Of course, on top of the many creatives who helped write, direct and design the show, Age Of Resistance boasts an incredible cast, from Hamill to Helena Bonham Carter to Taron Egerton and myriad others. "And so it was a tricky balance," Addiss says, "but it was a heck of a lot of fun. ’s sources indicated that the shakeup was Sarandos’ attempt to create a clearer hierarchy in the Netflix corporation and expand global outreach. All that changed with director Louis Letterier. The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance Summary : This fantasy adventure series is a prequel to the groundbreaking 1982 fan favorite The Dark Crystal, and … For fans of The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance, it’s a shot in the heart. Possibly, another reason could involve COVID concerns. I write about video games, TV and movies. The characters are little more than archetypes.

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