Illumi Please try again. As expected of a Squadron leader, he was very powerful, capable enough to fight with someone like Morel.

The two continue on their way after finishing their dinner. He led to countless deaths in the game, and, ultimately, he needed to be stopped by Gon. Instead, our system considers things like how recent a review is and if the reviewer bought the item on Amazon. Thus, he makes the "first come, first serve" for the rest of the members. Chrollo, however, explains that a traitor would have nothing to gain from this situation and thus nobody betrayed the Troupe. Covering the hottest movie and TV topics that fans want. [52] However, Pakunoda refused and said that she will take the kids alone, making Phinks angry. Top subscription boxes – right to your door, © 1996-2020,, Inc. or its affiliates. Despite that, he is cold-blooded and not above inhuman mass murder, the best example being the massacre of the Kurta Clan, where not only did he and the Troupe kill and torture people regardless of age or gender, but only did so to acquire their Scarlet Eyes. Feitan told Phinks about the message he received from their boss telling them to get wild while getting to the Cemetery Building where the auction is supposed to be held there, Phinks asked him about the others and the latter replied that they are on their way to the cemetery but they are cleaning up trash while approaching the building.

Two of his distinguishing features are his cross-shaped tattoo on his forehead and a pair of orb-shaped earrings. Chrollo Lucilfer is calm, cool, intelligent, and charismatic, as he seems to be a born leader and able to hold the Phantom Troupe together despite the volatile personalities of its members.

Hisoka and Chrollo have quite a bit of history, as seen in the Hunter x Hunter series. There was an error retrieving your Wish Lists. The "legs" are expected to always adhere to the governing principle that the prosperity of the group as a whole trumps the survival of any one of its individuals, even taking matters into their own hands should the interests of the group and of the "head" clash.

~Hisoka After personally defeating Zazan, Feitan becomes the de facto leader of the Phantom Troupe, as they await Chrollo's return. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Another one of Gon's friends, Kurapika is a member of the Kurta Clan which was once annihilated by the Phantom Troupe.

This is the ranking of the Phantom Troupe when it comes to arm wrestling. All known #4, including the non-canon one, It appears that Chrollo being the leader of the group is not common knowledge, since.

Cheetu was one of the Chimera Ants Squadron leaders who played a decent part in the Chimera Ant arc of Hunter x Hunter. (and this is my first time too)

You may be charged a restocking fee up to 50% of item's price for used or damaged returns and up to 100% for materially different item.

Uvogin is buried in an unmarked grave at the site of their battle. Advertising This is a hunter x hunter x reader story so I hope you enjoy it!

She proves to be a challenge for Gon but ends up losing because she used her weaker hand. Since the Mafia had taken steps before their arrival, Uvogin reasoned that there must be a traitor among them.

[18], Kurapika eventually captures Uvogin with his Chain Jail,[33] and questioned him about the location and abilities of the other Phantom Troupe members.

[36] Neon with the help of Chrollo was able to get past the security and went inside the building where the auction was held. See more ideas about Hunter x hunter, Hunter, Hisoka. Prior to the foundation of the Phantom Troupe, Chrollo never wore his trademark coat, nor did he comb his hair backwards. As we know, Killua's potential is tremendous, and, one day, he could possibly get stronger than Chrollo. Uvogin eventually collapses from this poison, allowing Leech then to enter the battle who proceeded to fill Uvogin with Spotted Leeches which he has stored within his body.

[24], After Hisoka's fight with Kastro in Heavens Arena, it was revealed that he is a member of the Phantom Troupe. Meanwhile, Shalnark was seen infiltrating a Mafia communications room and manipulating the person who receives the calls, leading him to find out where the Nostrade family has been keeping Uvogin. In the official databook, the group's name is also spelled as ", Machi told Hisoka to meet in Yorknew City at noon on August 30. Hunter x Hunter Chrollo Lucilfer Anime cursor with the cold-blooded and intelligent leader of the Phantom Troupe - Chrollo Lucilfer, and his book of spells called Bandit's Secret, with which he can steal Nen's abilities from other people and use them like his own from the animated series Hunter x Hunter. Chrollo If he were to come up against Chrollo, he'd lose within minutes, and we're certain of that fact. Chrollo then called other members, telling them not to touch the ambulance that is carrying Neon to the hospital and to continue with the plan,[41] according to which they make use of Kortopi's ability to fool the Mafia with fake corpses of five members,[42] take the real items and sell their copies in the rescheduled Underground Auction held on the 10th floor of the building. ↳ very slow updates <3!

According to Zeno, if Chrollo gets serious, he could defeat him in battle, which is what we think would happen in his fight against Silva Zoldyck, as well. [12] The "head" is the leader, whose orders are to be considered the utmost priority; however, their life is not, since even the "head" can be replaced.

[59][60][61][62][63][64], Chrollo wins the match and eventually asks Shalnark, Machi, and Kortopi to confirm Hisoka's death. ©2020 All Rights Reserved. The vampire with the ability to bend time to her will.

FAQ The members that escaped recognize Owl and soon after, the other remaining Shadow Beasts appears.

Rabid Dog, Leech, and Porcupine, also members of the Shadow Beasts, appeared to Uvogin. The Phantom Troupe is a world famous gang of thieves in the Hunter x Hunter series. Well join Y/N as she is pulled into the Void and spat out in... [Completed]
Although the twelve-legged spider is instantly recognizable as the symbol of the Troupe, the fact it is numbered is not as widely known. [11], Later, Phinks and Feitan run into Gon and Killua at the Auction, who both try to run away, but are immediately cornered by Phinks and Feitan.

Suddenly, a worm-like beast appears from below ground and introduces himself as the Shadow Beast Worm.

Phinks then commands the defeated thugs to note down the room number of anyone taller than 190 cm. However, Kurapika asked him about the guests since his comrades were part of them, Uvogin tells him that they killed them all because it was part of their plan. cover credits to the respective artist. Whether scoundrels you hate to love or antagonists you love to hate, villains are often the most colorful and entertaining characters in a series.

Illumi introduces himself, explaining he has joined the group on Hisoka's request and that the magician has hired him to kill him. [47][46] On the way, noticing that they are being followed by 2 people, he told Kortopi, Nobunaga, and Pakunoda to go ahead while he, Machi, and Shizuku will stay behind. Chrollo then uses the technique he stole from Neon Nostrade in order to foretell the future of Nobunaga. [14], On August 31st arrived, all the members of the Phantom Troupe gathered. However, it must be noted that Chrollo had a tremendous amount of preparation time for being able to pull this off, and even he acknowledged that.

these will include: gon, killua, kurapika, leorio, illumi, hisoka, chrollo, feitan, phinks, shalnark, ging, and kite... hxh and the cover art does not belong to me ✧ [11], Back at the Troupe's hideout, the remaining members question Pakunoda's return without the boss. He heals his wounds and restrains Machi before proclaiming he will kill every member of the Troupe. [5], Among their crimes was the massacre of the Kurta Clan, Kurapika's family, committed only for the sake of retrieving the Kurta Clan's characteristic Scarlet Eyes. Upon welcoming the guests, Feitan cuts his speech short, and Franklin lets his Nen bullets fly, killing nearly everyone in the room.

While he is a very capable strategist, Chrollo is also very confident in his own fighting abilities as well as in the other members of the Spider. Leorio is a Hunter who is currently studying to become a Doctor. On the line, Kurapika asked to talk to the hostages. [10] Not long after that, Phinks, Feitan, and Shalnark come for help. Worm is the first to attack, punching Uvogin in the face, but receives an even greater punch back from him. Gon suddenly interfered by saying that Machi and Pakunoda are just trying to save their leader.

Boss (団長, "Leader"): The leader of the Phantom Troupe. Kurapika watched as Pakunoda and the boys go back to his place until he suddenly saw Hisoka. there are no trigger warning on the said chapters. Talking to Shalnark on the phone, Chrollo informs him he intends to embark on the Black Whale 1 and steal treasure owned by the Kakin Empire royal family, and orders a meeting of the Spiders.

It read that if she talks about the boys' memories, he will kill Chrollo. Privacy Hisoka [20], Shalnark's corpse with Kortopi's severed head, At some point, after the Troupe eliminates the ant colony in Meteor City, at least one new member joins the group. Kurapika claimed that his top priority is to get Gon and Killua back.

When the Cha-R Family claims their table for themselves, the Spiders leave peacefully.

For him, defeating Chrollo in a fight wouldn't be too hard. • The Phantom Troupe (幻(げん)影(えい)旅(りょ)団(だん)()()()()()(), Gen'ei Ryodan), sometimes just called Troupe (旅(りょ)団(だん)()()()()()()()(), Ryodan), is a world-renowned gang of thieves with Class-A Bounties. [32] Uvogin then tracked Kurapika to the hotel where Neon Nostrade and the rest of her bodyguards are staying. The same passage is also similar to Chrollo's own fortune. Few can hope to take him on in a fight, and even fewer can hope to defeat him in a prolonged battle. (noun.) Pakunoda wants to see Hisoka's fortune but Hisoka warned her for she might get a shock. Chrollo manages to cut Silva's arm by using a [Ben's Knife which is easily recognized by Silva and he managed to stop the poison from spreading.

Uvogin is ready to go when Franklin told him to hurry and Shalnark asked him not to go overboard. He then gave Pakunoda's conditions; the first is that she must release Gon and Killua unharmed, before midnight and without any tricks. Kurapika and the others leave immediately after that, however, the Spiders are still there. Click HERE and Join our Team! During the York New City Saga, Silva and Zeno fought Chrollo together, and he was still able to hold them at bay. Chrollo foretells Nobunaga's fortune and his fortune stated that the Phantom Troupe will lose more members.

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